Friday, January 16, 2009

On moving, birth classes and baby dreams

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just snap your fingers and have a huge job done in the blink of an eye??
We are currently on Day 6 of moving. The apartment is looking a little more bare, but now the house is just getting messier and messier. Today is the day I think we will officially get the heck out of that apartment. Thank the good Lord!

My wonderful Grandparents from Great Falls have offered us their amazing cleaning services today. They should be here sometime around 11:00 a.m. The only payment they wanted was to spend time with our puppy Lucy and make sure she gave them lots of kisses. I don't know if I should feel dejected or honored over this :0)

Jeff and I weren't able to put too much of a dent in the moving last night as he had to cover two basketball games out of town and I went to our Childbirth classes alone.
The night started off with some excitement as one of the ladies who was in the class went into labor and had to get herself upstairs to the birthing ward or whatever its called.
Last night we learned about the different stages of labor, what mothers can expect to feel and what the coaches should be doing. I found myself groaning internally quite a few times as I thought this class would have been very beneficial for Jeff to attend since I'm a little worried he won't know what to expect.

With all of this knowledge flooding my mind, I returned to our cluttered house and crawled into bed only to be plagued by dreams of labor.
I had a dream I went into labor on March 8 and was very upset about this because it was much too early. I recall being in pain and getting an epidural and then walking around like nothing was wrong. Oh and then they discovered that I was carrying twins. Ha!
I wonder if these dreams will tell me anything. They are getting more and more crazy.
The first baby dream I had that I can remember involved me giving birth to a little girl on my birthday in March. Obviously that doesn't say much since we're having a boy.
Another baby dream I can remember is the one where I gave birth to a multi-racial little boy and how everyone on both sides of the family was just furious with me because they'd thought I'd cheated on Jeff. I remember no one would look at me and they were all ignoring me as I yelled that there wasn't any possible way it could be anyone else's baby!
Then I had that dream last night.

I'm sure I've had hundreds of baby dreams over the past few months, but these seem to be the three I remember the most.

Well, I must run and start the moving process again for the day.

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