Monday, October 17, 2016


Surprise, surprise. I managed a post. I wish I had a better excuse to why my posts aren't regular or become fewer and fewer, but to sound like a broken record we're just busy.
We've had and still have company coming most of this month (yay!), the boys are busy with school and activities, we try to do fun stuff together on the weekend as a family or with friends, and I'm subbing when I can. So yep, same excuse, pretty boring. We're just busy.
So Labor Day Weekend rolled in. We watched some football and soccer and then Monday rolled around and a friend reminded me it was the last day of the Labor Day Liftoff Balloon Festival. It's apparently a pretty big deal here, and we didn't get to go last year so we figured "when in Rome."
We got to the field bright and early.
The tradition is for the balloons to fly over the lake and skim the water with their baskets before climbing into the sky. Most of the balloon fliers were experts, there was one balloon that dunked its whole basket in the water and nearly got the whole balloon sucked down with it. That was a little bit scary but also exciting.
Having those balloons flying overhead was so much fun. The inner child in me was definitely squealing and hand-clapping. It couldn't have been a more perfect day or experience.
I didn't take the boys. It was pretty early when I left and they were still asleep. Plus, for once it was nice to just enjoy and not have to explain to a child why this was fun and why they should be enjoying the experience. When I got back home, they didn't seem disappointed about not going, so I considered it a win-win situation.  

Thursday, October 6, 2016


 Well hello my long lost friends. Were you starting to think we'd forgotten about you? Not true! Not true! Both boys are busy and we, in general, are just busy. 
Our family powered into September like champs. Swimming and soccer practice started up again for Caderyn. Gibby resumed being my errand buddy--although he will be starting activities here soon.
A friend and I did a garage sale and got rid of some clutter. The kids thought it was funny to mark each other with "free" stickers.
Gibby wasn't too sure about it.
 Over the long weekend, we took the boys to Denver for the day and visited the Museum of Nature and Science. It was a blast.
And at the end of the day, the boys got a very chocolatey cookie. 
It was epic.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


 And just like that Caderyn's first day of school arrived. 
*Insert Sarah doing a backflip here*
He was excited to get back to school and see his friends because as I'm sure so many of you other parents heard, he was "Soooooooooo bored."
But let's cut the silliness for a minute. 
Second grade. Seeeeecond graaaaaaaade.
How is my oldest baby in second grade? 
We've had quite a year of growth in our little man. 
He's beginning to test the boundaries, but also realize some limits.
 He is smart, goofy, and caring.
Now that we're a month into school, Caderyn is starting to get the hang of this second grade thing. There may be more homework than he's typically used to, but not one day has gone by since school started that he hasn't rushed up to me and told me he's had a great day at school. He adores his teacher and has a great group of friends at school. I feel so comfortable dropping him off every morning, it just feels like home.
 I know that with each passing year school can be more of a challenge, and, especially as his parents, we will be challenged to push him to excel and do his best.
Caderyn has a bright future ahead of him. My challenge is to keep that fire, that drive in him so he strives to be a lifelong learner and an advocate for the educational system.
So without further adieu, here are Caderyn's first day of school pictures.
Showing off his fancy new backpack.
You know I actually did okay until we got to school and Caderyn was all lined up with his class and then...I lost it. I was the mom with tears streaming down my face grabbing her son and telling him how proud of him I am. 
I was THAT mom. 
But it's true. I was so proud of him and so excited for him, but also sad at that moment because I would never get that moment back again. He will never be in that moment, at that age again. I felt like time was moving too quickly.
The first weekend of the school year arrived and we made use of the sunshine and took the boys for a hike. Sure, they complained, but the conversation about nature far surpassed the whines after about the first ten minutes.
Proof that I was there.
Husband had to work the rest of that weekend so the boys and I went on a little pizza adventure to this old fashioned pizza place called Fargos.
It was quite the experience. The atmosphere was fun, the pizza was okay, the dessert was AMAZING.
And then we rode our bikes.
The end.