Thursday, October 23, 2008

October Doctor's Appointment.

Had another doctor's appointment today.
I love my doctor. Not in a freaky obsessive sort of love, but in a way that I trust her and know that she will take care of me and the baby.
She's just the nicest lady and very informative, holding back on technical terms and telling me like it is.
So yes, anywho, I had another doctor's appointment today.
For those of you that don't know we are having a little boy. Everything about him looks strong and healthy and he has got a very powerful heartbeat. Yay!
I haven't felt him moving yet and she said that is very common because the placenta is at the front of my uterus (sorry if I just grossed you out) so its serving as a kind of pillow that takes the brunt of the baby's kicks.
I should be able to feel him in one to two more weeks!
What else...
He has very long little legs, and so far he's very normal in terms of size.
I'm carrying him low which is why I've probably popped out so much so soon!
My doctor told me she is still keeping my due date of St. Patty's day, but that I probably could deliver any time between March 11 and the 17.
Everyone keep your fingers crossed for the 17!
And that is the latest baby update news!! Woo woo !

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