Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stuck in the Hospital Again

We've been back in the hospital since Monday.
Caderyn got RSV and come Monday had completely stopped eating, wouldn't wake up or hardly move and when he did move would just cry and cry and cry.
We took him to the doctor almost immediately and they ran two tests and told us to take him to the hospital.
After Jeff calmed me down from my emotional crack due to stress and lack of sleep we rushed him to the hospital where they put him on oxygen and a heart monitor.
Monday was the hardest day. He was so sick and had so much mucus in his nose and chest that they had to keep sucking it out of him and he would just get so mad and then just cough and cough and cough. Jeff and I hardly slept at all on Monday.
Tuesday he started to pull through a little bit but he was still SO sick.
Finally yesterday they did some breathing treatments on him because he was wheezing so badly. That made a huge difference and they were able to finally take him off his heart monitors and harldy had to suck any of the gunk out of him.
And then today! We are still hoping that we get to go home today. He's off oxygen and eating really well and hardly coughing. He got a bath and is laying happily next to mommy in the huge cage-like crib they ahve for him. He's currently talking to himself and playing with the diaper wipe bag.
Mommy desperatly wants him to get better so we can go home!!!


The McGregor Clan said...

Oh Sarah!!! We will pray for fast healing of little Caderyn. We didn't know ya'll were in the hospital. how scary!! I am so glad that he is better and I hope you get to rest at home this weekend.

Danny said...

Facebook tells me that you're out of the hospital. yay!