Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on Grandpa

Thanks to everyone for their concern.
It turns out the doctors don't think my Grandpa McCampbell had a stroke. They think it's more along the lines of some sort of amnesia.
This is good!
But just to prove what kind of a guy my Grandpa is, before they got all the test results on whether or not it was a stroke, my Grandpa was out mowing the lawn. Yes, mowing the lawn!
What a guy!
So now he'll have to go and see a neurologist to try and determine what else might have happened.
I'm going to Missoula on Saturday evening or Sunday morning to help out in anyway I can.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Holding my Breath

So I just found out that my grandpa had a stroke about an hour ago. This is my Grandpa McCampbell, my mom's dad. 
My grandpa's had a history of strokes before, they actually run on both sides of my family. 
It doesn't matter how many times the strokes happen, each time I hear that kind of news my heart becomes very unsettled. 

I love my Grandpa Mac. I actually love each and every one of my grandparents and consider myself extremely blessed to still have them in my life. I am close with all of them, talk to them nearly every week and try to visit them each month. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of my grandparents. 

Each one of them is unique and special to me in a different way.

Grandpa McCampbell "Grandpa Mac": I inherited his nose, red hair and fair skin. He's a putterer who loves his family more than words can describe. When I was little I would sit with him in his big rocking chair and he would play "Patty Cake" with me. This wasn't your normal patty-cake though. For some reason when he played it with me, his hands holding my wrists, my hands could never meet to clap. They would flail around limply hitting my arms. I would laugh and laugh as he did this and kept asking me what was wrong with my hands, why couldn't I clap. Then, when the song was finished the song he would take my arms and roll them across my tummy, imitating a baker rolling bread. I don't know if that's a very good visual, but I loved it and couldn't stop laughing. He would also pretend that his right pointer finger was a bee and buzz around poking me in the ribs and tummy. He loved making me, and all of my other cousins laugh. 
And now, although he is older than these memories I have, I am forming new ones. Ones of him constantly puttering around the house and garden, making sure each is spotless. I have fabulous memories of him squirrel hunting in his backyard. I have beautiful memories of how tender and loving he is with my Grandma- who, I might add, he's been married to for 60 years. 

I am writing this blog mainly to ease my worried heart just a little. To try and tell myself that in the end, my Grandpa will be okay and I will see him soon laughing in his chair next to my Grandma. I want him to be okay and I wish I was there to try and help somehow.
 He's an amazing man, an out of this world grandpa and an even better husband. He is a man that I see so much of myself in. Please, let everything be okay.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


What should Jeff and Sarah be for Halloween?

Keep in mind that Sarah has a bump- so we're trying not to do too revealing.

Sarah will be: Medusa Sarah will be: the Virgin Mary

Jeff will be: a Spartan Jeff will be: either Joseph or an angel

Sarah will be: a Nordic fighter Sarah will be: Princess Fiona

Jeff will be: a Nordic fighter Jeff will be: Shrek

Sarah will be: a peacock Sarah will be: Lois Griffin

Jeff will be: a zookeeper Jeff will be: Peter Griffin

Sarah will be: a nun Sarah will be: Wilma Flinstone

Jeff will be: a priest Jeff will be: Fred Flinstone

Sarah will be: Daphne from Scooby Doo

Jeff will be: Fred

Sarah will be: a matador

Jeff will be: a bull

Okay so mull these over and give me your top three! If you have other suggestions, those are welcomed as well!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Smoke is no Joke

How, may I ask, is it possible to smoke a cigarette while riding a bike?

Wait, that came out wrong. I know that's its possible to do. All you have to do is light the cigarette and stick it in your mouth while you pedal, but, really, HOW can you do that?

Doesn't that increase the nictonie increase by a bzillion percent since your breathing faster and taking in more air (or if you have a cig in your mouth, more nicotine)? Doesn't that pretty much defeat the whole purpose of riding a bike- which is mainly associated with the "healthy" lifestyle?

I just don't get it.

