Friday, November 14, 2008

One piece bathing suits are calling my name

Sadly though, one piece bathing suits are difficult to fit on my body because I have a much longer torso than the average person.
Why, might you ask has this become the topic of my newest blog??? Well simply because in the ole' pregnant lady fashion, I've developed stretch marks. Yikes! Did I just say that online.
Now in all honestly, I've had stretch marks since I was in fourth grade when I got a huge growth spurt. So I've always had them and been very self conscious about them. They've faded a little over the years as I've lost weight/maintained weight and rubbed cocoa butter/vitamin e all over them religiously.
In anticipation that this would happen to me once I found out I was pregnant I immediately went out and bought a huge vat of this cocoa body butter (which, by the way, smells like absolute crap) and have been rubbing and rubbing it all over those areas prone to these unsightly red marks morning, noon and night.
I don't have any clue if its working or not, but all I can say is my tummy is starting to look like tiger stripes that have gone through a war zone.
This is SO frustrating. Why is it that some women get all the luck and get to take the cute pictures of their bare pregnant bellies while I must cover my tummy lest I frighten some poor innocent child with it.
I'm self-conscious about it and have doubts that these will ever go away. Noooo!
So as I've been tossing and turning restlessly with the idea of never being able to expose my tummy ever again, I've just concluded that one piece bathing suits will have to become my next best friend in the summer. I'm fine with that. Just a little disappointed and maybe even a little more anxious to have this beautiful little boy born so I can work on getting back into shape.
Its a nice challenge!


Danny said...

i'm sure you look beautiful, stretch marks and all.

Ashley Rhian McKee said...

I agree with Danny! They will go away! I've had to deal with the stretch mark thing, too. They are a pain in the as well. I am sure you are beautiful! :)