Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ultrasound #2

Today was my second ultrasound. The first one took place when I was JUST pregnant. The baby didn't even look like a baby but a little tiny peanut. The only thing you could see was the fluttering of the heartbeat. When we went it at this time, they estimated that I was about five weeks pregnant and set my due date on St. Patrick's Day of 2009!

Well today they were doing the ultra sound to check for abnormalities and to see if the baby might have Downs Syndrome. Now for those of you who have yet to be pregnant, (boys excluded) they require that you go into the appointment with a full bladder just so they can put pressure on that area for about 30-40 minutes. If you thought you went to the bathroom a lot before you were pregnant, having a baby resting near your bladder takes the number of potty runs up to double digits on some days. So having pressure put there and not being able to relieve it= no fun. However, once that image pops up on the screen it all fades! I don't know what I was expecting, but I honestly didn't think the baby would be as developed as it was. I mean, there was baby in me! I guess I thought it would still look like a peanut or something like an alien, but it looks like a very teensy, tiny baby. It was amazing. You could see its fingers and legs and the toes on those legs! The baby was not very happy to be pushed and prodded and was throwing what looked like a temper tantrum in my tummy!
The lady doing the ultrasound went about her job measuring the baby and checking the bone structure out to see if there were any problems, which, thankfully, she said there were not. Jeff and I were just mesmerized and laughed a ton at how the baby moved and kicked and flailed every time it was prodded. We have decided that the baby is going to be stubborn, especially after the way it fought to stay on its belly and not turn over. We weren't able to get a profile picture because of our child's stubborn ways, but we were able to get a cute shot of the baby with its butt in the air. Jeff said it was "mooning us."
Its amazing how you can fall in love with something so quickly that you haven't even met yet. Just seeing how much the baby had grown in a few short weeks made me smile so much it hurt! I still can't believe this is happening and am so much more excited to be a mom!

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