Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Windmueller on the way.

Had another monthly doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything went really well!

My glucose levels for the gestational diabetes thing are perfect! Hooray! They want you below 140 and mine were at 65! That's good- bring on the brownies (in moderation of course!).

The baby's heartbeat is still very strong and he's currently facing head down with his butt up by my ribs. My doctor said this is great because he's figured out the position he will need to be in very soon to enter this world!

I have another doctor's appointment in January and then from there we go from having once a month appointments to every two week appointments. Wow! This is getting so close!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Never Talk to Strangers...

Strangers on a Train is the leatest Hitchcock film I've perused.

This one was nominated for an Oscar.

Two strangers, Guy Haines- a tennis player trapped in an awful marriage and Bruno Anthony- a spoiled and psychotic rich boy happen to meet on a train.

Bruno talks on and on about how he hates his father because the father won't give Bruno any of his money, but would rather he worked. He then brings up the fact that he knows Guy is trapped in an awful marriage to a lady named Miriam and is also invovled with a senators daughter named Anne.

Bruno concots a plan that they should swap murders to get rid of each others nuisance. Guy refuses and storms off the train. Bruno, however had some different idea about that reaction and goes on to stalk Guy's wife Miriam, a no-good hussy, and eventually strangles her at a carnival.

He then takes Miriam's broken glasses to Guy to show him the proof that he killed her and one part of their "imagined" bargain was complete. Guy is horrified when he discovers this and then also finds himself suspect of murder.

He continues to refuse Bruno's request that he kill his father and Bruno beings to prove more and more that he's insane. He thinks that's Anne's sister looks like Miriam and tries to strangle an old lady in a lunatic sort of rage when he sees her.

Guy continues to try and find ways to prove that Bruno is a lunatic. The only catch is that Bruno stole Guy's lighter and when he realizes that Guy isn't going to kill his father, he decides he's going to have to pin the murder of Miriam on Guy.

The climax takes place back at the carnival where Bruno is trying to get back to the same spot where he killed Miriam so he can drop the lighter. Guy sees him and Bruno runs onto the carousel. Police are following Guy and think that Guy is running away from them so they shoot their guns and end up killing the carousel operator who then pushes the carousel into hyper-speed. There's a great fight scene on the runaway carousel that finally ends when an older-than-heck old man climbs under the whirling carousel to stop the ride, but the ride is going so fast it ends in a catastrophic crash!

Bruno is crushed by a lot of the debris and dies- all the while denying that he killed Miriam and that it was Guy that did it. He still has the lighter though, and that, in the end, is what saves Guy.

The end!

Another triumph for Mr. Hitchcock!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today I had to do the standard test for gestational diabetes where they have you drink this HUGE bottle of orange goo that kind of tastes like fizzy orange soda except it has ten times the sugar in it. Yuck. My teeth still hurt just thinking about it!

You have to time yourself from the time you start drinking it to the time you finish it. You basically are supposed to finish the whole thing in 5 minutes. I drank mine from 9:05 a.m. to 9:07 a.m. That's right, I put that sucker away. No use in prolonging the pain.

From there you are supposed to go immediately to the hospital laboratory where they make you wait for about 50 minutes before they draw your blood.

For those of you that don't know this yet- Jeff may be the only one actually- I hate having my blood drawn and basically anything to do with needles.

This fear/hate was only escalated about a week before our wedding when I had to go and get my blood drawn for that test thing that they do (ya they have since changed this requirement boo!). So I was given a few options of places to go and get the blood drawn and it turns out the Planned Parenthood in Missoula was the cheapest place to get it done so my mom took me there because I told her I didn't think I'd be able to drive after (good thing) and I went in to get the blood drawn. Well the nurse stunk! She couldn't find my veins- hello, they are right there in my arm! And when she did find them my vein would keep rolling on her. So all I felt for about 10 minutes was a needle digging in my arm while the nurse kept going, "Oh shoot!" and then there was the blood trickling down my arm. I was two seconds from passing out when I yelled at her to ask me questions about my wedding. This saved me from the embarrassment of passing out when *lightbulb* she saw her patient obviously didn't feel too hot.

SO yes, I don't like needles too much, and I really just don't like the whole idea all together of having blood drawn.

So when they finally called my name to take me into the back room I was already feeling a little woozy. I sat down in the chair and the lovely lady who was drawing my blood looked at me and said, "I remember you! You don't like needles."

She then left the room and came back with two ice packs- she put one in my left hand and the other on my left shoulder.

Talk about amazing therapy there! She was done in a matter of seconds and I basically skipped out of the room with nothing more than a bandage on my arm!

Hopefully the test turns out okay and I'm in the clear.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Date Night

So Mr. Hitchcock and I had another date night tonight.

He seems to be filling in a lot for my husband who works late nights at the sports desk...

Tonight was Shadow of a Doubt. Dun dun dun!

This one is about a young girl named Charlotte (Charlie) who idolizes her uncle- Charlie- whom she is named after. He shows up at the family home one day, lavishes them with presents and then starts to get comfy. Uncle Charlie gives girl Charlie a beautiful emerald ring that looks very expensive and mysteriously has some odd initials engraved on it.

Things seems to be fine until Uncle Charlie gets weird over certain stories in the paper about a "Merry Widower" who kills rich old ladies and takes their money. He also gets paranoid over two guys who say they are with the U.S. Survey Bureau (or something like that) but they are actually detectives who have followed him.

Well one of the detectives thinks the girl Charlie is cute and so he takes her on a date where he tells her that her Uncle Charlie might not be who she thinks he is. This makes girl Charlie upset and she ends up going to the library to look up the days paper that her unclestole before anyone could read it and its here that she discovers about the "Merry Widower."

Girl Charlie starts to suspect that this murderer might be her uncle and becomes very stand-offish with him. Eventually he figures out she knows his secret and swears her to secrecy, promising her he will leave soon.

Then, strange things start to happen to girl Charlie. A step breaks that she's walking down and she nearly falls to her death and then she gets locked in the garage with a running car that has no key in the engine.

She figures out that her uncle is trying to kill her and basically puts on the strange emerald ring- a ring he took from the last lady he killed- and he sees it and realizes that she is going to tell everyone and that she knows everything.

So he announces that he is leaving the next day on a train. When the family takes him to the train station he invites girl Charlie and her younger brother and sister onboard to look around. He ends up trapping Charlie on the train once it has started moving and tries to throw her off to kill her. She squirms and manages to get away but her Uncle Charlie misteps and falls out of the train into another oncoming train. Ouch.

In the end, Charlie was the murderer and was a man who was angry at the world and especially these rich widows who had nothing better to do but spend all of their money.

Girl Charlie ends up marrying the detective who told her about her uncle.

So this one was pretty good.

There was some weirdness in how Uncle Charlie and his niece interacted. It was almost borderline romance and that was just weirding me out. They looked fairly close in age and there was alot of arm touching and he put his arm around her a lot. It was...odd.

I liked Hitchcock's portrayal of a stronger feminine character like Charlie. She wasn't a powerhouse or anything, but she was one of the more stronger female characters I've watched in any Hitchcock film.

