Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh the Joys of Childbirth Classes

This past week, Jeff and I started our first ever childbirth classes.
Its a total of 8 classes that runs until the end of Feb.
I was excited to go and see all the other pregnant couples there (maybe we'd know someone!!), I don't know how excited Jeff was- especially since the BCS Championship was on during the class- but he went without a fuss.
The class actually had quite a few more people in it that I expected! About 12-15 pregnant couples and then the occasional single mom-to-be.
This was the class where the ladies got to talk about all the aches and pains they've been having and then we discussed ways we could alleviate these problems through stretching/ diet or through the help of our significant other.
I learned quite a few things and am very happy we discussed this.
For example: My legs and hips just ache at night. Not when I go to sleep, but I wake up usually at 2 or 3am in pain. I have to get up and walk around for a little bit to make the cramping stop. Although getting up is tough now too because my back spasms when I try to get up at that time. All odds are against me! But we learned some really great stretches that helps make the cramping go away faster and the back spasms less intense.
Also learned that the Braxton Hicks contractions I've been having are probably due to the fact that I deprive myself of water during the day at work. I just hate having to pee every five minutes. However, I have since changed that when I found out not only is this bad for you and the baby but it can lead to some serious bladder infections. Yikes.
Which reminds me... I need to go and get some water.
Hmmm, lets see, what else did we learn. We practiced some breathing routines that were very nice! Jeff has been using them against me now though- when I get mad or frustrated he stops me and makes me breathe in, two, three, four and then out, two, three, four with him. Makes me want to smack him!

Another interesting thing we took from the class was the variety of people that were in there. There were a lot of young couples just like Jeff and I who were experiencing their first child together.
But, then of course you always get a few wild cards.
There was a lady in the class who was on her third child. Everything the nurse would talk about she would loudly announce she already knew since she WAS on her third child. Jeff and I both agree that if you're on your third child already- there's really no need for you to go to the classes unless you're willing to keep your mouth shut and only share the experiences you've had when asked. It was quite annoying! Plus- she'd never even experienced REAL childbirth because she'd opted for C-sections the other two times and was having another one with her third. In my opinion this lady should just LEAVE!

Then there was the white-trash mother-to-be. I know, that sounds cruel, but its true. She was there with her 12 year old sister because Lord knows who the father was and the woman's mother refused to come with her. This was the lady who complained that her face, feet and hands were SO swollen (which she was extremely puffy looking) and couldn't figure out why. She then proceeded to eat a whole bag of Salt N' Vinegar chips through the whole class. Hmmmmmmm I wonder why you are SOOOO puffy? Could it be water retention? This was the girl- she was only 19 or 20 who had no clue what was good or what was bad during pregnancy. Everything the nurse told her she was fascinated with and would raise her hand to exclaim that she'd experienced that problem too or she had absolutely no idea she couldn't eat fish while pregnant. I believe the nurse gave her a few books when the class was over!

Then, of course, we had the 15-year-old mom- to- be who was there with her mother and what looked like a 12-year-old baby daddy. Abstinence, Abstinence, Abstinence is all I have to say about that!

We have our next class this Thursday and I'm very much looking forward to it!!!! Hopefully there will be some more good stories in the weeks to come!

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