Friday, November 21, 2008

Rest In Peace my friend

I just found a dear friend passed away last night.
Although we were never exceptionally close, I can say from the times I spent with him, Noah was a fabulous person.
He always, always found a way to make someone laugh and made the most out of the life he was given.
The first time I met him was with Jeff at a Griz football game and he had on the white Mickey Mouse hands that were his trademark at some of the games. His excitement is everything he did was contagious, it was always hard not to smile around Noah.

Upon first impressions, you would never know that Noah was ill. He rarely brought it up and if he did, always tried to do so in a positive tone.

I cried when I found out Noah received his degree from UM just a little over a month ago, and I cry now, knowing that his smiling face will never again be seen in person around the UM athletic events, the campus or Missoula again.

Noah is an inspiration that every second our heart beats is truly a gift. We should cherish our lives and each other. I only hope that his memory will be kept alive through the vivaciousness in which he so thoroughly pursued to live his life.

Noah, I am so thankful I met you in this lifetime and although I am saddened that the Lord felt the need to take you so early, I trust that he had other plans for you on a much larger scale.

Rest in peace my friend.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cupcake Mania

While spicy Mexican food is at the top of my list for cravings, there is a sweeter side to what my little guy has been wanting.


Not just any cupcakes, white cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting.

About three weeks ago I wanted a cupcake with sprinkles on it. That's all I wanted all week and I fought through that craving until last week when I finally went out and bought some Safeway cupcakes. But they were too rich, so, I gave them away.

Then we come to the night when I decided I had to make both enchiladas AND cupcakes all in under an hour.

Those were the best cupcakes EVER. Both Jeff and I had trouble staying away from them and the two dozen that I made are already gone. Yes, gone.

So now we come to last night. I'm home alone. Jeff and Lucy are in Great Falls and I really have no desire to try and clean our messy apartment. All I want to do... is eat a cupcake.

So I go through the motions again of making close to two dozen cupcakes with homemade chocolate frosting. This time it doesn't go as smoothly as the last. I got a big chunk of egg shell stuck in the egg goo that took more time than I expected to get out. I have this thing with raw eggs where they just gross me out any way I can avoid touching them is ideal. But I ended up having to put down the spoon I was using to try and fish out the shell and stick my fingers in the slimy goo to get this pesky shell out.

Next dilemma was the frosting. The butter for the frosting has to be fairly soft and mine just wasn't getting soft fast enough for me. So while the cupcakes were baking I put the butter on top of the oven in hopes that the heat coming from inside would slowly (that word is key) begin to soften the butter. I then turn my back for all of five minutes to do some dishes and when I turn around next there is a large yellow puddle dripping everywhere where a stick of butter once stood. Get that cleaned up and grab another sitck and put it back on the oven, this time standing by and monitoring its rapid melting.

Get it to the right temperature and then proceed to make the frosting.

So now I've got close to two dozen cupcakes I need to frost and when the last one has finally been covered and I put one in my mouth as a reward, I realize I don't really want a cupcake anymore. BAH!

The feeling hasn't gone away today so now I've got a gazlillion cupcakes that I don't want and I'm sure would take Jeff a good month to finish since sweets appeal to him as much as eye surgery at times.

What's a distraught cupcake baker to do???

Friday, November 14, 2008

One piece bathing suits are calling my name

Sadly though, one piece bathing suits are difficult to fit on my body because I have a much longer torso than the average person.
Why, might you ask has this become the topic of my newest blog??? Well simply because in the ole' pregnant lady fashion, I've developed stretch marks. Yikes! Did I just say that online.
Now in all honestly, I've had stretch marks since I was in fourth grade when I got a huge growth spurt. So I've always had them and been very self conscious about them. They've faded a little over the years as I've lost weight/maintained weight and rubbed cocoa butter/vitamin e all over them religiously.
In anticipation that this would happen to me once I found out I was pregnant I immediately went out and bought a huge vat of this cocoa body butter (which, by the way, smells like absolute crap) and have been rubbing and rubbing it all over those areas prone to these unsightly red marks morning, noon and night.
I don't have any clue if its working or not, but all I can say is my tummy is starting to look like tiger stripes that have gone through a war zone.
This is SO frustrating. Why is it that some women get all the luck and get to take the cute pictures of their bare pregnant bellies while I must cover my tummy lest I frighten some poor innocent child with it.
I'm self-conscious about it and have doubts that these will ever go away. Noooo!
So as I've been tossing and turning restlessly with the idea of never being able to expose my tummy ever again, I've just concluded that one piece bathing suits will have to become my next best friend in the summer. I'm fine with that. Just a little disappointed and maybe even a little more anxious to have this beautiful little boy born so I can work on getting back into shape.
Its a nice challenge!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Life of a Pregnant Lady