In the end, I'm glad the bad guy got his comeuppance. Ha!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Woes of a Pregnant Lady

Where do I begin?

Pregnancy thus far has been quite a ride.

I've gone from hovering over a toilet for hours at a time desperately waiting for the nausea to pass to manically making dozens upon dozens of cupcakes and perhaps eating the majority of them for myself to being overly emotional and crying at every little thing I find beautiful to cleaning the whole apartment in under 45 minutes and still having the time and energy to workout for 1 hour.

If I weren't pregnant, I'm sure people would like to think my mindset sometime borders dangerously close to a Britney Spears catastrophe.

I am now reaching a stage in my pregnancy where I'm thinking it would be nice if:

  • My feet quit hurting. I've never had any kind of foot pain before and now the arches of my feet and the heels ache and ache all day long.

  • My legs would quit cramping. Talk about ouch. They hurt all day no matter how many bananas I eat or how many miles I walk. At least twice a week I am awakened by a massive charlie horse in my calf that has me cringing for ten minutes while Jeff tries to massage it out. Then I limp around all day because it hurts all day.

  • My back would quit spasming. Lower back feels like a pile of spaghetti noodles at times. I've been randomly bending over to pick up a pen I've dropped only to have the back spasm and I end up on my knees because my legs gave out. Weird.

  • My bladder would quit filling up. Okay seriously. I can understand three or four trips to the bathroom, but really now, 15-20 is getting a little ridiculous. I can't keep losing sleep just to get up 3-4 times in the middle of the night to pee.

  • My REM cycle were restored. I can't sleep Its killing me. I go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 6:30 am and I'm still exhausted. People tell me all the time that I look tired. Well, guess, what?! I am!!!!! I can't get a good night sleep when my legs cramp and my back spasms and I have to pee every hour or so. Oh and on top of that I go to bed cold and wake up in the middle of the night just covered in sweat after having some weird and random baby dream. Side note: Last night I had a dream I gave birth to a multi-racial child. I had people asking me left and right if it were Jeff's child and I kept screaming (yes, screaming) at them that it wouldn't be anyone else's child but no one would believe me. The night before that, it was a delivery dream where I kept walking around with a needle in my back trying to find the guy to give me my epidural.

On another side note: I understand that my REM cycle may never be fully restored now that we're having a baby. But I would just like to sleep in for once. I can do that every once in a blue moon after baby is born...right?

  • My energy came back. I want to run and take my spin classes and get my heart rate over 140! I love my baby and 100 percent value his health and well-being but MAN I have never been so bored working out as I have been this entire pregnancy. I hate walking when I feel like I should be running and I hate low intensity. Boo. I'm all about the extreme!

  • I could drink coffee again. I have never wanted my once a week caffeine fix as I have these past 6 months. Coffee would really help me a lot right now.

  • I could drink a glass of wine or have a beer. That's the one thing I've continually craved and haven't been able to satisfy. Now, I know some people think that a glass of wine once in a blue moon will not hurt the baby, but, I am not about to take any chances. I did a science fair project in 8th grade on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome with hard boiled eggs and I saw what the alcohol did to those yolks. Not pretty. Not even going to take a chance.

  • I weren't so swollen. Ya. My feet are swollen and my face is swollen and my hands are swollen. I had to get my wedding ring actually cut off my finger because we couldn't get it off. Thankfully they resized it from Large to Pregnant and it now fits on my finger and comes off when I want it to.
All complaining aside, I have thoroughly been enjoying my pregnancy. Especially now when you feel the little guy moving inside of you all day long. Its just unreal. I also like eating fairly guilt free- as long as its healthy and I LOVE the cravings for Mexican food. Yum.
**Note: The picture above in NOT our baby. I stole it from a website.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh So Very Proud

This past week or so has been quite crazy and I just realized I didn't do a post on some of the biggest news we've gotten since we found out we were pregnant.

Jeff got promoted!
He is now the Sports Editor and the Independent Record and will officially take on the role (even though he's performing the duties right now) on January 1, 2009.

I'm so proud of him and know he will knock their socks off!

This means that we will be staying in Helena for about 3-4 years or until something better comes along. For now, this is definitely something we can work with and are hoping to make a move/upgrade into house/condo.

Now the question we rent or do we buy???

Monday, December 8, 2008


25 weeks and counting.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dialing M for Mmmmmmarvelous

Mr. Hitchcock and I were able to reconnect again this weekend. This time with his fabulous Dial M for Murder.

Grace Kelly is in it and I LOVE her.

This one's about a guy who hires an old college friend and general scumbag to kill his wealthy wife whom he finds out is cheating on him with a writer. Dang those mysterious writers :)

He does it 'cause he's pissed and also because he wants to inherit all of his wife's wealth.

So, the plan is set but then gets completely screwed up mid-murder. The guy- btw this hit man's last name is Swan- had nylons wrapped around Grace's neck when she stabs him in the back with scissors. He dies an all to quick death for the size of the scissors she stabs him with and the murder plan is off.

The scheming husband races home to try and cover everything up and in the process hatches a plan to frame his wife for the murder of this man.

Well amazingly the plan seems to work until little holes start popping up everywhere in this dude's plan.

In the end, they are able to prove that he was the one who set the whole thing up because of a mix up with keys. Pretty genius if you ask me.

ANywho, I have to say that the best part of the movie was at the very end when the scheming husband discovers he's been caught. He smiles and walks over to pour himself a drink. He seems very jovial about the whole thing which sent me into a fit of laughter.

I do like how Alfie is able to comically lift the most horrible of situations. He's my guy!
But I must now go back to something I pointed out earlier. The hitman died waaaay too quickly after being stabbed with what looked like the scissors I took to school in kindergarten. I mean, yes, you would obviously be in pain from being stabbed in the back but I just don't think its physcially possible to die in a matter of seconds with that kind of a wound. Now, yes, I know that it was Hollywood and all that glitters, but I mean come on!
It was the same thing with The Rope, the dude the two guys killed died in seconds.
Now the lady that dies in Psycho was fairly believable because she was stabbed over and over and over again (by the way, did you know that the blood the filmed going down the drain in that scene was actually chocolate syrup!) and you don't really see a murder in Rear Window and the lady in Vertigo falls out the bell tower of a very tall church so that's believable too.
This topic does seem a little dismal to be talking about, but tis just a small little annoyance I have with Mr. Hitchcock. Of course, he's nearly perfect everywhere else. But if you want to scare me or believe that a character in one of your movies actually died- don't stab him with the circular edged scissors I used to cut out paper shapes with when I was five.
We shall see how Alfie and I do next week when Strangers on a Train arrives.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Robert Pattison will be my second husband...

So I've recently become obssessed with Twilight. Okay, that's actually a lie. I've been obsessed since like my junior year of college when I read the first book.
Reading a story line like that and being able to see it come full circle into a huge movie production makes me wish I could write a book. Maybe one day I will...
Now I don't think that everything about this book series was perfect. It was a little sappy and I thought the main character, Bella, could have put on her big tough-girl pants more than once, but, overall I enjoyed the easy readibility of the books and the character depth.
So, now they have the Twilight movie out and like many hormone crazy teen girls across the nation I am obsessed with the movie and the guy who plays the love-lorn vampire Edward Cullen- Mr. Robert Pattison.
Mmm yummy!
I've already told Jeff I am taking him as my second husband and we'll move to the caves of Utah if we have to! :P
Looking at a picture of Robert Pattison each and every day makes my work day a little more enjoyable and leaves me with the warm fuzzies inside :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You just don't pass gas in an aerobics class...

