Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Its A Little Griz Fan!

As I sit here typing this blog I am currently eating the medium hot fudge sundae that Jeff had to buy for me today.
And if I haven't told you about the bet Jeff and I have, I shall tell you now. Jeff and I had a running bet about what the sex of our baby is going to be. If I win, he buys me ice cream. If he wins, I buy him Taco Bell.
So, obviously, I WON! 
We are having....dun dun dun a little boy!
Yay! I knew it all along! 
The ultrasound today was just the sweetest thing in the whole world!
He's very long and doesn't like to be poked or moved! He has big feet and ears- he has Jeff's ears! They are so big and so cute!
He kept his hands up in front of his mouth like he was sucking on them!
It took us three tries to figure out what sex he was because he kept his little long legs crossed like a little gentleman! He was not going to uncross them at all and then the lady had me turn over on my side and he immediately uncrossed them to reveal his man parts!
I think Jeff was absolutely shocked, because he was so sure we were going to have a girl.
We are so so so excited! 
His name is going to be Caderyn James Windmueller. Caderyn is Welsh/Scottish and it means "Battle Ruler" and James is after my dad. 
One of the best days ever!


The McGregor Clan said...

Yeah!!!! i am so excited for you guys. A boy. I always trust the mother's instinct about the sex of the baby. We just "know." I had no doubt that Alana was a girl. Well, I am very happy for your two and will keep praying for a healthy pregnancy and ultimately birth. Love you guys!!

Bekkie said...

I thought for sure my wiggle monster was a boy. I had dreams about it and everything... Alas, she is not a boy... They don't think. I should have known. She likes pie and doughnuts and cheesecake and coffee and milky ways far too much.

Danny said...

"He's very long..." Jeff must be very proud.

oh k, enough with my potty humor, congrats Swan. THE FIRST KAIMIN BABY IS A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!