Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's been nearly three months...

But I've finally found some time to start reading again! Yay!
This week I'm going to try and read: Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Just start off with something cute and not too deep.
I like the book so far, its a bit fluffy aka "easy reading" but I'm also a bit frustrated with the characted and her compulsive ways. I'm assuming that's how I'm supposed to feel and think its rather ridiculous how impulsive she is and how she reasons with herself into buying and buying and not paying for her bills.

I think my next book will be The Reader.

I'm quite excited!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mr. Smiley

I miss this little stinker SO much! I'm currently back at work full-time from now until July when I have about three weeks off during that month. Its so hard to be here at work while i know my little guy is growing up at home without me.
Caderyn is getting so big! He's talking all the time, he loves hearing the sound of his voice and loves trying to carry on a conversation with you. His favorite word is "Ah-g00." He is constantly moving and smiling. I LOVE IT!
Having this little guy makes life seem so much more rewarding and really puts an emphasis on my firm belief that things happen for a reason.
I was meant to go back to Montana so that I could meet Jeff and we could get married and eventually have Caderyn and any other little Windmueller's that follow him. In having this child and other future children, Jeff and I are meant to share our love with them and set an example and be a role model so that they make grow up strong and make a difference in the world.

Monday, May 18, 2009

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

I'm going to agree with Danny Davis in this blog and state that this season of Saturday Night Live has probably been one of the best in a very long time. I think the last time I was so anxious to actually sit down and watch each new episode was probably when I was still living in Great Falls like ten years ago.

So, I'm copying Danny Davis's blog and listing my top ten moments of this year's Saturday Night Live. Love ya DD :)

6. Plastic Surgery: I can't find this one anywhere online but its the one where Justin Timberlake dances around in a giant silicone boob outfit and he sings Lady Gaga songs but changes the word so it goes with the plastic surgery theme.

2. Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

1. Punching People Before Eating: I know that this isn't necessarily a skit, but rather a digital short. Who cares. Its HILARIOUS!

This was also a HUGE year for the AWESOME Digital Shorts. I love them all and had a hard time not using them in this top ten list. Maybe I'll write another blog with all of my favorite Digital Shorts and then another blog of my top ten favorite all time skits and then another blog of my all time favorite Will Ferrell skits...and the... the list goes on.

New Star Trek= AWESOME

I don't know what to say. I'm in love.
I used to think the Star Trek movies they've done in previous years were almost torture to watch. Kind of boring- not really any great special effects and the cast was hard to relate to.
BUT NOW! I might, just might become a Trekkie.
I highly suggest everyone see it.
I went and saw it with my dad last night and was blown away by its awesome-ness!!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More on Poop

On Thursday morning I was supposed to head to Great Falls so Caderyn and I could fly on Allegiant Air to Phoenix. The morning started out like any normal morning with Caderyn waking up at his usual 5:30 a.m. for a feeding. From there I was just going to load everything in the car and go- I had packed the night before and had everything set out to go. I thought I was clever.
Of course, I was wrong.
As I've come to discover, my life is still drawn like gravity to anything that has to do with poop.
My brother, who is currently staying with us in Caderyn's room, was also up and getting ready to head to work. I had taken Lucy out in the morning as I usually do so she can do her business.
I started loading up the car and began to notice a strong odor coming from my brother's room that smelled faintly like poop. It got stronger as I continued to make trips back and forth. I asked my brother if he smelled anything- but he said his nose was stuffed up. So I walked into the room and the first thing my eyes fell on was a huge, steaming pile of dog poop! Gah! So I left an hour later than I had originally planned because I was working for an hour to clean up this poop and get the smell out of the room. Keep in mind we've already had to have the carpets cleaned once and now I'm sure we'll have to do it again soon.
I finally get everything cleaned up and load Caderyn in the car and take off for Great Falls. Get there, see Grandma Windmueller for about 30 minutes before heading over to Caderyn's Great-Grandparents.
After a quick stop there so Grandma and Grandpa Swan can finally meet Caderyn we head to the airport. Keep in mind he's pretty much been sleeping the whole time.
Get on the plane (which I'm freaking out about flying alone with him and all the stuff I have to lug around in the first place) and get seated. The plane takes off and he sleeps probably through the first hour and a half of the flight (the flight in about 2 hours and 9 minutes) and then wakes up and just explodes out of his diaper. So I'm holding him with poop leaking out from his outfit and I quickly run to the back of the plane to try and find a place to change him. Apparently the flight attendant was delusional and thought that one of the bathrooms at the back of the place had a changing table. WRONG. So as I'm panicking to try and figure out where to change him the ding of the seatbelt sign turns on because we're going to start making a descent. Crap.
So a nice guy at the back of the plane helps me get the flight attendant seat down so I can squat on it and change the little guy on the floor. My hands are shaking the whole time I'm trying to change him but we manage to get it done. Sweet.
So I make it back to my seat, sit down and put my seatbelt on and all I hear is an enourmous blast of liquid gas coming out of Caderyn's butt followed by...wetness. So at this point there's nothing I can really do except wrap his little butt up in a blanket and hold him until the plane lands. From there I rush over to the family bathroom only to find its locked so I rush over to the women's restroom only to be told I shouldn't be changing him in this restroom when there's a family one. My reply was a little tart and something along the lines of, "Well how would you like to have yellow poop leaking all over your nice top?" Not very nice but it shut the lady up.
Got him changed. Got another new outfit on and into the arms of my parents.
Aaaaaah. I'm in Phoenix for a week and am slightly dreading the flight back. Caderyn has thankfully been pooping like a monster (he pooped on my mom today tee hee) and so I'm hoping he gets it all out of his system before we make the trek back to Montana.

