Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Mysterious Mr. Hitchcock

I like to consider myself somewhat of a movie buff.
I love watching movies.
My main preference is comedy and mystery and I tend to avoid the gore and shriekfests that some movie companies put out there.
If you were to ask me what my favorite movie is, I honestly don't think I could tell you.
I love Gone With the Wind and Forrest Gump and Pirates of the Carribean and 300 and pretty much any movie Disney has made in the last 50 plus years.
But, if I had to narrow it down to one movie that is close to my all-time favorite, I would have to go with Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.
I love everything about this movie. Jimmy Stuart, Grace Kelly and the overall concept of a bored, bedridden photographer spying on his neighbors and ultimately uncovering a murder.
Its just a winner all around.
Recently, we got NetFlix at the house. In the excitement of this new rental and returning without any late fees I have been trying to rent almost every single Alfred Hitchcock movie that I can. Rear Window was first, then Vertigo, North by Northwest and now my latest one was Suspicion.
As I lay on the couch yesterday trying to sleep off the second cold that has attacked me so far this Fall, I found myself completely enamored with the movie...up until the very end that is.

So the plot for the movie is basically this:
A spinster like heiress named Lina (played by the lovely Joan Fontaine) meets supposedly wealthy playboy John Aysgarthe (Cary Grant). She falls head over heels in love with him and they end up eloping. She soon finds out that he's kind of a loser who can't keep a job and always, always owes tons of money to people. He's also a pathological liar and a thief.
So the movie goes on and she soon begins to believe that her husband is plotting murder against her and one of his own friends.
Well John's friend does end up being murdered and Lina thinks she's next and she ends up freaking out.
So anyways throughout the whole movie you totally think John is guilty and your really worried about Lina because she's so stupidly in love with him that she fails to try and believe it. Trust me, the second a husband of mine would have sold priceless family heirloom chairs that my father gave me as a wedding gift just so he could gamble at the racetracks, I would have been out the door.
So after the freak out Lina is trying to leave to go and live with her mother and the scene unfolds where it looks like John tries to push her out of the car and over a cliff.
Pretty intense. Oh and did I mention that John has an infatuation with poisons, especially ones that are untraceable.
But then the mood changes, when Lina for some reason thinks a light bulb goes off and sees that perhaps she was wrong and that he wasn't trying to kill her at all but rather save her and kill himself with poison.
Yeah, I thought this made absolutely no sense and really just wanted to smack her across the face.
So, in conclusion. I am very confused by this movie and how it ended. I think Alfred Hitchcock is amazing at how he is able to rope his audience in to the movie, as you can see some decades later its still getting to me, but I am absolutely in a fog over this movie.
I honestly don't know how she could think that he wasn't trying to kill her. THE SIGNS WERE ALL THERE!
Why in God's name did she get back in that car with him and then drive off happily as though nothing were ever wrong.

Has anyone else seen this movie that can help me? I am utterly perplexed.
Usually I love the way Hitchcock ends his movies be they happy or sad. With this one though I am just left depressed and intensely confused.

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Bekkie said...

Okay. Hitchcock is basically a diety to me. I love his films and genius. What you must know is that Hitchcock hated women A LOT. A lot is argued with Suspicion that Lina is foolish and has some sort of father complex. In the book, I think she is pregnant and offs herself. I cannot remember. It is only like his third movie so not as good as many of the others. PLEASE! Watch Rope and Strangers on a Train. The absolute BEST movies! Rear Window is excellent, but Rope and SOAT have a whole sort of humour that just makes them excellent.