Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote

I was kicking myself a dozen times this morning for not registering earlier in the year. I'm usually a planner and like to get ahead in EVERYTHING, so, why the heck did I wait until the day of to register to vote. I had to drag myself out of bed an hour earlier to get to the County building. I thought I would be one of the first ones, but, as it turns out, about half of the people in Helena weren't registered to vote either.
So the waiting game ensued, and actually wasn't that long of a wait. I was registered and in a poll voting within a half hour of getting there.

Black marker held firmly in my right hand, I began to cast my vote for what I thought would be the best governmental set up for the next 4 year. I would like to say dozens- maybe hundreds- of people were there doing the exact same thing.

As I fininshed voting and began to seal my decisions in "the secret envelope" (I laughed out loud when the lady called it that- it even says it on the envelope!) I was filled with a great sense of pride and accommplishment. Its a great day when you see a community uniting together, being motivated by the same goal- change.

I am excepetionally proud of myself for voting today. I even have a sweet sticker to strut around in all day just to remind people that I voted. I hope everyone who is anyone remembers their right to vote and exercises it!

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