Seriously ladies. That's just cruel.
Every Tuesday I make an effort to go to my favorite workout class called Body Pump. It basically works every single muscle in your body with low weight, high reps. I love it and the instructors and the music are fabulous!
So I would categorize this class as somewhat aerobic, basically because you end up breathing so hard at the end of every weight session you do.
So I walk into class today to start setting up my little workout spot and what do you think happens, I am blasted with the worst smelling perfume someone can let off. Seriously, it smelt like someone crapped their pants.
Now there's only me and like three other people in the class at the moment, and it sure as heck wasn't me.
So, being the polite lady that I am, I shrug it off, start breathing in half breaths and continue to go about my business of setting up the weights.
Other people arrive for the class and we start to do our warmups. I'm mid squat when I'm smacked across the face with the exact same heinous odor as before. I can barely finish the warm up because I'm trying not to gag.
Now, let me interject something here. My husband isn't shy when it comes to his natural gas, so I've gotten used to whatever noises or smells he might emit.
This however wasn't the silly little school girl kind of gas that accidentally happens when you're laughing too hard with your friends, thus causing everyone to laugh harder. This was a "I just swallowed a gallon of toxic waste that is slowly making its way through my intenstines" stench.
The odor persisted and got better and/or worse throughout different periods of the class.
As I looked around I noticed a few other ladies making scrunched up faces at the smell, that, or they could have been concentrating really hard on doing their bicep curls. Whatever, I like to think that they were struggling to breathe.
I finally had to just up and leave before we got to the sit-up and stretching section of the class because whomever came to class with their butt a spewing, kept right on trucking through the very end.
As I sit here now, breathing in some fresh, clean, fart-free air I would like to remind everyone that its just not polite to pass gas in an aerobical (yes I made that up) environment.
If I am working five times harder than normal to breathe and I have both my mouth and my nostrils sucking in air, try not to pollute it with your little "poufs." The world already suffers enough damage from noxious gases and doesn't need any of your help.
I'm bringing air freshner the next time I go.

Crazed Sugar-Mama

So at my last doctor's appointment, I was told I gained a considerable amount of weight since I was last at the doctor. I completely admitted that the whole two weeks prior to this visit I was one hundred percent obsessed with cupcakes and chocolate frosting.
I, might, just might, have gone a little overboard. Oh, that, and I was super busy at work and not on a very good workout schedule.
The next big test they are giving me in two weeks is the one that tests for gestational diabetes.
My doctor told me I should really try and limit myself to one or two sweets a week, just to be safe with the test.
I completely support what she told me and am a little mad at myself for getting so out of control. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, but it miraculously went away during the first trimester- must have been all the puking I was doing or something. And then it didn't really pick up until this past month when I went a little sugar crazy.
What's even worse is that now that I can't have the sweet when I want it, I want it now more than ever. I would have killed yesterday for a huge brownie with ice cream on top.

To ease my frustrations, I have found a miracle to my dilemma- one that even Jeff supports. Sugar-free Jello pudding, the kind that you make on your own.
With a half a bowl of chocolate pudding I made last night resting comfortably in my fridge I find myself not feeling as stressed about wanting a sweet. Hooray!
Now I can indulge (responsibly) with my guilt-free treat and get myself through to Friday which is the one day of the week I am allowing myself to have a nice pastry/sugary treat.

I've even lost a little bit of weight since I started this routine! It probably helps that I'm working out a bit more too!
All I want is for this baby to be happy and healthy and to not have any problems. I was so mad at myself for getting out of control and possibly putting him in danger. I'm now forcing myself to try and eat a salad a day and chew gum constantly to avoid the school's Dining Hall upstairs where they always have some kind of sweet out there calling to me relentlessly.

In conclusions, sugar-free Jell-O pudding, you are my life saver of the week and I salute you!

Two semi-sleepless nights

I am tired.

Why, you ask, am I tired?

Well, as some of you might know, my husband just so happens to be a fan of anything ghostly and paranormal.

He recently rented the entire first season of Ghost Hunters. If you have never seen Ghost Hunters, allow me to get you up to date. Its basically reality TV about these two guys who have started their own paranormal business on the side. Their day jobs have them working as plumbers for RotoRooter. Yes, I'm serious.

So they both have this fascination with the "other world" and have in some way been affected by it (or so they think) and started their second job where they basically are hired to go into a place for the night, turn off all the lights and run around with cameras and special equipment trying to find ghosts/spirits/whatever you want to call them.

Now, as I have said before. I don't like being scared by stuff that can't necessarily be explained. I am prone to nightmares that even creeped Jeff out when I woke up screaming and punching at the air.

But, me trying to be the tough girl that I think I am and also wanting to spend some time with my husband sat down with him on Sunday night to watch this first season.

So it started off okay, nothing really fascinating. They did catch some voices on their recorder and some orbs flying around. I was doing just peachy keen until they came to like the third or fourth episode where they go to a haunted lighthouse.

We saw a chair move completely on its own. FREAKY!

So then Jeff thought it would be good to bed and put newer episodes of Ghost Hunters on his computer via

Ya. I could already feel the nightmares a-coming.

He then clicked on a Sanitorium one and I about cried I was so scared! They heard actual voices, not recorded on recorders, but actually got them on camera like the person was right next to them! There were rocks that were thrown etc. etc. Oh and then we watched one on a prison where they actually saw a ghost on camera.


My eyes are watering right now as I type this. I don't know what it is but when I get the creepies my eyes water.

So my night on Sunday night was filled with ghosts popping up out of nowhere and chasing me throughout the night.

We did the same thing last night (I was the one that suggested it though so its totally my fault- I just like spending any time I can get with Jeff) and my nightmares were a little worse last night.

All in all I must admit that Ghost Hunters is a pretty cool show, but I am somewhat doubtful of its truth.

Maybe that's the Catholic girl in me trying to believe that everyone (almost) should eventually end up in Heaven.

I find myself a little conflicted with what I believe at the moment.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rest In Peace my friend

I just found a dear friend passed away last night.
Although we were never exceptionally close, I can say from the times I spent with him, Noah was a fabulous person.
He always, always found a way to make someone laugh and made the most out of the life he was given.
The first time I met him was with Jeff at a Griz football game and he had on the white Mickey Mouse hands that were his trademark at some of the games. His excitement is everything he did was contagious, it was always hard not to smile around Noah.

Upon first impressions, you would never know that Noah was ill. He rarely brought it up and if he did, always tried to do so in a positive tone.

I cried when I found out Noah received his degree from UM just a little over a month ago, and I cry now, knowing that his smiling face will never again be seen in person around the UM athletic events, the campus or Missoula again.

Noah is an inspiration that every second our heart beats is truly a gift. We should cherish our lives and each other. I only hope that his memory will be kept alive through the vivaciousness in which he so thoroughly pursued to live his life.

