Saturday, May 16, 2009

More on Poop

On Thursday morning I was supposed to head to Great Falls so Caderyn and I could fly on Allegiant Air to Phoenix. The morning started out like any normal morning with Caderyn waking up at his usual 5:30 a.m. for a feeding. From there I was just going to load everything in the car and go- I had packed the night before and had everything set out to go. I thought I was clever.
Of course, I was wrong.
As I've come to discover, my life is still drawn like gravity to anything that has to do with poop.
My brother, who is currently staying with us in Caderyn's room, was also up and getting ready to head to work. I had taken Lucy out in the morning as I usually do so she can do her business.
I started loading up the car and began to notice a strong odor coming from my brother's room that smelled faintly like poop. It got stronger as I continued to make trips back and forth. I asked my brother if he smelled anything- but he said his nose was stuffed up. So I walked into the room and the first thing my eyes fell on was a huge, steaming pile of dog poop! Gah! So I left an hour later than I had originally planned because I was working for an hour to clean up this poop and get the smell out of the room. Keep in mind we've already had to have the carpets cleaned once and now I'm sure we'll have to do it again soon.
I finally get everything cleaned up and load Caderyn in the car and take off for Great Falls. Get there, see Grandma Windmueller for about 30 minutes before heading over to Caderyn's Great-Grandparents.
After a quick stop there so Grandma and Grandpa Swan can finally meet Caderyn we head to the airport. Keep in mind he's pretty much been sleeping the whole time.
Get on the plane (which I'm freaking out about flying alone with him and all the stuff I have to lug around in the first place) and get seated. The plane takes off and he sleeps probably through the first hour and a half of the flight (the flight in about 2 hours and 9 minutes) and then wakes up and just explodes out of his diaper. So I'm holding him with poop leaking out from his outfit and I quickly run to the back of the plane to try and find a place to change him. Apparently the flight attendant was delusional and thought that one of the bathrooms at the back of the place had a changing table. WRONG. So as I'm panicking to try and figure out where to change him the ding of the seatbelt sign turns on because we're going to start making a descent. Crap.
So a nice guy at the back of the plane helps me get the flight attendant seat down so I can squat on it and change the little guy on the floor. My hands are shaking the whole time I'm trying to change him but we manage to get it done. Sweet.
So I make it back to my seat, sit down and put my seatbelt on and all I hear is an enourmous blast of liquid gas coming out of Caderyn's butt followed by...wetness. So at this point there's nothing I can really do except wrap his little butt up in a blanket and hold him until the plane lands. From there I rush over to the family bathroom only to find its locked so I rush over to the women's restroom only to be told I shouldn't be changing him in this restroom when there's a family one. My reply was a little tart and something along the lines of, "Well how would you like to have yellow poop leaking all over your nice top?" Not very nice but it shut the lady up.
Got him changed. Got another new outfit on and into the arms of my parents.
Aaaaaah. I'm in Phoenix for a week and am slightly dreading the flight back. Caderyn has thankfully been pooping like a monster (he pooped on my mom today tee hee) and so I'm hoping he gets it all out of his system before we make the trek back to Montana.

And this is yet another experience in the ever unfolding poopie saga that has now become my life.


Danny said...

ironically, i read this after taking my morning crap. true story.

Sarah said...

lol. OH MY GOD