Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Move When You're Pregnant.

So Jeff and I are in the process of moving into a rental home.
We are going from a small, one bedroom apartment to a huge two bedroom home. We're looking around and find that we're amazed our stuff actually fits in the space without complaint!
We started moving some stuff over on Sunday and then Jeff's dad, bless his heart, came with his truck and they started moving all of the heavy furniture.
I did my best to assist them, but soon discovered that being 7 months pregnant and trying to help carry stuff does not jive. I found myself sitting and directing more than helping which was really hard for me because I felt lazy and useless.

Jeff and his dad got nearly all of our large, heavy furniture over to the new house on Monday and shortly after that Jeff and I collapsed into our bed that is currently sitting on the floor (we have been too tired to hook it up). Tuesday consisted of Jeff and I loading up crates and taking a bunch of stuff over there and that same thing will happen again today.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend that anyone move when they are pregnant- especially in their 7, 8 or 9 month. It hurts! All the bending to get stuff out of boxes and the standing. Ouchie!

We are slowly but surely getting moved in there though and once everything is out of the old apartment things will be so much better!

**Also** Jeff's computer has been broken for nearly two months and we haven't had any time to get it in and fix it. That's why there haven't been many picture updates. The camera program is loaded onto his computer. The program stuff got buried in the move so I can't find it just yet to upload it on mine. Once we do find that stuff though we will have pictures galore!!!

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