Monday, May 4, 2009

Softball is my Enemy

There are many reasons why I personally don't enjoy playing softball.
The intramural game I played on Friday was yet another example of my estranged love affair with this game.

Jeff's newspaper team needed girls to play and he bribed me by offering to pay for a much needed pedicure (for me) if I played on his team. Since I'm not very all I got stuck behind home plate as the catcher. I made an effort to stand pretty much as far away from the plate and the batter as possible before the umpire told me to move forward a little. I was getting pretty confident, even finding myself squatting a little bit like those professional catchers do.

The Mark McGuire of intramural baseball stepped up to the plate. First pitch was a ball. It rolled into my mit and was nicely tossed back to the catcher. The second pitch he swung that bat as hard as he could and the ball rolled off his bat like a foul ball, only it fouled right into my head.

I took myself out of the game for about two innings after that as the bump on my head grew to the size of a unicorn horn. Very attractive.

So I spent the whole weekend trying to manage my facial expressions because nearly all of them hurt!

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