Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crazed Sugar-Mama

So at my last doctor's appointment, I was told I gained a considerable amount of weight since I was last at the doctor. I completely admitted that the whole two weeks prior to this visit I was one hundred percent obsessed with cupcakes and chocolate frosting.
I, might, just might, have gone a little overboard. Oh, that, and I was super busy at work and not on a very good workout schedule.
The next big test they are giving me in two weeks is the one that tests for gestational diabetes.
My doctor told me I should really try and limit myself to one or two sweets a week, just to be safe with the test.
I completely support what she told me and am a little mad at myself for getting so out of control. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, but it miraculously went away during the first trimester- must have been all the puking I was doing or something. And then it didn't really pick up until this past month when I went a little sugar crazy.
What's even worse is that now that I can't have the sweet when I want it, I want it now more than ever. I would have killed yesterday for a huge brownie with ice cream on top.

To ease my frustrations, I have found a miracle to my dilemma- one that even Jeff supports. Sugar-free Jello pudding, the kind that you make on your own.
With a half a bowl of chocolate pudding I made last night resting comfortably in my fridge I find myself not feeling as stressed about wanting a sweet. Hooray!
Now I can indulge (responsibly) with my guilt-free treat and get myself through to Friday which is the one day of the week I am allowing myself to have a nice pastry/sugary treat.

I've even lost a little bit of weight since I started this routine! It probably helps that I'm working out a bit more too!
All I want is for this baby to be happy and healthy and to not have any problems. I was so mad at myself for getting out of control and possibly putting him in danger. I'm now forcing myself to try and eat a salad a day and chew gum constantly to avoid the school's Dining Hall upstairs where they always have some kind of sweet out there calling to me relentlessly.

In conclusions, sugar-free Jell-O pudding, you are my life saver of the week and I salute you!

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