Monday, February 2, 2009

Let Me Catch You Up

Well! It has been awhile since I've posted anything.
Our lives have been whirlwind all of the sudden!

Jeff and I moved into a lovely new house. We are FINALLY getting settled and organized. Our biggest project is buying a washer and dryer. We have been on the prowl trying to find the best one for the best price and I think we finally found the pair that we're going to buy and probably will do so today! Scary though because that's a lot of money that could reeeeeally go toward other stuff right now! Dang it!

One week after moving, I packed my suitcase and headed to Las Vegas for a quick girls weekend. My good friend Jen is Miss Montana and so myself, my mom and a bunch of my friends all flew to Vegas to cheer her on in the Miss America pageant.

That was quite an experience- especially while pregnant. I don't think I will ever go on another trip like that again when I'm 32 weeks pregnant. My feet were so swollen the whole time and I will admit- I might have been a tad bit crabby because I wanted to go out and I couldn't and I wanted to buy stuff but I couldn't (who knew that Vegas wouldn't have one single maternity store on the strip). I came home with more money than I anticipated though- so I guess that was a plus.

The big excitement of the trip was getting to go to In N Out Burger. If you haven't already heard this, I've been craving In N Out Burger since Jeff and I left Phoenix. It has been an un-fading craving that has nearly driven me over the edge. Thank heavens I made it there three times during my trip or I'm pretty sure my head would have exploded!

On the baby. I'm going to be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That's only 3 more weeks until I'm considered full term and 6 more weeks until my actual due date. Wowza! We have the baby room probably 75% done. All of the furniture is set up- now I just need to have my two baby showers to hopefully fill up the rest of the room with all of that fun stuff! Baby and I are doing well. He is a moving machine! His favorite position is with his little feet hooked under my right rib cage. This has done wonders for my posture as I can't slouch without being incredibly uncomfortable. He's also taken to happily kicking my bladder throughout the day which sends me scrambling to the bathroom.

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Danny said...

who is that sexy pregnant lady in the pictures?