Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tsk Tsk

So today at work, Michael Phelps seemed to be the hot topic among some of my co-workers.

As some of you know, the gold-medal winning swimmer was recently photographed smoking pot from a bong.

I am teeter-tottering back a forth a bit on how I feel about this...

1. If you think about it, for the past eight years of his life (if not more) Phelps has constantly been training. He hasn't really ever gotten to experience life the way that you or I might have. His life has been filled with strict diets and workouts and the constant pressure to win and make a faster time. So, in that sense, I understand if he wants to let loose a little bit and actually live life as a somewhat normal 23-year-old.

2. To oppose that. Since Beijing, the man has become a huge role model for children and adults around the world. He stands for strength, commitment and determination...now how does this picture that he and the media have built him up to be pan out when he's got a bong in his mouth?

Also, the man has signed something like $200 million dollars in endorsement deals- he's lucky if he doesn't lose any of them. In signing that though, he projects himself and his image out to the media. If he wants everything to keep going his way- the man had better get his act together and quit being seen in strip clubs or smoking the Bermuda Grass.

I understand that he wants to have a little bit of fun, but really now, surrendering to the stupidity of a narcotic is just a sign of weakness...perhaps a sign of giving into peer pressure. This is not the type of role model the world needs.

Get your act together Phelps.


Danny said...

Phelps is getting paid millions upon millions to endorse with a squeeky clean image. in the past four years, he's had this picture and gotten a DUI. he's a douche.

Sarah said...

I agree. He looks like a douche. I was just trying to reason rather than attack...but I agree, he is a douch.