I'm not a person that really as a problem with smokers- to each his own. But, since being pregnant, I have become a little more touchy about it.

So when I'm sitting in my car at a red light on my way to work and the guy on his bicycle in front of me lights up and the smell starts permeating throughout my car, I get a little ticked.

Here is a website I found that has these marvelously fascinating facts: http://tobaccofree.mt.gov/

  • Every year, Montanans pay more than $216 million in medical expenditures attributable to smoking; and businesses pay more than $277 million in lost productivity due to illness and time off.

  • Every pack of cigarettes purchased in the United States costs society about $7—half in medical costs and half in lost productivity.

  • In 2002, Montana kids bought or smoked 3.4 million packs of cigarettes.
    Seventeen percent of all adults in Montana smoke, and 39% of American Indian adults in Montana smoke
    (ATS, 2006)

  • Montana adult males use spit tobacco at a rate that is almost double the national average (12% compared to 8%). (ATS, 2006)

  • In 2006, the Montana Prevention Needs Assessment found that, among adolescents in grades 8, 10, and 12, 17% smoked and 15% of males used smokeless tobacco.

  • Four Montanans die every day from tobacco-related diseases.

Also, to add on to this little rant about smokers (again, I really don't care if you smoke- just as long as it doesn't annoy me), Jeff and I moved into an apartment that is non-smoking.

So then tell me why the heck our neighbor below us- who is NEVER EVER there by the way- decides to come home for this entire week, smoke cigarettes like a chimney and throw parties. I might add that our apartment is quite old, but I love it, and that where piping comes up through the flooring it might not always be sealed around it. So, therefore, if I am in the bathroom getting ready for bed, I do not really want to smell cigarette smoke. Our bathroom has reeked for an entire week! How would she like it if I wore high heels 24/7 and walked up and down our hallway where I know her bedroom is below. Or, if I continually dropped a bowling ball on the floor- oh that's a good one I will have to save that one for later.

Anyways, the point of this blog I guess it not to tick off a pregnant lady with your ciggy smoke, lest she write about it in fury.

Actually, lets work on respect here people. I respected the biker in front of me. When I was stopped behind him, I gave the safe distance so that if I were rear-ended he more than likely wouldn't get hurt. When the light turned green; I didn't tailgate him, but rather followed at a respectable distance.

And the girl downstairs, I make sure to take my shoes off and not clunk around in them when I see that she's home. I try not to let Lucy run around too much and I definitely don't vaccuum on those nights.

I obviously respect your space and well-being, now try to remember that there are other people out there in the world who might expect the same from you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September Doctor's Appointment

Had my 4th doctor's appointment this morning.

The appointment was not with my doctor, but one of her colleagues who could possibly be delivering the baby if the date falls on his rotation. I can't remember his name though...oops.

Anyways, talk about the worlds shortest appointment. He walked in shook my hand, looked at Jeff who was pretty much a walking zombie at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and told Jeff he felt the same way.

He had me lie back and lift up my shirt a little, then he jelled my belly and put the heartbeat thing on. The baby's heartbeat popped up immediately :) He listened to it for a few minutes, told me it sounded good then wiped the goo off and sat down to ask me if I had any questions.

Do I have any questions? Yes! I have millions of questions- MILLIONS.
1. Why, oh why, won't this stupid cold I've had for over a week go away?
2. Is this stupid cold hurting the baby?
3. If I skip a day of prenatal vitamins, is that bad for the baby?
4. What's my child's favorite color going to be?
5. Why am I getting migraines more frequently that I've ever had them before?
6. I'm still super tired all the time- is that normal?
7. I'm wearing maternity clothes at 15 weeks, is that normal?
8. How's my weight? Am I gaining too much? Am I gaining enough>


But of course, this not being my normal doctor and I could tell this guy was tired and probably didn't want to deal with petty questions I just quietly shook my head.

All in all, this was the shortest doctor's appointment known to mankind and I am just praying that the baby decides to come on a day when my doctor is working the delivery room. Please oh please!