Noah, I am so thankful I met you in this lifetime and although I am saddened that the Lord felt the need to take you so early, I trust that he had other plans for you on a much larger scale.

Rest in peace my friend.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cupcake Mania

While spicy Mexican food is at the top of my list for cravings, there is a sweeter side to what my little guy has been wanting.


Not just any cupcakes, white cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting.

About three weeks ago I wanted a cupcake with sprinkles on it. That's all I wanted all week and I fought through that craving until last week when I finally went out and bought some Safeway cupcakes. But they were too rich, so, I gave them away.

Then we come to the night when I decided I had to make both enchiladas AND cupcakes all in under an hour.

Those were the best cupcakes EVER. Both Jeff and I had trouble staying away from them and the two dozen that I made are already gone. Yes, gone.

So now we come to last night. I'm home alone. Jeff and Lucy are in Great Falls and I really have no desire to try and clean our messy apartment. All I want to do... is eat a cupcake.

So I go through the motions again of making close to two dozen cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting. This time it doesn't go as smoothly as the last. I got a big chunk of egg shell stuck in the egg goo that took more time than I expected to get out. I have this thing with raw eggs where they just gross me out any way I can avoid touching them is ideal. But I ended up having to put down the spoon I was using to try and fish out the shell and stick my fingers in the slimy goo to get this pesky shell out.

Next dilemma was the frosting. The butter for the frosting has to be fairly soft and mine just wasn't getting soft fast enough for me. So while the cupcakes were baking I put the butter on top of the oven in hopes that the heat coming from inside would slowly (that word is key) begin to soften the butter. I then turn my back for all of five minutes to do some dishes and when I turn around next there is a large yellow puddle dripping everywhere where a stick of butter once stood. Get that cleaned up and grab another sitck and put it back on the oven, this time standing by and monitoring its rapid melting.

Get it to the right temperature and then proceed to make the frosting.

So now I've got close to two dozen cupcakes I need to frost and when the last one has finally been covered and I put one in my mouth as a reward, I realize I don't really want a cupcake anymore. BAH!

The feeling hasn't gone away today so now I've got a gazlillion cupcakes that I don't want and I'm sure would take Jeff a good month to finish since sweets appeal to him as much as eye surgery at times.

What's a distraught cupcake baker to do???

Friday, November 14, 2008

One piece bathing suits are calling my name

Sadly though, one piece bathing suits are difficult to fit on my body because I have a much longer torso than the average person.
Why, might you ask has this become the topic of my newest blog??? Well simply because in the ole' pregnant lady fashion, I've developed stretch marks. Yikes! Did I just say that online.
Now in all honestly, I've had stretch marks since I was in fourth grade when I got a huge growth spurt. So I've always had them and been very self conscious about them. They've faded a little over the years as I've lost weight/maintained weight and rubbed cocoa butter/vitamin e all over them religiously.
In anticipation that this would happen to me once I found out I was pregnant I immediately went out and bought a huge vat of this cocoa body butter (which, by the way, smells like absolute crap) and have been rubbing and rubbing it all over those areas prone to these unsightly red marks morning, noon and night.
I don't have any clue if its working or not, but all I can say is my tummy is starting to look like tiger stripes that have gone through a war zone.
This is SO frustrating. Why is it that some women get all the luck and get to take the cute pictures of their bare pregnant bellies while I must cover my tummy lest I frighten some poor innocent child with it.
I'm self-conscious about it and have doubts that these will ever go away. Noooo!
So as I've been tossing and turning restlessly with the idea of never being able to expose my tummy ever again, I've just concluded that one piece bathing suits will have to become my next best friend in the summer. I'm fine with that. Just a little disappointed and maybe even a little more anxious to have this beautiful little boy born so I can work on getting back into shape.
Its a nice challenge!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Life of a Pregnant Lady

Spicy food has begun to take over my life. Its all I can think about. I'm obsessed. I have a problem.
Last night as I came home to make myself some dinner, I was perfectly content in thinking that I'd just have some cereal and fruit for dinner and then watch the new Indiana Jones movie.
As my night unfolded, though, I found that the cereal I had so eagerly wanted just an hour or so earlier looked a bit bland inside its box. So, back to the pantry I went where my eyes fell on refriend beans and enchilada seasoning.
My taste buds starting screaming and I found myself losing control as I my hands grabbed the ingredients to make enchiladas.
In just a few minutes I had whipped up the sauce and was prepping the oven and a pan for the mouth-watering morsels that were just minutes away from being popped into the oven and then into my mouth.
I don't think I've ever made a meal that quickly! On the plus side, I'm becoming quite an excellent cook if I do say so myself and Jeff sure as heck isn't complaining.
With the enchiladas cooking in the oven I sat down at our dining room table to ease my sore back, yet another plus of being pregnant.
While I was sitting down, another urge hit me. What better way to end my perfect dinner night that with homemade cupcakes. I pondered the thought for another minute before I was up in the kitchen again gathering all the ingredients I would need for cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
In a matter of minutes the batter was whipped up and ready to go into the oven once the enchiladas came out.
At this point I was beginning to think I was turning into some kind of super mom-to-be, I'd made dinner and was halfway done with dessert in less than 45 minutes!
The timer rang. Enchiladas out. Cupcakes in. As the enchiladas cooled a little I emptied the rest of the batter into the other cupcake pans I had, rinsed out the mixing bowl and quickly whipped up some homemade chocolate frosting (no more of the store bought stuff for our family- yuck!).

What luck I had last night! Enchiladas and homemade cupcakes all basically made together in less than an hour. As I sat down to eat my dinner and enjoy the wafting smell of cupcakes as they cooked, I felt pretty darn satisfied with myself and thought that maybe, just maybe I might make a good mom.
One of those mom's who cooks at least three times a week and always leaves surprises in your lunch boxes. The mom who always has some cool kind of crafty fun thing for you to do with every holiday season.
Just maybe....

I can't believe I'm writing about my latest food obsessions.

Hitchcock, You've claimed my heart again...

About a month ago I watched a very disappointing Alfred Hitchcock movie called Suspicion. The ending of the movie pretty much ruined me on Hitchcock movies for awhile. Seriously, awful ending- it is SO obvious the creepy husband is trying to kill his wife. HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE IT!?
Okay, take deep breaths, I'm getting all worked up over it again.
Well last weekend I was in Billings, Montana- random interjection- did you know that there is a beet plant in Billings and it stinks to all high heaven??? I didn't until recently!!!

Okay so yes I was in Billings last weekend for a family get together celebrating my aunt's 50th birthday. There was lots of eating, drinking (water of course) and laughing, just like there always is with my family- but, then there was also quite a lot of old movie watching.
My aunt just so happens to be a huge Hitchcock fan and has probably about ten of his movies. I was telling her about my dilemma with the last movie of old Alfie's that I'd watched when she suggested I try watching The Rope. This movie is based off of an actual stage play and just so happens to have James Stuart in it. Love him! You just don't get great quality actors like him any more.
So, giving in to the weakness of peer pressure as my whole family decided they wanted to watch it, I hesitantly joined them. I was still very unsure if I wanted to be reintroduced to another Hitchcock disappointment.
Two minutes into the movie, I was head over heels in love again.
They start the movie off right away with a murder and then the whole plot line kind of follows a "Tell-Tale Heart" kind of story line where one of the murderers pretty much loses it over the guilt and gives everything away.
The story entranced everyone in my family as we watched it straight through to the end despite being tired and overfed.

