Thursday, October 2, 2008

There's Just Something Not Right

Okay. Now I don't think I'm a very political person.

I have my viewpoints, but I don't go around spouting them off to everyone and their great-grandmother. If asked, I will tell you how I feel about certain things.

Since this is an election season, I want to point out a few things I think should be or that should have been important and are just kind of irking me a lot.

On the Obama/Biden issue:

I honestly don't know Biden that well, but I do know that a lot of people out there don't like him- including my mother.

What I want to know is why did Obama choose Biden when he could have chosen Hillary Clinton or Condoleezza Rice to serve as his VP? Now, maybe he asked them and they refused- but I think if Obama would have chosen Hillary he would be very far ahead in the polls instead of neck and neck with McCain.

Now, if he'd have chosen Condie (yes, I'm on a nickname basis with her) I think that would have just sealed the deal even more and that would have been a very powerful match.From what I've read about her and what I've seen her doing around the world, she is well liked. Personally, I think she would have been the best choice for VP and she seems extremely competent enough to possibly be President of the United States.

On the McCain/Palin issue:

I, like I think many other people, don't know very much about Palin.

However, in watching the interviews she has done with Katie Couric on CBS, I find myself painfully horrified as she tries to answer.

When asked what magazines she reads to keep up to date on current affairs, she replies, "Whatever's in front of me." Katie then asks her for any specific ones that she reads, to which Palin responds, "All of them." Okay, she could have at least said People or US Magazine and not looked as stupid as she did then.

Then, in another interview, Katie is asking her about Roe v. Wade Palin gives a fairly good statement on why she thinks the state's should be the one to make the ultimate decision on abortion, because they know their people better than the Federal Government. Okay, that was a pretty good answer.

Then Katie goes on to ask her if there are any other Supreme Court decisions that Palin disagrees with. Palin skirts around the question a little bit and is then cornered again by Katie who asks if there are any specific ones. OMG She can't name a single one and looks completely lost. L'example.

I was cringing just watching this.

There's something wrong in today's world if the possible VP of the United States can't give a straight answer on anything that has to do with the government.

This seriously makes me think. Although there are some things I like about McCain, he is quite old. Would four years in office kill him? Do we really want to risk that?

I'm not saying I completely support Obama either, because there are some things I don't support about his platform either.

But seriously. What are they thinking people? What has happened to the sure choice for Presidency, the one candidate to emerges as the BEST?

Can't we just bring George Washington back from the dead?

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The McGregor Clan said...

Well, hello fellow blogger!! I said I didn't have time to do this, but it's just fun to post.

As for the McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden. I don't particularly care for either set. So, I am trying to figure who is the lesser to two evils. I am going to have to go with the McCain/Palin side. I thought Palin did much better in the debate on Thursday night. Very articulate and came across much better. Yes, McCain is an old guy, but I don't think Obama's motives are good. "Redistribution of wealth" is a little too much like socialism, and I am a liberal social worker!!! Glad you are feeling well and I'll talk to you later!! Check out my blog for recent pics and stories of Alana. That's pretty much all my blog is about. But you would figure that right?