Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Value of a Good Thank You Note.

To me, there's nothing more important than the value of getting a thank you card in the mail.
Since we could write, my mom always made sure my brother and I sent thank you notes.
Even the simplest thank you note will brighten someone's day!
I will admit, though, that I have been known to get carried away with the thank yous. You might even say I get a little obsessed with them.
For example: Jeff and I received over 300 fabulous and generous gifts for our wedding. Now, its "custom" that the bride and groom have that whole first year of their marriage to send out thank you notes.
Well me being the obsessive person that I am started them the second we flew out for our honeymoon the Monday after our wedding. I finished half of them on the six hour flight there and the rest of them on the six and a half flight back. Huzzah!
I'm the type that even if I don't know you very well and you've gone out of your way to get mew a gift or do something nice for me, I'll still include a little personal aspect in that thank you note to let you know how much it meant to me/us.

I'm not the typical: Thank you for the gift. That was thoughtful of you. Sarah

I'm more the: Thank you so much for the wonderful gift. The baby diapers will be so useful in the next months to come! I'm so happy you were able to come to my baby shower and I can't wait for you to come and visit us once we've had the baby. Love Sarah.

If I let thank you notes go more than a week out before I've sent them or even written them, I tend to go a little crazy! Which is probably why I'm writing this blog right now...I have two thank you notes with no addresses and I'm DYING to get them sent out.

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