After watching this, my movie-watching soul is once again made pure, the blackened spot the Hitchcock's Suspicion once left on my heart has now vanished. NetFlix...bring on the Alfred Hitchcock movies!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its a Good One

I get to leave work early today to head to Billings, Montana.

What's so great about Billings you ask?

Well, just the fact that my fabulous parents will be there. They are flying in from Phoenix to join my dad's side of the family in celebrating my Aunt Becky's 50th Birthday.


I love parties- they alway mean lots of yummy cake. And, with me being pregnant, I won't hold back in asking for seconds.

Baby and I are doing quite well. He's moving around often-not a great deal- but enough to know that he's there. He could possibly be moving around more, but I just can't feel it yet. I am almost 95 percent convinced that I am having a little Hispanic baby with all of the Mexican and spicy food I can't seem to stop shoving in my mouth. Yum!!!! Talk about obsessions- these pregnangy cravings are intense.

Jeff is doing great preparing for his role as a daddy. He hasn't done any late night grocery store runs for me yet, but he always makes sure I'm comfortable and have almost everything I want.

I like this pregnancy thing, I could get used to this special treatment :)

I'm anxiously waiting for Thanksgiving to get here so I can start my Christmas shopping. We have a budget and everything this year. I feel so proud of myself!!

We are going to Phoenix for Christmas and unfortunately have to wait to see how the football season turns out before we can have an exact date that we can leave. We're driving so Jeff can take his golf clubs and I can go shopppppiiiiinnnnngggg!

Lucy is doing well. The most spoiled princess dog in the world if I do say so myself. She is going to Billings with me this weekend, the puppy has never been left alone for more than three hours at a time. I hope she does okay with the transition of baby being in the house....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote

I was kicking myself a dozen times this morning for not registering earlier in the year. I'm usually a planner and like to get ahead in EVERYTHING, so, why the heck did I wait until the day of to register to vote. I had to drag myself out of bed an hour earlier to get to the County building. I thought I would be one of the first ones, but, as it turns out, about half of the people in Helena weren't registered to vote either.
So the waiting game ensued, and actually wasn't that long of a wait. I was registered and in a poll voting within a half hour of getting there.

Black marker held firmly in my right hand, I began to cast my vote for what I thought would be the best governmental set up for the next 4 year. I would like to say dozens- maybe hundreds- of people were there doing the exact same thing.

As I fininshed voting and began to seal my decisions in "the secret envelope" (I laughed out loud when the lady called it that- it even says it on the envelope!) I was filled with a great sense of pride and accommplishment. Its a great day when you see a community uniting together, being motivated by the same goal- change.

I am excepetionally proud of myself for voting today. I even have a sweet sticker to strut around in all day just to remind people that I voted. I hope everyone who is anyone remembers their right to vote and exercises it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Its a Bump-date. Get it?

Here I am at 20 weeks pregnant. 

A Day in the Life of...

I am so spoiled. 

It is 6:00 a.m. and Mommy's alarm is going off. She hits the snooze button on it twice before she actually gets out of bed. I slowly open my eyes to make sure that she's up and moving, I don't plan on moving from my spot on top of Daddy's feet for at least 15 more minutes. I slowly roll over on to my back and begin to fall asleep as I hear Mommy start the shower. 

Footsteps wake me up. Mommy is dressed and ready for work. Now she's walking down the hallway with her bowl of cereal. I think I will get out of bed now and stare sadly at her until she takes me outside. 

Getting out of Mommy and Daddy's bed was tougher than I thought! I didn't make it to the living room where Mommy is eating and watching the news, I got tired halfway there and had to lay down on the hallway rug. 

Mommy is done eating breakfast and as she puts her bowl in the kitchen sink I hear her ask, "Lucy, do you have to go potty?" That's all I need and I'm up and waiting at the door.

With my blue leash firmly attached to my collar, Mommy takes me outside. I have to wait a few seconds on the top step to adjust to the light outside. Mommy has to wait with me. Then we head over to the lawyers lawn where I usually go to do my business in the morning. Mommy has to wait while I sniff and sniff and sniff and finally figure out where is the best place to "think."

After that I get to go back inside where its warm and cozy. Mommy is getting her stuff ready for work and sometimes I bring my yellow tennis ball to her and she will throw it for me a few times. But, today, I'm feeling rather tired so I hop up on to the couch and watch Mommy. When she has everything ready that she needs, Mommy then picks me up and puts me in to bed with Daddy. 

I'm already asleep when I hear the front door close. 

I'm sleeping in Mommy's spot on the bed. Daddy is next to me. 

Mommy comes homes from lunch and I guess I should probably get up. Sometimes she takes me out to go potty again, but I don't really have to go. I just want to sit next to her on the couch while she eats.

Once Daddy gets up, we get to go for a ride in the car...oh boy! I wonder where we'll go....

To be continued. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Doctor's Appointment.

Had another doctor's appointment today.
I love my doctor. Not in a freaky obsessive sort of love, but in a way that I trust her and know that she will take care of me and the baby.
She's just the nicest lady and very informative, holding back on technical terms and telling me like it is.
So yes, anywho, I had another doctor's appointment today.
For those of you that don't know we are having a little boy. Everything about him looks strong and healthy and he has got a very powerful heartbeat. Yay!
I haven't felt him moving yet and she said that is very common because the placenta is at the front of my uterus (sorry if I just grossed you out) so its serving as a kind of pillow that takes the brunt of the baby's kicks.
I should be able to feel him in one to two more weeks!
What else...
He has very long little legs, and so far he's very normal in terms of size.
I'm carrying him low which is why I've probably popped out so much so soon!
My doctor told me she is still keeping my due date of St. Patty's day, but that I probably could deliver any time between March 11 and the 17.
Everyone keep your fingers crossed for the 17!
And that is the latest baby update news!! Woo woo !

Bump Update

There's a little boy somewhere in there!

This is me at 18 weeks. I am currently now at 19 weeks and two days, so I'm falling a little behind.

Everything is good- as you might be able to see, I'm carrying low, which is why so many people thought it would be a boy! Hmmm I wonder if it will be the same if we have a girl?

I'm doing pretty good, taking lots of Epson salt baths to ease my aching back and hips and wanting Mexican food like craaaaazy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Its A Little Griz Fan!