My next ultrasound (still waiting on the checkup appt) is scheduled for Oct. 21. This is when we get to find out what the baby is! YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Drunks don't like the bump

So this past weekend I went to Missoula.
I love Missoula.

Friday night all of the girlies got dressed up to go out. There were five of us: Rachel, Bryanna, Jen, Amanda and myself. The girls started their night off at the IronHorse (I started my night with water) and from there progressed further and further down the strip. It started off really fun until I started getting some nasty pregnancy cracks from intensely intoxicated boys. Okay, seriously, do they honestly think themselves so much higher than me that they talk speak so terribly about my current state. Really? Although I am pregnant I am allowed to go out and have fun just like anyone else. Of course, there are limitations like: 1. NO drinking of the booze (duh) 2. Avoid second hand smoke as much as possible 3. No drugs (yeah- like I'd ever do that). And I think that's pretty much it.

So it was just kind of crappy that I was out wanting to have a great time with my fabulous friends and stupid drunk punks had to make snide comments about my belly to my face. GAH!
Anyways- the night ended with Pizza on the Fly, so I was ultimately the happiest person alive!

Saturday: We had to wake up early because I had to work and Bryanna wanted to go to the parade. I worked from 9:00 a.m. until about 3:30 and then Bryanna and I went back to my aunt's house and pretty much crashed for the rest of the night. I didn't feel so hot since this cold is STILL with me and we were just altogether pooped! My aunt made us a fabulous dinner of chiken alfredo (my favorite!) and then we all snuggled on the couches downstairs with my cousins three-year-old little girl Averi and watched Anastasia. Oh yes- we were rocking the musical cartoon! Bry and I were pretty much in bed by 10:00 and asleep by 11:00. It was heaven!

Sunday: We got up after Averi came down to wake us up and tell us breakfast was ready and after breakfast Bryanna and I packed up our stuff and headed to the mall. It was kind of hard to go in to all of my favorite stores and realize that nothing would fit me anymore for awhile, but that was quickly erased when I went into Motherhood (yes, the maternity store) and went pretty much hogwild with Bryanna's help finding tons of REALLY cute maternity clothes!!! Horray I have pants that fit now!! After that Bryanna and I parted ways and I went over to my grandparents to spend time with them! From there I went back to Helena.

It was a great weekend that, as always, went by too quickly!
I don't know when I'll get to go to Missoula next but I hope to God its soon!!!

We have a baby doctor appointment tomorrow so I will probably post another update shortly after that!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Bump

New picture of the bump. 
The doctor's think I'm somewhere between 14-15 weeks preggers. :)
Don't mind the non-matching outfit. I had Jeff take the picture on a day I ended up staying home sick and sweatpants were a must. 

The Couch is My Best Friend

And I think that's the way its going to be for the rest of the day.
I have been hit with that yucky cold that's going around and try as I might to get through my work day today, I still ended up coming home around 11:00 a.m.
So, for now, the couch is my office (because, yes, I am still working- I can't stop!). 

It's amazing how my sick days have evolved through the years, so, I thought I'd dwell on some of these. 

The first recollection I ever have of being "sick" was when I was four.
I was in preschool and my family was living in Great Falls at the time. I woke up in the middle of the night and got sick. My dad wasn't with us, I think he was on a business trip, but my mom stayed up with me all night. When morning came, I remember her asking me if I felt okay enough to go to school or if I needed to go to Jan's. Jan was my daycare provider who got me hooked on Ramen noodles. She would take care of me some days when I was sick but it wasn't very fun because I had to lay in bed downstairs and I couldn't get up to do anything. I proudly told my mom I wanted to go to school and then went to tell everyone how I had thrown up the night before. I think I got into a little bit of trouble because I couldn't keep my big mouth shut about that and my mom was asked why I was at school if I was telling everyone I'd gotten sick. Oops.

