Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mr. Smiley

I miss this little stinker SO much! I'm currently back at work full-time from now until July when I have about three weeks off during that month. Its so hard to be here at work while i know my little guy is growing up at home without me.
Caderyn is getting so big! He's talking all the time, he loves hearing the sound of his voice and loves trying to carry on a conversation with you. His favorite word is "Ah-g00." He is constantly moving and smiling. I LOVE IT!
Having this little guy makes life seem so much more rewarding and really puts an emphasis on my firm belief that things happen for a reason.
I was meant to go back to Montana so that I could meet Jeff and we could get married and eventually have Caderyn and any other little Windmueller's that follow him. In having this child and other future children, Jeff and I are meant to share our love with them and set an example and be a role model so that they make grow up strong and make a difference in the world.

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