As I sit here typing this blog I am currently eating the medium hot fudge sundae that Jeff had to buy for me today.
And if I haven't told you about the bet Jeff and I have, I shall tell you now. Jeff and I had a running bet about what the sex of our baby is going to be. If I win, he buys me ice cream. If he wins, I buy him Taco Bell.
So, obviously, I WON! 
We are having....dun dun dun a little boy!
Yay! I knew it all along! 
The ultrasound today was just the sweetest thing in the whole world!
He's very long and doesn't like to be poked or moved! He has big feet and ears- he has Jeff's ears! They are so big and so cute!
He kept his hands up in front of his mouth like he was sucking on them!
It took us three tries to figure out what sex he was because he kept his little long legs crossed like a little gentleman! He was not going to uncross them at all and then the lady had me turn over on my side and he immediately uncrossed them to reveal his man parts!
I think Jeff was absolutely shocked, because he was so sure we were going to have a girl.
We are so so so excited! 
His name is going to be Caderyn James Windmueller. Caderyn is Welsh/Scottish and it means "Battle Ruler" and James is after my dad. 
One of the best days ever!

Drum Roll Please...

In exactly an hour and a half Jeff and I will find out if we are having a boy or a girl . Eeeeeee!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Woman Gives Birth to Worlds Largest Baby

Aaaaaand that's pretty much how I feel right now. I am seriously wondering if I'm having twins and the doctor/ultrasound lady just for some reason can't see the other one or find that extra heartbeat.
I know, I know, every woman is different but seriously!
I'm not eating any different really- I mean I had to give up a lot of my weight watcher diet stuff but that's just because I didn't think it was healthy to be eating- like the processed cheese. But I'm still eating fruit, drinking lots of milk, eating healthy, hearty meals. I'm not all that into sweets either.
I'm working out too! Not as hard as I once did when I wasn't pregnant, but I'm swimming and weight lifting and doing cardio...what's the deal!
I'm getting huge! I was in full on maternity gear in my 4th month and now I'm nearly bigger than a lady who is now 8 months pregnant. Aaaaaah!
I feel like I'm going to be this over-stretched bloated unattractive cow by the time my 9th month rolls around.
I don't know what I will do if this baby weighs more than 10 pounds. OUCH!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Mysterious Mr. Hitchcock

I like to consider myself somewhat of a movie buff.
I love watching movies.
My main preference is comedy and mystery and I tend to avoid the gore and shriekfests that some movie companies put out there.
If you were to ask me what my favorite movie is, I honestly don't think I could tell you.
I love Gone With the Wind and Forrest Gump and Pirates of the Carribean and 300 and pretty much any movie Disney has made in the last 50 plus years.
But, if I had to narrow it down to one movie that is close to my all-time favorite, I would have to go with Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.
I love everything about this movie. Jimmy Stuart, Grace Kelly and the overall concept of a bored, bedridden photographer spying on his neighbors and ultimately uncovering a murder.
Its just a winner all around.
Recently, we got NetFlix at the house. In the excitement of this new rental and returning without any late fees I have been trying to rent almost every single Alfred Hitchcock movie that I can. Rear Window was first, then Vertigo, North by Northwest and now my latest one was Suspicion.
As I lay on the couch yesterday trying to sleep off the second cold that has attacked me so far this Fall, I found myself completely enamored with the movie...up until the very end that is.

So the plot for the movie is basically this:
A spinster like heiress named Lina (played by the lovely Joan Fontaine) meets supposedly wealthy playboy John Aysgarthe (Cary Grant). She falls head over heels in love with him and they end up eloping. She soon finds out that he's kind of a loser who can't keep a job and always, always owes tons of money to people. He's also a pathological liar and a thief.
So the movie goes on and she soon begins to believe that her husband is plotting murder against her and one of his own friends.
Well John's friend does end up being murdered and Lina thinks she's next and she ends up freaking out.
So anyways throughout the whole movie you totally think John is guilty and your really worried about Lina because she's so stupidly in love with him that she fails to try and believe it. Trust me, the second a husband of mine would have sold priceless family heirloom chairs that my father gave me as a wedding gift just so he could gamble at the racetracks, I would have been out the door.
So after the freak out Lina is trying to leave to go and live with her mother and the scene unfolds where it looks like John tries to push her out of the car and over a cliff.
Pretty intense. Oh and did I mention that John has an infatuation with poisons, especially ones that are untraceable.
But then the mood changes, when Lina for some reason thinks a light bulb goes off and sees that perhaps she was wrong and that he wasn't trying to kill her at all but rather save her and kill himself with poison.
Yeah, I thought this made absolutely no sense and really just wanted to smack her across the face.
So, in conclusion. I am very confused by this movie and how it ended. I think Alfred Hitchcock is amazing at how he is able to rope his audience in to the movie, as you can see some decades later its still getting to me, but I am absolutely in a fog over this movie.
I honestly don't know how she could think that he wasn't trying to kill her. THE SIGNS WERE ALL THERE!
Why in God's name did she get back in that car with him and then drive off happily as though nothing were ever wrong.

Has anyone else seen this movie that can help me? I am utterly perplexed.
Usually I love the way Hitchcock ends his movies be they happy or sad. With this one though I am just left depressed and intensely confused.

Why I Love My Dog

Not only is she the cutest and most intelligent puppy around. She looks dang good in her Halloween costume. Please ignore the hateful glare on her face, and perhaps the fact that after putting the costume on her and taking this picture she decided to shred a whole roll of toilet paper.

Now, when Jeff and I leave the house, we tell her she'd better behave or we'll make her wear her costume.

I'm sure she puts in on right when we leave though and turns into....Luzilla. Dun dun dun!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Bump

The bump at 16 weeks (this was last week)

In the spirit of Halloween

So for those of you that don't know it, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.
My favorite holidays, in the exact order in which I like them are: Christmas, Halloween, my birthday (yes, its a holiday) and the 4th of July.
But, yes, Halloween is my second most favorite holiday and I DO have the apartment decorated and I try to add a little bit to my collection every year. When Jeff and I one day have a house, I intend to go all out and spook out the front yard. 

As I sit here on the couch writing this right now, I am watching "America's Most Haunted Places" on the Travel Channel. Pretty freaky. 
Although I do love Halloween, I'm not a fan of being scared. 
I don't know if I believe in ghosts (Jeff does BTW) and I am not a fan of going to haunted houses or scary movies to get my adrenaline going. 
Now, to counter that statement, I do believe that true evil does exist in the world. Being raised Catholic and meant to fear evil and the devil, I honestly do believe there is an evil that exists. To me, this can be seen through the actions of murders, rapists, terrorists etc. 
The idea of these existing in the world truly do scare me. 
But, like I said, I don't really believe in ghosts.
So I wonder, why the heck do I like Halloween so much? 

A few of my "scary stories:" 

I avoid haunted houses and scary movies like the plague. Jeff will occasionally rope me into watching a scary movie with him, in which case I will more than likely try to make myself fall asleep. He once rented Saw for us to watch and me, trying to impress him, bravely tried to watch it. I was absolutely horrified and terrified with what I saw (probably the effect they were going for) and as I stated above, made myself fall asleep. A few hours after the movie ended and Jeff himself had also fallen asleep I was deep into a dream that involved me being a victim of Saw. I was tied down in a room that was completely black except for where I was. Each limb was extended and tied down individually and I couldn't see where my hands or feet were because they extended into the darkness. My mouth was pried open by some tool and I could not close it and there was a string extending from the darkness into my open mouth. Huge black spiders were crawling down this string into my mouth. 
Did I mention that weird and freaky dreams run in my family?!
I woke up from that dream screaming with my hands in my mouth as if I were trying to dig the spiders out and then flinging them at the wall. I put a dent in the wall and scared poor Jeff to death!!
He won't let me watch any of the Saw movies with him anymore. 
I do think however, that Jeff enjoys the dreams I have after he's forced me to watch movies like Saw. I would hope he'd be concern about the vivid and awful dreams I have, but I don't really think thats the case. 
We rented an Unsolved Mysteries: Serial Killers one night. I don't think I was as terrified as I was when we were watching Saw, but somehow I again fell asleep during this show (this seems to be continuing pattern). My mind began to play tricks on me and I soon found myself being chased by a blood covered serial killer. Obviously these dreams have terrified me so much that I still remember them- in fact I can recall bad dreams I've had all the way back to the fourth grade where I had a dream someone shot me in the head and I woke up screaming- my poor mother. 