Then there was the chicken pox. I got them twice- hurrah- both times in first grade. We were living in Cincinnati at the time and I remember looking down at the reddish-brown spots and just itching. The first time I got them wasn't so bad, but I got to go over to some lady's house who took care of me. I only missed two days of school and was pretty bummed about it. The next time I got the chicken pox was Easter. I woke up Easter morning ready to find my Easter basket and put on my new dress only to find myself covered head to toe with the chicken pox. IT WAS AWFUL and I cried and cried. Not because I was sick, but mainly because I thought I'd ruined Easter. My parents were such troopers, though. Even though we couldn't go to church we still dressed up in our Easter clothes and there are still pictures of my brother and I dressed up with our baskets. The only thing that's off is that I am covered in white dots where the medicine was applied all over. I ended up having to stay home I think for a whole week with that. My brother got it shortly after me. Ha ha. 

From there my sick days evolved into bronchitis. Something I would get continually throughout the winter when we'd moved back to Great Falls. I remember the very first day I got to stay home alone- thinking I was so cool- despite the fact that I couldn't talk without hacking up a lung. I would get to set up camp in the basement of our house on the old green couch that looked like camouflage with the remote in hand. My parents, either my mom or dad, would call routinely to check up on me and one of them would usually come home with a milkshake for me on their lunch hours. Yum.

My Grandma and Grandpa Swan who live in Great Falls both retired soon after we moved back and thus my sick days evolved from staying at home alone to spending my days with Grandma and Grandpa. I have wonderful memories of waking up from medicine induced naps to a chocolate milkshake from my Grandpa. watching Disney movies and the lunches of tomato soup and grilled cheese. I was very spoiled and if you can't already tell, I have certain comfort foods I need to have when I'm sick :)

Sick days in Great Falls transformed into sick days in Phoenix. I would stay at home alone, camped out on the couch. I remember my sophomore year of high school I ended up having to go to the Emergency Room because I had an infection in the lining of my lungs. That was the most school I missed since I had the chicken pox and my dad ended up staying home with me the whole time which was nice :) I got to watch a lot of movies with him. 

And now, in my twenties, my sick days haven't changed too much. I have gradually gotten more stubborn about staying at home, like today when I tried to go to work. My sick days have become less frequent. There are still moments of absolute standstill- I had my appendix out my sophomore year of college and my mom actually flew up to Missoula to stay with me because I basically was bedridden for two days and then needed a lot of help getting around after that. 

All in all, despite the terribleness of being sick, most of my life has been surrounded by wonderful people who helped in every way at making me better. I only hope that in the future, I can do the same for them- or at least repay their generosity in the way I treat my own family when they are sick.

So, yeah- that's all I have to say as I lounge on the couch sick today. There isn't a lot to do when you're pregnant and you can't take any medicine to feel better. BOO!
But, at least I've got a good book and non-stop reruns of Project Runway Season Two running. There might be a nice long nap crammed into my busy day too, I just don't know yet. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If the pants don't fit...

And its official... I only have two pairs of pants that fit me now out of the 20 or so pairs that I own.
And on top of that- I am decked out in full on maternity gear today. C'est la vie.
I knew this day would come, but I didn't think so soon. I'm only 15 weeks and I'm in good shape WHAT HAPPENED!

So that's the latest news here in Helena. I'm going to have Jeff take some new tummy pictures to post online.

My past weekend was fairly eventful.
My friend Jen came to Helena for the weekend. We went out to dinner and then went to downtown Helena on Friday. Uneventful and yet interesting.
Saturday we pretty much lounged around for most of the day. We watched "The Other Boelyn Girl" and all I have to say is ," Yuck."
If you read the book and loved it- don't watch the movie. It's nothing like the book at all and VERY dissapointing. Boo.
Sunday Jeff and I lounged (I love lounging) with the Lucy Goose and then we went over to his new boss's house for a BBQ.

Monday has slowly transformed into Tuesday and I'm back into the swing of things at work.
I'm going to Missoula this weekend for Homecoming which is extremely exciting!

