Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Life of a Pregnant Lady

Spicy food has begun to take over my life. Its all I can think about. I'm obsessed. I have a problem.
Last night as I came home to make myself some dinner, I was perfectly content in thinking that I'd just have some cereal and fruit for dinner and then watch the new Indiana Jones movie.
As my night unfolded, though, I found that the cereal I had so eagerly wanted just an hour or so earlier looked a bit bland inside its box. So, back to the pantry I went where my eyes fell on refriend beans and enchilada seasoning.
My taste buds starting screaming and I found myself losing control as I my hands grabbed the ingredients to make enchiladas.
In just a few minutes I had whipped up the sauce and was prepping the oven and a pan for the mouth-watering morsels that were just minutes away from being popped into the oven and then into my mouth.
I don't think I've ever made a meal that quickly! On the plus side, I'm becoming quite an excellent cook if I do say so myself and Jeff sure as heck isn't complaining.
With the enchiladas cooking in the oven I sat down at our dining room table to ease my sore back, yet another plus of being pregnant.
While I was sitting down, another urge hit me. What better way to end my perfect dinner night that with homemade cupcakes. I pondered the thought for another minute before I was up in the kitchen again gathering all the ingredients I would need for cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
In a matter of minutes the batter was whipped up and ready to go into the oven once the enchiladas came out.
At this point I was beginning to think I was turning into some kind of super mom-to-be, I'd made dinner and was halfway done with dessert in less than 45 minutes!
The timer rang. Enchiladas out. Cupcakes in. As the enchiladas cooled a little I emptied the rest of the batter into the other cupcake pans I had, rinsed out the mixing bowl and quickly whipped up some homemade chocolate frosting (no more of the store bought stuff for our family- yuck!).

What luck I had last night! Enchiladas and homemade cupcakes all basically made together in less than an hour. As I sat down to eat my dinner and enjoy the wafting smell of cupcakes as they cooked, I felt pretty darn satisfied with myself and thought that maybe, just maybe I might make a good mom.
One of those mom's who cooks at least three times a week and always leaves surprises in your lunch boxes. The mom who always has some cool kind of crafty fun thing for you to do with every holiday season.
Just maybe....

I can't believe I'm writing about my latest food obsessions.

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