Thursday, February 5, 2009

You know you're pregnant when...

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday.

I'm measuring a little ahead of 34 weeks- but that doesn't really mean anything because the baby will come when he wants to.

It's amazing how my body has just all of the sudden decided to change.

1. I'm quite swollen now no matter how much water I drink the ankles still swell.

2. My joints hurt and hurt and hurt. Especially my wrists and my fingers!

3. Tired...all...the...time...could...sleep...for...days...if...I...didn'

4. Food- not as appealing as it once was. I'm running out of stomach room!

5. Referring back to room- the baby doesn't have a whole heck of a lot- when he moves my whole stomach pretty much moves now. It reminds me of the movie Alien (except I know that the baby won't spring forth from my chest cavity with the intent to kill).

6. My mind. Have you seen it? I could have sworn I just saw it walking around here somewhere. What's that? You say its still attached to my head- are you sure? I haven't heard from it in a while and it didn't really help me out when I was putting away laundry and decided that the fridge would be the perfect place to keep socks.

7. My emotions. Randomly crying in Costco or getting all weepy when I'm watching A Baby Story. Yep- it has begun. Lord help me.

8. My body. It feels like a huge blob. I can hardly get up on my own and persistently have to wake Jeff up to help me roll out of bed just so I can go to the bathroom.

9. My maternity clothes no longer fit. That one kills me.

10. Where are my feet? I used to be able to see them.

Its just so amazing to me how everything has gradually changed along the way! I'm completely fascinated and entertained by the changes.


FikhmanFoto said...

have you ever seen Coupling? It's a comedy on BBC. its a few years old, but they talk about pregnancy and refer to Alien too! haha. Don't worry Swan. You're still beautiful and soon you'll have a beautiful baby boy to match! :)

Danny said...

Swan, how are you still pregnant? it seems like you've been pregnant for like 8 years now. when is the baby coming!?!?!?!

Sarah said...

5 weeks or less Danny. Is that soon enough for you?

P.S. It has been like almost nine months. Did you know that elephants are pregnant for like a year and a half.