Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hitchcock, You've claimed my heart again...

About a month ago I watched a very disappointing Alfred Hitchcock movie called Suspicion. The ending of the movie pretty much ruined me on Hitchcock movies for awhile. Seriously, awful ending- it is SO obvious the creepy husband is trying to kill his wife. HOW CAN SHE NOT SEE IT!?
Okay, take deep breaths, I'm getting all worked up over it again.
Well last weekend I was in Billings, Montana- random interjection- did you know that there is a beet plant in Billings and it stinks to all high heaven??? I didn't until recently!!!

Okay so yes I was in Billings last weekend for a family get together celebrating my aunt's 50th birthday. There was lots of eating, drinking (water of course) and laughing, just like there always is with my family- but, then there was also quite a lot of old movie watching.
My aunt just so happens to be a huge Hitchcock fan and has probably about ten of his movies. I was telling her about my dilemma with the last movie of old Alfie's that I'd watched when she suggested I try watching The Rope. This movie is based off of an actual stage play and just so happens to have James Stuart in it. Love him! You just don't get great quality actors like him any more.
So, giving in to the weakness of peer pressure as my whole family decided they wanted to watch it, I hesitantly joined them. I was still very unsure if I wanted to be reintroduced to another Hitchcock disappointment.
Two minutes into the movie, I was head over heels in love again.
They start the movie off right away with a murder and then the whole plot line kind of follows a "Tell-Tale Heart" kind of story line where one of the murderers pretty much loses it over the guilt and gives everything away.
The story entranced everyone in my family as we watched it straight through to the end despite being tired and overfed.

After watching this, my movie-watching soul is once again made pure, the blackened spot the Hitchcock's Suspicion once left on my heart has now vanished. NetFlix...bring on the Alfred Hitchcock movies!!!!!!

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