Sunday, December 14, 2008

Date Night

So Mr. Hitchcock and I had another date night tonight.

He seems to be filling in a lot for my husband who works late nights at the sports desk...

Tonight was Shadow of a Doubt. Dun dun dun!

This one is about a young girl named Charlotte (Charlie) who idolizes her uncle- Charlie- whom she is named after. He shows up at the family home one day, lavishes them with presents and then starts to get comfy. Uncle Charlie gives girl Charlie a beautiful emerald ring that looks very expensive and mysteriously has some odd initials engraved on it.

Things seems to be fine until Uncle Charlie gets weird over certain stories in the paper about a "Merry Widower" who kills rich old ladies and takes their money. He also gets paranoid over two guys who say they are with the U.S. Survey Bureau (or something like that) but they are actually detectives who have followed him.

Well one of the detectives thinks the girl Charlie is cute and so he takes her on a date where he tells her that her Uncle Charlie might not be who she thinks he is. This makes girl Charlie upset and she ends up going to the library to look up the days paper that her unclestole before anyone could read it and its here that she discovers about the "Merry Widower."

Girl Charlie starts to suspect that this murderer might be her uncle and becomes very stand-offish with him. Eventually he figures out she knows his secret and swears her to secrecy, promising her he will leave soon.

Then, strange things start to happen to girl Charlie. A step breaks that she's walking down and she nearly falls to her death and then she gets locked in the garage with a running car that has no key in the engine.

She figures out that her uncle is trying to kill her and basically puts on the strange emerald ring- a ring he took from the last lady he killed- and he sees it and realizes that she is going to tell everyone and that she knows everything.

So he announces that he is leaving the next day on a train. When the family takes him to the train station he invites girl Charlie and her younger brother and sister onboard to look around. He ends up trapping Charlie on the train once it has started moving and tries to throw her off to kill her. She squirms and manages to get away but her Uncle Charlie misteps and falls out of the train into another oncoming train. Ouch.

In the end, Charlie was the murderer and was a man who was angry at the world and especially these rich widows who had nothing better to do but spend all of their money.

Girl Charlie ends up marrying the detective who told her about her uncle.

So this one was pretty good.

There was some weirdness in how Uncle Charlie and his niece interacted. It was almost borderline romance and that was just weirding me out. They looked fairly close in age and there was alot of arm touching and he put his arm around her a lot. It was...odd.

I liked Hitchcock's portrayal of a stronger feminine character like Charlie. She wasn't a powerhouse or anything, but she was one of the more stronger female characters I've watched in any Hitchcock film.

In the end, I'm glad the bad guy got his comeuppance. Ha!

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Do they have Hitchcock film awards in his name- individual awards?