I am also nearly finished with my second book this month.
I read What is the What and finished it last Tuesday and then I started teh fourth book of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. I am so close to being done with it, it hurts! I don't want to finish it because its been so good so far! Boo! I hate it when a good book has to come to an end.

And that's pretty much my life up until now. I know, exciting huh!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Be Still My Beating Heart

I was on my way to work this morning and stopped at a red light.

A young boy on his bike pulled up next to me and proceeded to ride through the red light. As he pulled out from behind the giant corner shrub and peddaled to the middle of the intersection he was nearly flattened by an SUV that came around the corner.

For me time stopped as I saw the SUV just barely miss this little guy on his bike and swerve drastically to miss him. The kid was so startled he too hit his brakes and ended up falling in the middle of the intersection. My heart just about stopped.

The SUV immediately pulled over and the guy driving jumped out to see if the kid was okay.

I couldn't even get out of my car to help. Instead, I drove up one more street and pulled over because I started crying. I had images of that little kid splayed across the street. The SUV was probably going 30 miles per hour and could have seriously hurt this little guy.

I guess the point of this blog is for people, when or if you have kids and they end up riding their bike to school. Make sure that they darm well know bike safety.

I don't think that kid or his parents or the driver of the SUV would have wanted to spend their Friday in a hospital wondering if everything was going to be okay.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baby Update

Well ladies and gents, its official. My belly has popped and it officially looks like there's a baby in there!
Since this picture was last taken two weeks ago- my tummy has gotten event bigger!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trip to Philadelphia Sept. 4-9, 2008

Trip to Philadelphia

Day 1: The woes of flying high. September 4, 2008

Had to be at the airport by 7:30 a.m. to get on to my plane. Ran into a little bit of trouble because my dad booked my plane ticket under my maiden name. So I had to explain to them why my drivers license said Sarah Windmueller instead of Sarah Swan and on top of that get extra security screening. Boo.
The flight into Minneapolis was pretty uneventful. I read and actually dozed (I don't sleep well on planes at all). Everything was just fine until we started our descent into Minneapolis- then things started to get tricky. Turns out the baby doesn't really like airplane landings and pretty much made me sick to my stomach. I have NEVER gotten sick on an airplane before and so it was pretty mortifying. Once we landed we ended up having to sit at our gate for 30 minutes because they didn't have anyone to merge the walkway to our plane. 30 MINUTES! So here I am getting sick and the poor guy next to me is trying to signal to the flight attendant that I need help and all she does is sit there and yell at him to "Put your seatbelt back on!" Then they turned off the air on the plane and I started getting worse so the guy next to me about flipped out! Finally the flight attendant came by, saw what was going on and gave me permission to hang out in the bathroom. What fun. Got into Minneapolis and to my gate and boarded my flight to Philly. The flight was the same, just fine with a little bit of turbulence but when we started our descent I started getting sick. Bleh!
Got into Philly and found my dad at his gate, got our rental car and somehow manuevered our way into the downtown to our hotel. We ate at a really yummy Italian restaurant called Maggiano's before walking like zombie's back to our hotel room. We were off on a magical vacation on the east coast!

Day 2: Hot child in the city. September 5, 2008

Woke up early to catch a cab to the 30th Train Station. I was going to Washington D.C. today to see my friend Eleena and experience the hustle and bustle of the country's captial. The train ride was thoroughly enjoyable. I didn't get sick at all and actually slept and felt very relaxed the whole way there. We made stops in Delaware and Maryland- two new states I have never been in! Eleena was waiting for me at the train station when I got in around 9:45 a.m. We immediately walked over to the State Capital Building, taking pictures all along the way. Next was the Smithsonian Museum of Modern Art. Their main exhibit was some kind of cinematography thing. I didn't get it- but then again I'm not overly artsy. After that we went to the National Holocaust Museum. Wow. Talk about a touching experience. The museum was huge and we were definitnely there the longest. I feel it would be wrong to say the museum was wonderful considering the overall reason it was created, but it was by far the most educational and incredible museum experience I've had in awhile.
I find it so fascinating and appalling what people can do to other human beings.
After that Eleena and I hopped into a cab and went downtown for lunch and some shopping (yay!). Then we walked past huge buildings like the FBI and the IRS building before heading into the Museum of Natural History.
I loved this museum too! They had an "Animals of the World" exhibit and a dinosaur bone exhibit and my personal favorite- "Gems of the World." I picked out a lot of diamonds for Jeff to get me for Christmas :) I was very tired when I got back from D.C. and crashed into bed immediately.