Spicy food has begun to take over my life. Its all I can think about. I'm obsessed. I have a problem.
Last night as I came home to make myself some dinner, I was perfectly content in thinking that I'd just have some cereal and fruit for dinner and then watch the new Indiana Jones movie.
As my night unfolded, though, I found that the cereal I had so eagerly wanted just an hour or so earlier looked a bit bland inside its box. So, back to the pantry I went where my eyes fell on refriend beans and enchilada seasoning.
My taste buds starting screaming and I found myself losing control as I my hands grabbed the ingredients to make enchiladas.
In just a few minutes I had whipped up the sauce and was prepping the oven and a pan for the mouth-watering morsels that were just minutes away from being popped into the oven and then into my mouth.
I don't think I've ever made a meal that quickly! On the plus side, I'm becoming quite an excellent cook if I do say so myself and Jeff sure as heck isn't complaining.
With the enchiladas cooking in the oven I sat down at our dining room table to ease my sore back, yet another plus of being pregnant.
While I was sitting down, another urge hit me. What better way to end my perfect dinner night that with homemade cupcakes. I pondered the thought for another minute before I was up in the kitchen again gathering all the ingredients I would need for cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
In a matter of minutes the batter was whipped up and ready to go into the oven once the enchiladas came out.
At this point I was beginning to think I was turning into some kind of super mom-to-be, I'd made dinner and was halfway done with dessert in less than 45 minutes!
The timer rang. Enchiladas out. Cupcakes in. As the enchiladas cooled a little I emptied the rest of the batter into the other cupcake pans I had, rinsed out the mixing bowl and quickly whipped up some homemade chocolate frosting (no more of the store bought stuff for our family- yuck!).

What luck I had last night! Enchiladas and homemade cupcakes all basically made together in less than an hour. As I sat down to eat my dinner and enjoy the wafting smell of cupcakes as they cooked, I felt pretty darn satisfied with myself and thought that maybe, just maybe I might make a good mom.
One of those mom's who cooks at least three times a week and always leaves surprises in your lunch boxes. The mom who always has some cool kind of crafty fun thing for you to do with every holiday season.
Just maybe....

I can't believe I'm writing about my latest food obsessions.

Hitchcock, You've claimed my heart again...

About a month ago I watched a very disappointing Alfred Hitchcock movie called Suspicion. The ending of the movie pretty much ruined me on Hitchcock movies for awhile. Seriously, awful ending- it is SO obvious the creepy husband is trying to kill his wife. HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE IT!?
Okay, take deep breaths, I'm getting all worked up over it again.
Well last weekend I was in Billings, Montana- random interjection- did you know that there is a beet plant in Billings and it stinks to all high heaven??? I didn't until recently!!!

Okay so yes I was in Billings last weekend for a family get together celebrating my aunt's 50th birthday. There was lots of eating, drinking (water of course) and laughing, just like there always is with my family- but, then there was also quite a lot of old movie watching.
My aunt just so happens to be a huge Hitchcock fan and has probably about ten of his movies. I was telling her about my dilemma with the last movie of old Alfie's that I'd watched when she suggested I try watching The Rope. This movie is based off of an actual stage play and just so happens to have James Stuart in it. Love him! You just don't get great quality actors like him any more.
So, giving in to the weakness of peer pressure as my whole family decided they wanted to watch it, I hesitantly joined them. I was still very unsure if I wanted to be reintroduced to another Hitchcock disappointment.
Two minutes into the movie, I was head over heels in love again.
They start the movie off right away with a murder and then the whole plot line kind of follows a "Tell-Tale Heart" kind of story line where one of the murderers pretty much loses it over the guilt and gives everything away.
The story entranced everyone in my family as we watched it straight through to the end despite being tired and overfed.

After watching this, my movie-watching soul is once again made pure, the blackened spot the Hitchcock's Suspicion once left on my heart has now vanished. NetFlix...bring on the Alfred Hitchcock movies!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Its a Good One

I get to leave work early today to head to Billings, Montana.

What's so great about Billings you ask?

Well, just the fact that my fabulous parents will be there. They are flying in from Phoenix to join my dad's side of the family in celebrating my Aunt Becky's 50th Birthday.


