Thursday, December 4, 2008

Robert Pattison will be my second husband...

So I've recently become obssessed with Twilight. Okay, that's actually a lie. I've been obsessed since like my junior year of college when I read the first book.
Reading a story line like that and being able to see it come full circle into a huge movie production makes me wish I could write a book. Maybe one day I will...
Now I don't think that everything about this book series was perfect. It was a little sappy and I thought the main character, Bella, could have put on her big tough-girl pants more than once, but, overall I enjoyed the easy readibility of the books and the character depth.
So, now they have the Twilight movie out and like many hormone crazy teen girls across the nation I am obsessed with the movie and the guy who plays the love-lorn vampire Edward Cullen- Mr. Robert Pattison.
Mmm yummy!
I've already told Jeff I am taking him as my second husband and we'll move to the caves of Utah if we have to! :P
Looking at a picture of Robert Pattison each and every day makes my work day a little more enjoyable and leaves me with the warm fuzzies inside :)


Danny said...

ugh, what is it about this guy that makes all the ladies swoon?

Sarah said...

It might be the greasy hair or something. i don't know but he makes me swoon!