Day3: Drowning Liberty. September 6, 2008

I slept in because my dad was in meetings until noon. I got up and had a nice breakfast before venturing out a little bit on my own into the downtown area. It was extremely humid and I was wearing jeans so I decided to go back and change. When I got back to the room my dad was back from his meetings and ready to go for the day. We went to the Reading Terminal Market for a bit which is is huge market place that has everything. All genres of food to eat from Thai to French and fabulous little family owned stores. I found the most amazing bakery that made the best cupcakes I think I've ever had in my life! Yum!

From here we were going to walk to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and spend the day there. While we were getting ready, the news kept talking about the hurrican that was moving along the east coast and how much rain it was going to bring. I didn't think anything of it, but my dad made sure we had rain coats-- good thing too 'cause it was raining when we stepped outside. Now this isn't your typical Montana rain. This is rain that starts off slow and continues to get worse and worse and worse. By the time we had walked7 blocks everything had soaked through. Our raincoats didn't work at all, we were soaked through every piece of clothing to the bone.
Our first stop was to Independence Hall where they signed the Declaration of Independence. The room is painted a green color with wooden floors and a beautiful chandelier in the middle. Nearly everything is original to the room and has been restored. After that tour we went to see the Liberty Bell. From there we wentanother musuem, I can't remember the name, but it was fairly new and was basically a timeline of laws that were passed and overcoming persecution whether it be women, African-Americans, immigrants etc. It would have been more interesting if I wasn't freezing because my clothes were soaked!!
We walked back to the hotel from there in yet another insane rain storm and stayed inside the rest of the night! Brr!

Day 4: In the Navy... Sept. 7, 2008

My dad had to teach this morning and when he finished we headed to New Jersey. We were going to spend the day on the U.S.S. New Jersey battleship. My dad had gotten directions from Google Map prior to coming to Philadelphia and we soon found out that those might not always be the best directions...seriously. After crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge to Jersey we took a right turn into Craptown. For about 20 minutes my dad and I avoided eye contact with anyone on the street and were pretty sure our bodies would end up floating in the river at the hands of some Tony Soprano mobster.

We finally made it to the ship and started what would be a four hour tour of the entire ship. It was huge, the guns on it were massive. It would be cool to get to be on the ship when its moving!

My dad and I were the last ones off the ship that day and we headed back into Philly where we found a delicious pizza restaurant called Lascala's. It was so nice to sit down and eat some very yummy pizza!

Our day was done after that and we crashed in the hotel room watching tv
Day 5: G-g-g-get yourself to Gettysburg. Sept. 8, 2008
My dad and I got up early today and worked out before grabbing a bite to eat. We were going to Gettysburg today. It would be about a 140 mile trip. We hopped in the car and took off. It was a really nice drive- very different that Montana. There are trees absolutely everywhere so thick right up against the road that you can't see through them and the houses and scenery was just very different and fun to look at. We only ran into one problem with the toll booths and quickly learned that you had to have a ticket to not have to pay an unreasonably high fee. We made it to Gettysburg around 1:00 p.m. and got tickets to watch a movie and bus tour. The movie was pretty good- the History Channel had made it specifically for the Gettysburg Visitor's Center. After that we hopped onto our bus tour and went the whole way around the battlefield with a well educated tour guide. It was absolutely amazing. I thought that battlefield was nothing more than a field. But the span of the area where this huge battle was fought is just amazing. You can almost imagine the thousands and thousands of men from both sides preparing for battle and perhaps the last day of their life. There are hundreds of monuments strewn across the entire battlefield dedicated to the states, their reigments and their heroes. I think it would be fabulously cool to actually stay the night there and experience the eeriness.

