Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today I had to do the standard test for gestational diabetes where they have you drink this HUGE bottle of orange goo that kind of tastes like fizzy orange soda except it has ten times the sugar in it. Yuck. My teeth still hurt just thinking about it!

You have to time yourself from the time you start drinking it to the time you finish it. You basically are supposed to finish the whole thing in 5 minutes. I drank mine from 9:05 a.m. to 9:07 a.m. That's right, I put that sucker away. No use in prolonging the pain.

From there you are supposed to go immediately to the hospital laboratory where they make you wait for about 50 minutes before they draw your blood.

For those of you that don't know this yet- Jeff may be the only one actually- I hate having my blood drawn and basically anything to do with needles.

This fear/hate was only escalated about a week before our wedding when I had to go and get my blood drawn for that test thing that they do (ya they have since changed this requirement boo!). So I was given a few options of places to go and get the blood drawn and it turns out the Planned Parenthood in Missoula was the cheapest place to get it done so my mom took me there because I told her I didn't think I'd be able to drive after (good thing) and I went in to get the blood drawn. Well the nurse stunk! She couldn't find my veins- hello, they are right there in my arm! And when she did find them my vein would keep rolling on her. So all I felt for about 10 minutes was a needle digging in my arm while the nurse kept going, "Oh shoot!" and then there was the blood trickling down my arm. I was two seconds from passing out when I yelled at her to ask me questions about my wedding. This saved me from the embarrassment of passing out when *lightbulb* she saw her patient obviously didn't feel too hot.

SO yes, I don't like needles too much, and I really just don't like the whole idea all together of having blood drawn.

So when they finally called my name to take me into the back room I was already feeling a little woozy. I sat down in the chair and the lovely lady who was drawing my blood looked at me and said, "I remember you! You don't like needles."

She then left the room and came back with two ice packs- she put one in my left hand and the other on my left shoulder.

Talk about amazing therapy there! She was done in a matter of seconds and I basically skipped out of the room with nothing more than a bandage on my arm!

Hopefully the test turns out okay and I'm in the clear.

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Elle said...

Guess you're not the type to give blood regularly.