And this is yet another experience in the ever unfolding poopie saga that has now become my life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

This One Here Is About Poop...Yep, Poop

That is what this blog will be about.
Recently, I've found myself involoved with much more poop than I'm usually comfortable with.
As of Saturday, we found out that my son might be a little constipated. He cried most of the day in pain and would bring his little legs up to his tummy. When we tried to lay him down his face would turn beet red and he would scream and scream. We would pick him up and he would push and push but nothing would come out and we'd start the whole process all over again.
This continued throughout the entire day until sometim around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night. I had just picked my once again screaming son up after trying to put him down so I could do some laundry. In my tired state I didn't feel like walking around the house with him, so I tried boucing him on my leg. This seemed to work.
He finally was quiet and seemed pretty happy so I continued to bounce him on my leg. I could tell he was pushing again and this time when he pushed, something definitely came out. I was happy with that but continued to bounce him on my leg. No more than two minutes later I noticed that my leg was starting to feel wet so I looked down and discovered that the poop had oozed out of his diaper and all the way down my pants to my ankle. NO JOKE! A sort of calm madness ensued. This was achieved by me internally screaming at the top of my silent lungs and holding Caderyn out in front of me while running him into his bedroom and gently placing him on the changing table. I tore my pants off and immediately wiped myself down with about 20 baby wipes before turning my attention to his filthy pants. A bath followed for him and as soon as he went to bed I showered. I laughed about it the next day.

Well then today the little man is at it again.
He woke mommy up quite early with his tummy troubles. He and I snuggled in bed trying to work through his tummy aches. I rubbed his tummy and put his legs above his head and he smiled huge smiles and me and talked and passed a lot of gas. We were able to get a good poop out of him (by no means explosive) and so we tried to go about our day.
He had a doctor's appointment today where he got his two month shots (HEARTBREAKING!)
and has been fussy and wanting mommy all day.
I put him in his bouncy chair and ran to get my camera so I could take pictures of his bandaided little leggies. As I was taking pictures I noticed he got very still. I also noticed that there were brown marks on his onesie that weren't part of the design...and these brown marks were spreading.
Another calm panic ensued as I whisked him off to his room only to discover that the poop was up to his neck! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!
It was on his hands and in his hair and between his toes and soon enough it was all over me.
I cleaned him as best I could with baby wipes before putting him in yet another bath. Before I could put him in the water he pooped on my hands.

Never in my life have I been pooped on so much.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Mother's Woe

I've been back at work this whole week. Slowly beginning to ease myself back into some kind of a full-time schedule.
It has been very hard to leave Caderyn at home with Jeff. I feel like I'm missing so much and that he might be missing me. Even though I know Jeff is 100 percent capable of taking care of Caderyn, I feel panicky and that he's not getting enough attention or if he cries because his tummy hurts Jeff won't know the right way to make it better (you rub his tummy and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star).
On Monday I could barely stand to be away from him and would run home every two to three hours to feed him. I soon found that this is not conducive to my work environment and felt like I was rushing him to eat and that he wasn't getting a good meal. So, I resolved to feed him in the morning before I leave for work, to have Jeff give him a bottle at his next feeding and then to come home and feed him on my lunch break.
While this works, I still just about die when I have to leave him after my lunch break.

I know that practically every single mother has to go through what I am going through but its still just SO hard and it makes you feel alone.
I want nothing more than for my day to fly by so I can be home snuggling with my little man and making sure that if he has a tummy ache, mommy with make it better. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nearly Two Months Old...

And just full of beautiful smiles!!!!!!!!

I love him.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Softball is my Enemy

There are many reasons why I personally don't enjoy playing softball.
The intramural game I played on Friday was yet another example of my estranged love affair with this game.

Jeff's newspaper team needed girls to play and he bribed me by offering to pay for a much needed pedicure (for me) if I played on his team. Since I'm not very all I got stuck behind home plate as the catcher. I made an effort to stand pretty much as far away from the plate and the batter as possible before the umpire told me to move forward a little. I was getting pretty confident, even finding myself squatting a little bit like those professional catchers do.

The Mark McGuire of intramural baseball stepped up to the plate. First pitch was a ball. It rolled into my mit and was nicely tossed back to the catcher. The second pitch he swung that bat as hard as he could and the ball rolled off his bat like a foul ball, only it fouled right into my head.

I took myself out of the game for about two innings after that as the bump on my head grew to the size of a unicorn horn. Very attractive.

So I spent the whole weekend trying to manage my facial expressions because nearly all of them hurt!