I love parties- they alway mean lots of yummy cake. And, with me being pregnant, I won't hold back in asking for seconds.

Baby and I are doing quite well. He's moving around often-not a great deal- but enough to know that he's there. He could possibly be moving around more, but I just can't feel it yet. I am almost 95 percent convinced that I am having a little Hispanic baby with all of the Mexican and spicy food I can't seem to stop shoving in my mouth. Yum!!!! Talk about obsessions- these pregnangy cravings are intense.

Jeff is doing great preparing for his role as a daddy. He hasn't done any late night grocery store runs for me yet, but he always makes sure I'm comfortable and have almost everything I want.

I like this pregnancy thing, I could get used to this special treatment :)

I'm anxiously waiting for Thanksgiving to get here so I can start my Christmas shopping. We have a budget and everything this year. I feel so proud of myself!!

We are going to Phoenix for Christmas and unfortunately have to wait to see how the football season turns out before we can have an exact date that we can leave. We're driving so Jeff can take his golf clubs and I can go shopppppiiiiinnnnngggg!

Lucy is doing well. The most spoiled princess dog in the world if I do say so myself. She is going to Billings with me this weekend, the puppy has never been left alone for more than three hours at a time. I hope she does okay with the transition of baby being in the house....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote

I was kicking myself a dozen times this morning for not registering earlier in the year. I'm usually a planner and like to get ahead in EVERYTHING, so, why the heck did I wait until the day of to register to vote. I had to drag myself out of bed an hour earlier to get to the County building. I thought I would be one of the first ones, but, as it turns out, about half of the people in Helena weren't registered to vote either.
So the waiting game ensued, and actually wasn't that long of a wait. I was registered and in a poll voting within a half hour of getting there.

Black marker held firmly in my right hand, I began to cast my vote for what I thought would be the best governmental set up for the next 4 year. I would like to say dozens- maybe hundreds- of people were there doing the exact same thing.

As I fininshed voting and began to seal my decisions in "the secret envelope" (I laughed out loud when the lady called it that- it even says it on the envelope!) I was filled with a great sense of pride and accommplishment. Its a great day when you see a community uniting together, being motivated by the same goal- change.

I am excepetionally proud of myself for voting today. I even have a sweet sticker to strut around in all day just to remind people that I voted. I hope everyone who is anyone remembers their right to vote and exercises it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Its a Bump-date. Get it?

Here I am at 20 weeks pregnant. 

A Day in the Life of...

I am so spoiled. 

It is 6:00 a.m. and Mommy's alarm is going off. She hits the snooze button on it twice before she actually gets out of bed. I slowly open my eyes to make sure that she's up and moving, I don't plan on moving from my spot on top of Daddy's feet for at least 15 more minutes. I slowly roll over on to my back and begin to fall asleep as I hear Mommy start the shower. 

Footsteps wake me up. Mommy is dressed and ready for work. Now she's walking down the hallway with her bowl of cereal. I think I will get out of bed now and stare sadly at her until she takes me outside. 

Getting out of Mommy and Daddy's bed was tougher than I thought! I didn't make it to the living room where Mommy is eating and watching the news, I got tired halfway there and had to lay down on the hallway rug. 

Mommy is done eating breakfast and as she puts her bowl in the kitchen sink I hear her ask, "Lucy, do you have to go potty?" That's all I need and I'm up and waiting at the door.

With my blue leash firmly attached to my collar, Mommy takes me outside. I have to wait a few seconds on the top step to adjust to the light outside. Mommy has to wait with me. Then we head over to the lawyers lawn where I usually go to do my business in the morning. Mommy has to wait while I sniff and sniff and sniff and finally figure out where is the best place to "think."

After that I get to go back inside where its warm and cozy. Mommy is getting her stuff ready for work and sometimes I bring my yellow tennis ball to her and she will throw it for me a few times. But, today, I'm feeling rather tired so I hop up on to the couch and watch Mommy. When she has everything ready that she needs, Mommy then picks me up and puts me in to bed with Daddy. 

I'm already asleep when I hear the front door close. 

I'm sleeping in Mommy's spot on the bed. Daddy is next to me. 

Mommy comes homes from lunch and I guess I should probably get up. Sometimes she takes me out to go potty again, but I don't really have to go. I just want to sit next to her on the couch while she eats.

Once Daddy gets up, we get to go for a ride in the car...oh boy! I wonder where we'll go....

To be continued.