Sunday, September 28, 2008

Holding my Breath

So I just found out that my grandpa had a stroke about an hour ago. This is my Grandpa McCampbell, my mom's dad. 
My grandpa's had a history of strokes before, they actually run on both sides of my family. 
It doesn't matter how many times the strokes happen, each time I hear that kind of news my heart becomes very unsettled. 

I love my Grandpa Mac. I actually love each and every one of my grandparents and consider myself extremely blessed to still have them in my life. I am close with all of them, talk to them nearly every week and try to visit them each month. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of my grandparents. 

Each one of them is unique and special to me in a different way.

Grandpa McCampbell "Grandpa Mac": I inherited his nose, red hair and fair skin. He's a putterer who loves his family more than words can describe. When I was little I would sit with him in his big rocking chair and he would play "Patty Cake" with me. This wasn't your normal patty-cake though. For some reason when he played it with me, his hands holding my wrists, my hands could never meet to clap. They would flail around limply hitting my arms. I would laugh and laugh as he did this and kept asking me what was wrong with my hands, why couldn't I clap. Then, when the song was finished the song he would take my arms and roll them across my tummy, imitating a baker rolling bread. I don't know if that's a very good visual, but I loved it and couldn't stop laughing. He would also pretend that his right pointer finger was a bee and buzz around poking me in the ribs and tummy. He loved making me, and all of my other cousins laugh. 
And now, although he is older than these memories I have, I am forming new ones. Ones of him constantly puttering around the house and garden, making sure each is spotless. I have fabulous memories of him squirrel hunting in his backyard. I have beautiful memories of how tender and loving he is with my Grandma- who, I might add, he's been married to for 60 years. 

I am writing this blog mainly to ease my worried heart just a little. To try and tell myself that in the end, my Grandpa will be okay and I will see him soon laughing in his chair next to my Grandma. I want him to be okay and I wish I was there to try and help somehow.
 He's an amazing man, an out of this world grandpa and an even better husband. He is a man that I see so much of myself in. Please, let everything be okay.

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Danny said...

aww Sarah, i am sorry to hear about your grandpa. hopefully he will be fine and i'll be sure to pray for him. if you need anything, let me know.