I always seem to get myself into trouble with scary stuff if I'm trying to impress someone. 
A first date I had with someone in college was going to see The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It was awful. Not the date in general, but having to sit through that movie and trying to be brave. I was sweating like a pig and thought I would seriously pass out! A word of advice- don't go to a scary movie on a first date. 
Another date, with that same guy, was going to the corn maze outside of Missoula. The second you set foot into that corn maze a crazy guy is running at you with a chainsaw. Yeah, I about pushed my date at the chainsaw guy and ran right back out the entrance. 

So, to get back on track, why do I like Halloween?
Well, for one thing, I love dressing up. The past two years have been downers in terms of dressing up. Last year there was no way I was going to go out and do anything because I started my job the next morning. 
But, I always remember the anticipation and excitement of dressing up in your costume. I have a pretty good memory of all my costumes past: a bunny, a witch, a ballerina, a Hawaiian princess, a genie, Selena (from the Archie comics), a spanish senorita, a Minnesota Vikings fan, a cowgirl, a hobo, a nurse, a mile high captain and a firewoman. Pretty good huh!
I loved going out, shouting "Trick or Treat" and getting my reward of candy. I do believe I went trick or treating up until my senior year of high school and then insisted on taking my cousins out trick or treating when I went to Missoula for college. 
I'm also a big advocate of pumpkin carving, my family always had a pumpkin carving night and I most certainly intend to have one again this year! We did one last year when my brother came into town. I carved a pirate pumpkin that was later smashed on the street. I was nearly heartbroken. 
Although I am not a fan of being scared, I do love the spooky decorations that go up and this time of year. 

So, looking over this slight ramble of a blog, I've come to a realization.
While most people SHOULD like Halloween because they enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared and all of the "hauntings" that occur at this time of the year, I seem to enjoy Halloween for the material reasons. The costumes, the candy, the display of decorations.
For someone who avoids being scared like the plague, I have to say, in this sense, being materialistic isn't a bad thing. I'm contributing to the happiness of not only myself, but hopefully making someones Halloween a little richer and enjoyable. 

Plus, you can't deny that the abundance of candy corn on the shelves in the grocery stores is THOROUGHLY enjoyable. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

There's Just Something Not Right

Okay. Now I don't think I'm a very political person.

I have my viewpoints, but I don't go around spouting them off to everyone and their great-grandmother. If asked, I will tell you how I feel about certain things.

Since this is an election season, I want to point out a few things I think should be or that should have been important and are just kind of irking me a lot.

On the Obama/Biden issue:

I honestly don't know Biden that well, but I do know that a lot of people out there don't like him- including my mother.

What I want to know is why did Obama choose Biden when he could have chosen Hillary Clinton or Condoleezza Rice to serve as his VP? Now, maybe he asked them and they refused- but I think if Obama would have chosen Hillary he would be very far ahead in the polls instead of neck and neck with McCain.

Now, if he'd have chosen Condie (yes, I'm on a nickname basis with her) I think that would have just sealed the deal even more and that would have been a very powerful match.From what I've read about her and what I've seen her doing around the world, she is well liked. Personally, I think she would have been the best choice for VP and she seems extremely competent enough to possibly be President of the United States.

On the McCain/Palin issue:

I, like I think many other people, don't know very much about Palin.

However, in watching the interviews she has done with Katie Couric on CBS, I find myself painfully horrified as she tries to answer.

When asked what magazines she reads to keep up to date on current affairs, she replies, "Whatever's in front of me." Katie then asks her for any specific ones that she reads, to which Palin responds, "All of them." Okay, she could have at least said People or US Magazine and not looked as stupid as she did then.

Then, in another interview, Katie is asking her about Roe v. Wade Palin gives a fairly good statement on why she thinks the state's should be the one to make the ultimate decision on abortion, because they know their people better than the Federal Government. Okay, that was a pretty good answer.

Then Katie goes on to ask her if there are any other Supreme Court decisions that Palin disagrees with. Palin skirts around the question a little bit and is then cornered again by Katie who asks if there are any specific ones. OMG She can't name a single one and looks completely lost. L'example.

I was cringing just watching this.

There's something wrong in today's world if the possible VP of the United States can't give a straight answer on anything that has to do with the government.

This seriously makes me think. Although there are some things I like about McCain, he is quite old. Would four years in office kill him? Do we really want to risk that?

I'm not saying I completely support Obama either, because there are some things I don't support about his platform either.

But seriously. What are they thinking people? What has happened to the sure choice for Presidency, the one candidate to emerges as the BEST?

Can't we just bring George Washington back from the dead?

There's a Bun in my Oven!

The belly is getting bigger!
Yes, folks, you can definitely tell that there's something cooking in my oven.
I am actually surprised that I am showing so prominently so soon!
I thought because I'm tall and in relatively good shape that it would take a good five months before something popped out!
But no, shortly after I got back from my Philadelphia trip in early Sept with my dad the bump arrived!
It wasn't too terribly prominent, some days it was smaller and some days it was bigger, but now its just there and its not going away!

I have ten things I can't live without these pregnant days I'm living now, so, I think I will share them with everyone. Kind of a maternal David Letterman "Top 10 List" thing.

1. Stretchy clothes (i.e. maternity clothes): It took awhile to get over the mortification of maternity clothes, but now that I can see and feel how stylish and comfy they actually are I can't get out of them! While I can still and wiggle and stretch my way into one of two pairs of regular pants/capris that I own (unfortunately no longer my prized size of 8), it doesn't come without the fact that I have to wear a "Tummy Sleeve." The tummy sleeve looks like a tube top that you wear around your belly and its supposed to help you fit into your regular clothes longer. While it does help keep my clothing bill down for now, I will say it can be rather uncomfortable. It tends to roll up unexpectedly and I have this weird thing where I get goosebumps and the shivers if something is entirely uncomfortable around my waist. So, I wear the tummy sleeve maybe once or twice a week, but for now, I'd much rather wear me some comfy stretchy clothes.

2. Comfy shoes: Women don't lie when they tell you to try and avoid heels when you're pregnant. I thought it was just some kind of superstition- not true. Unlike before I was pregnant where if I wore heels for an extended period of time, my feet would only ache for a few hours when I got home and finally took them off. This has now changed completely, if I wear heel when I'm pregnant, I'd better plan on having Jeff waiting at the door when I get home from work with his hands ready to rub them and also a nice hot bath that I can stick my sore and swollen feetsies into. Ouch! Wear heels on Monday when you're pregnant and you won't be able to feel your feet until Wednesday, and then once Wednesday rolls around you'll wish it was Tuesday because you're in so much pain until Sunday! Comfy shoes are a must. I wish I could wear my slippers to work.

