Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Windmueller on the way.

Had another monthly doctor's appointment yesterday. Everything went really well!

My glucose levels for the gestational diabetes thing are perfect! Hooray! They want you below 140 and mine were at 65! That's good- bring on the brownies (in moderation of course!).

The baby's heartbeat is still very strong and he's currently facing head down with his butt up by my ribs. My doctor said this is great because he's figured out the position he will need to be in very soon to enter this world!

I have another doctor's appointment in January and then from there we go from having once a month appointments to every two week appointments. Wow! This is getting so close!


Danny said...

by the sound of your title, i thought you had gone into labor. i was very confused.

Sarah said...

I meant to do that so you would read it. Mwahahahaha

Elle said...

So glad the glucose levels were low. Bless the Lord.