After our bus tour was over my dad and I hopped into our rental car and drove around the area again to stop at some different areas we hadn't gotten to see in detail. The history of Gettysburg is just enriching. I loved it. The only downfall of the day would have to be that I'm pretty sure something got in my eye and the I rubbed it so much it scratched my eyeball. So for most of the day I was pretty much in pain until I finally just took the dang contact out.

Then on the way back road work got my dad and I off course and we got a little lost. My dad was pooped from driving all day and I wasn't much help because I only had one eye. But we finally made it back to the hotel and ordered takeout before collapsing into our beds.
I think Gettysburg was the highlight of the entire trip, despite having a bum eye, I thought it was great!
Day 6: Heading Home. September 9, 2008
This was was designated for shopping. However, I was so tired from everything we had done in the past few days that I didn't want to do anything! We went to Macy's and that was pretty much the one store we went to before heading to the airport.

I was sad that the trip with my dad had ended, but anxious to get home and sleeeeep and not have to walk long distances for quite some time!
I hope I get to go back to the east coast again some day. I don't think I'd ever want to live there, but I liked visiting it! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ultrasound #2

Today was my second ultrasound. The first one took place when I was JUST pregnant. The baby didn't even look like a baby but a little tiny peanut. The only thing you could see was the fluttering of the heartbeat. When we went it at this time, they estimated that I was about five weeks pregnant and set my due date on St. Patrick's Day of 2009!

Well today they were doing the ultra sound to check for abnormalities and to see if the baby might have Downs Syndrome. Now for those of you who have yet to be pregnant, (boys excluded) they require that you go into the appointment with a full bladder just so they can put pressure on that area for about 30-40 minutes. If you thought you went to the bathroom a lot before you were pregnant, having a baby resting near your bladder takes the number of potty runs up to double digits on some days. So having pressure put there and not being able to relieve it= no fun. However, once that image pops up on the screen it all fades! I don't know what I was expecting, but I honestly didn't think the baby would be as developed as it was. I mean, there was baby in me! I guess I thought it would still look like a peanut or something like an alien, but it looks like a very teensy, tiny baby. It was amazing. You could see its fingers and legs and the toes on those legs! The baby was not very happy to be pushed and prodded and was throwing what looked like a temper tantrum in my tummy!
The lady doing the ultrasound went about her job measuring the baby and checking the bone structure out to see if there were any problems, which, thankfully, she said there were not. Jeff and I were just mesmerized and laughed a ton at how the baby moved and kicked and flailed every time it was prodded. We have decided that the baby is going to be stubborn, especially after the way it fought to stay on its belly and not turn over. We weren't able to get a profile picture because of our child's stubborn ways, but we were able to get a cute shot of the baby with its butt in the air. Jeff said it was "mooning us."
Its amazing how you can fall in love with something so quickly that you haven't even met yet. Just seeing how much the baby had grown in a few short weeks made me smile so much it hurt! I still can't believe this is happening and am so much more excited to be a mom!


Where do I begin?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am starting this to keep in touch with family and friends about the happenings in our lives.

To start, my name is Sarah and I am 23 years old. I got married to my college sweetheart, Jeff, one year ago in August.

I work at Carroll College in Helena, MT as Director of Campus Events and Conference Services. I have my own parking spot and everything!!!

Jeff is a sports writer for the Independent Record and he covers Carroll football.

We have an adorable puppy names Lucy. She is a welsh corgi and spoiled beyond belief.

Jeff and I are expecting our first child sometime in March. We actually had our second ultrasound today and were shocked to see how much the baby had grown!

Life has come at both Jeff and I very quickly and we're trying to figure out how to deal with it all! Its very exciting and challenging, but we're working together as hard as we can!

So, thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope it keeps you up to date on everything you want to know about us!