3. Eye masks: Yes, just like the spoiled rich brat in the movies, I am now sleeping with an eye mask on. This is no ordinary eye mask though, this is the most amazing and wonderful eye mask that you stick in the fridge/freezer for a few hours and it comes out freezing cold. Since I've been pregnant, I've been getting headaches more and more and more. These aren't little headaches where you can toss back a Tylenol and sleep for an hour to get rid of it. No, these are splitting, I want to tear my brain out of my head before I blackout headaches. If I don't act quickly in recognizing that I'm getting a migraine and quickly take a Tylenol and shut myself off in a dark room with my head under the pillow things can go from bad to worse. Just ask Jeff. He's had to take care of me quite a few nights when I wake up and am completely out of it I'm in so much pain. He stays up with me and rubs my neck, doesn't talk and sits with me on the bathroom floor in case I get sick. I don't remember very much about the night before when I wake up after having one of these headaches, but I know I feel like I was hit by a train. So this eye mask thing evolved one night thanks to Jeff when I was having another massive migraine. He got up and put a cool, wet washcloth on my head. I almost immediately fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling better after that headache than I think I ever had. So I invested in this cooling eye mask that I now strap across my eyes before I got to sleep. Not only is it refreshingly cool and calming, but it keeps light out. I will honestly say that since I started using that, my headaches have been almost non-existent for more than a month. Knock on wood.

4. Lotion: Your skin dries out and feels like a scaly lizard when you're pregnant. I am putting lotion on every two hours. At least I smell good. Lucy loves it because she goes to town trying to lick it all off.

5. Bananas and cereal: The only two things that I want constantly. I was on a bit of a spicy Spanish rice kick there for awhile, but for now, that has passed. I could seriously be the happiest pregnant lady in the world if I just had bananas and cereal all day. I'm leaning more towards cereals like Cheerios, Kix and Rice Krispies. I do like to splurge on Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Flakes- but only if they are mixed with the other previously mentioned cereals. I know, weird. Bananas, for some reason, have never tasted better to me.

6. The vacuum: I am obsessed with cleaning. I always have to be doing something. I seem to have turned into my mother who, when she is stressed, breaks out her vacuum cleaner and goes to town. Now, I just want to vacuum all the time- not necessarily because I'm stressed- but because I don't want anything to collect dust or dog hair. I'm really paranoid about it now too. Its a good thing the girl below us isn't there a lot or she would be super annoyed with how much I vacuum. Poor Lucy hates the vacuum cleaner and isn't very happy that I have started vacuum more. She used to hide from it on the couch, but now that she's shedding I am vacuuming the couches every other day and she has now found her happy hiding spot under the bed.

7. The bathroom: It's a fact- pregnant women have to pee ten times more than the average woman.

8. Netflix: Helena is no Missoula. The desire to go out on the weekends dies out quickly when I remember how smoky and sketchy the Helena bars can be. So, Netflix has become my new friend. Friday nights now consist of me watching whatever it is I rented and then happily going to bed around 11:00 p.m.

9. What to Expect When You're Expecting: Hands down, every woman needs to get this book when they're preggers. It goes through nearly everything you are going through and reassures you that everything is normal. I would probably be a nervous wreck if I didn't have this.

10. My husband: He helps me with chores, takes the dog out when I'm too tired and is happy to massage my aching neck and back. He's my support system who makes me laugh tons and will always tell me I look beautiful when I'm feeling like an awkward cow. I couldn't live without him!!!

New pregant photo will come later today after I've uploaded it!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on Grandpa

Thanks to everyone for their concern.
It turns out the doctors don't think my Grandpa McCampbell had a stroke. They think it's more along the lines of some sort of amnesia.
This is good!
But just to prove what kind of a guy my Grandpa is, before they got all the test results on whether or not it was a stroke, my Grandpa was out mowing the lawn. Yes, mowing the lawn!
What a guy!
So now he'll have to go and see a neurologist to try and determine what else might have happened.
I'm going to Missoula on Saturday evening or Sunday morning to help out in anyway I can.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Holding my Breath

So I just found out that my grandpa had a stroke about an hour ago. This is my Grandpa McCampbell, my mom's dad. 
My grandpa's had a history of strokes before, they actually run on both sides of my family. 
It doesn't matter how many times the strokes happen, each time I hear that kind of news my heart becomes very unsettled. 

I love my Grandpa Mac. I actually love each and every one of my grandparents and consider myself extremely blessed to still have them in my life. I am close with all of them, talk to them nearly every week and try to visit them each month. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of my grandparents. 

Each one of them is unique and special to me in a different way.

Grandpa McCampbell "Grandpa Mac": I inherited his nose, red hair and fair skin. He's a putterer who loves his family more than words can describe. When I was little I would sit with him in his big rocking chair and he would play "Patty Cake" with me. This wasn't your normal patty-cake though. For some reason when he played it with me, his hands holding my wrists, my hands could never meet to clap. They would flail around limply hitting my arms. I would laugh and laugh as he did this and kept asking me what was wrong with my hands, why couldn't I clap. Then, when the song was finished the song he would take my arms and roll them across my tummy, imitating a baker rolling bread. I don't know if that's a very good visual, but I loved it and couldn't stop laughing. He would also pretend that his right pointer finger was a bee and buzz around poking me in the ribs and tummy. He loved making me, and all of my other cousins laugh. 
And now, although he is older than these memories I have, I am forming new ones. Ones of him constantly puttering around the house and garden, making sure each is spotless. I have fabulous memories of him squirrel hunting in his backyard. I have beautiful memories of how tender and loving he is with my Grandma- who, I might add, he's been married to for 60 years. 

I am writing this blog mainly to ease my worried heart just a little. To try and tell myself that in the end, my Grandpa will be okay and I will see him soon laughing in his chair next to my Grandma. I want him to be okay and I wish I was there to try and help somehow.
 He's an amazing man, an out of this world grandpa and an even better husband. He is a man that I see so much of myself in. Please, let everything be okay.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


What should Jeff and Sarah be for Halloween?

Keep in mind that Sarah has a bump- so we're trying not to do too revealing.

Sarah will be: Medusa Sarah will be: the Virgin Mary

Jeff will be: a Spartan Jeff will be: either Joseph or an angel

Sarah will be: a Nordic fighter Sarah will be: Princess Fiona

Jeff will be: a Nordic fighter Jeff will be: Shrek

Sarah will be: a peacock Sarah will be: Lois Griffin

Jeff will be: a zookeeper Jeff will be: Peter Griffin

Sarah will be: a nun Sarah will be: Wilma Flinstone

Jeff will be: a priest Jeff will be: Fred Flinstone

Sarah will be: Daphne from Scooby Doo

Jeff will be: Fred

Sarah will be: a matador

Jeff will be: a bull

Okay so mull these over and give me your top three! If you have other suggestions, those are welcomed as well!