Thursday, October 2, 2008

There's a Bun in my Oven!

The belly is getting bigger!
Yes, folks, you can definitely tell that there's something cooking in my oven.
I am actually surprised that I am showing so prominently so soon!
I thought because I'm tall and in relatively good shape that it would take a good five months before something popped out!
But no, shortly after I got back from my Philadelphia trip in early Sept with my dad the bump arrived!
It wasn't too terribly prominent, some days it was smaller and some days it was bigger, but now its just there and its not going away!

I have ten things I can't live without these pregnant days I'm living now, so, I think I will share them with everyone. Kind of a maternal David Letterman "Top 10 List" thing.

1. Stretchy clothes (i.e. maternity clothes): It took awhile to get over the mortification of maternity clothes, but now that I can see and feel how stylish and comfy they actually are I can't get out of them! While I can still and wiggle and stretch my way into one of two pairs of regular pants/capris that I own (unfortunately no longer my prized size of 8), it doesn't come without the fact that I have to wear a "Tummy Sleeve." The tummy sleeve looks like a tube top that you wear around your belly and its supposed to help you fit into your regular clothes longer. While it does help keep my clothing bill down for now, I will say it can be rather uncomfortable. It tends to roll up unexpectedly and I have this weird thing where I get goosebumps and the shivers if something is entirely uncomfortable around my waist. So, I wear the tummy sleeve maybe once or twice a week, but for now, I'd much rather wear me some comfy stretchy clothes.

2. Comfy shoes: Women don't lie when they tell you to try and avoid heels when you're pregnant. I thought it was just some kind of superstition- not true. Unlike before I was pregnant where if I wore heels for an extended period of time, my feet would only ache for a few hours when I got home and finally took them off. This has now changed completely, if I wear heel when I'm pregnant, I'd better plan on having Jeff waiting at the door when I get home from work with his hands ready to rub them and also a nice hot bath that I can stick my sore and swollen feetsies into. Ouch! Wear heels on Monday when you're pregnant and you won't be able to feel your feet until Wednesday, and then once Wednesday rolls around you'll wish it was Tuesday because you're in so much pain until Sunday! Comfy shoes are a must. I wish I could wear my slippers to work.

3. Eye masks: Yes, just like the spoiled rich brat in the movies, I am now sleeping with an eye mask on. This is no ordinary eye mask though, this is the most amazing and wonderful eye mask that you stick in the fridge/freezer for a few hours and it comes out freezing cold. Since I've been pregnant, I've been getting headaches more and more and more. These aren't little headaches where you can toss back a Tylenol and sleep for an hour to get rid of it. No, these are splitting, I want to tear my brain out of my head before I blackout headaches. If I don't act quickly in recognizing that I'm getting a migraine and quickly take a Tylenol and shut myself off in a dark room with my head under the pillow things can go from bad to worse. Just ask Jeff. He's had to take care of me quite a few nights when I wake up and am completely out of it I'm in so much pain. He stays up with me and rubs my neck, doesn't talk and sits with me on the bathroom floor in case I get sick. I don't remember very much about the night before when I wake up after having one of these headaches, but I know I feel like I was hit by a train. So this eye mask thing evolved one night thanks to Jeff when I was having another massive migraine. He got up and put a cool, wet washcloth on my head. I almost immediately fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling better after that headache than I think I ever had. So I invested in this cooling eye mask that I now strap across my eyes before I got to sleep. Not only is it refreshingly cool and calming, but it keeps light out. I will honestly say that since I started using that, my headaches have been almost non-existent for more than a month. Knock on wood.

4. Lotion: Your skin dries out and feels like a scaly lizard when you're pregnant. I am putting lotion on every two hours. At least I smell good. Lucy loves it because she goes to town trying to lick it all off.

5. Bananas and cereal: The only two things that I want constantly. I was on a bit of a spicy Spanish rice kick there for awhile, but for now, that has passed. I could seriously be the happiest pregnant lady in the world if I just had bananas and cereal all day. I'm leaning more towards cereals like Cheerios, Kix and Rice Krispies. I do like to splurge on Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Flakes- but only if they are mixed with the other previously mentioned cereals. I know, weird. Bananas, for some reason, have never tasted better to me.

6. The vacuum: I am obsessed with cleaning. I always have to be doing something. I seem to have turned into my mother who, when she is stressed, breaks out her vacuum cleaner and goes to town. Now, I just want to vacuum all the time- not necessarily because I'm stressed- but because I don't want anything to collect dust or dog hair. I'm really paranoid about it now too. Its a good thing the girl below us isn't there a lot or she would be super annoyed with how much I vacuum. Poor Lucy hates the vacuum cleaner and isn't very happy that I have started vacuum more. She used to hide from it on the couch, but now that she's shedding I am vacuuming the couches every other day and she has now found her happy hiding spot under the bed.

7. The bathroom: It's a fact- pregnant women have to pee ten times more than the average woman.

8. Netflix: Helena is no Missoula. The desire to go out on the weekends dies out quickly when I remember how smoky and sketchy the Helena bars can be. So, Netflix has become my new friend. Friday nights now consist of me watching whatever it is I rented and then happily going to bed around 11:00 p.m.

9. What to Expect When You're Expecting: Hands down, every woman needs to get this book when they're preggers. It goes through nearly everything you are going through and reassures you that everything is normal. I would probably be a nervous wreck if I didn't have this.

10. My husband: He helps me with chores, takes the dog out when I'm too tired and is happy to massage my aching neck and back. He's my support system who makes me laugh tons and will always tell me I look beautiful when I'm feeling like an awkward cow. I couldn't live without him!!!

New pregant photo will come later today after I've uploaded it!


Danny said...

Letterman counts down his lists from 10 to 1. you ma'am are no David Letterman.

on a side note, i wish i could wear stretchy pants. lucky girl.

Sarah said...

If you notice I say its a"Maternal" type of David Letterman's countdown. I didn't say I was mirroring it perfection.