Thursday, December 18, 2008

Never Talk to Strangers...

Strangers on a Train is the leatest Hitchcock film I've perused.

This one was nominated for an Oscar.

Two strangers, Guy Haines- a tennis player trapped in an awful marriage and Bruno Anthony- a spoiled and psychotic rich boy happen to meet on a train.

Bruno talks on and on about how he hates his father because the father won't give Bruno any of his money, but would rather he worked. He then brings up the fact that he knows Guy is trapped in an awful marriage to a lady named Miriam and is also invovled with a senators daughter named Anne.

Bruno concots a plan that they should swap murders to get rid of each others nuisance. Guy refuses and storms off the train. Bruno, however had some different idea about that reaction and goes on to stalk Guy's wife Miriam, a no-good hussy, and eventually strangles her at a carnival.

He then takes Miriam's broken glasses to Guy to show him the proof that he killed her and one part of their "imagined" bargain was complete. Guy is horrified when he discovers this and then also finds himself suspect of murder.

He continues to refuse Bruno's request that he kill his father and Bruno beings to prove more and more that he's insane. He thinks that's Anne's sister looks like Miriam and tries to strangle an old lady in a lunatic sort of rage when he sees her.

Guy continues to try and find ways to prove that Bruno is a lunatic. The only catch is that Bruno stole Guy's lighter and when he realizes that Guy isn't going to kill his father, he decides he's going to have to pin the murder of Miriam on Guy.

The climax takes place back at the carnival where Bruno is trying to get back to the same spot where he killed Miriam so he can drop the lighter. Guy sees him and Bruno runs onto the carousel. Police are following Guy and think that Guy is running away from them so they shoot their guns and end up killing the carousel operator who then pushes the carousel into hyper-speed. There's a great fight scene on the runaway carousel that finally ends when an older-than-heck old man climbs under the whirling carousel to stop the ride, but the ride is going so fast it ends in a catastrophic crash!

Bruno is crushed by a lot of the debris and dies- all the while denying that he killed Miriam and that it was Guy that did it. He still has the lighter though, and that, in the end, is what saves Guy.

The end!

Another triumph for Mr. Hitchcock!!!!


Elle said...

That's why Hitchkock has such a good name.

Lara said...

I haven't seen a Hitchcock film in a while.

Gianni said...

Well, don't tell problems to strangers.