Monday, May 11, 2009

This One Here Is About Poop...Yep, Poop

That is what this blog will be about.
Recently, I've found myself involoved with much more poop than I'm usually comfortable with.
As of Saturday, we found out that my son might be a little constipated. He cried most of the day in pain and would bring his little legs up to his tummy. When we tried to lay him down his face would turn beet red and he would scream and scream. We would pick him up and he would push and push but nothing would come out and we'd start the whole process all over again.
This continued throughout the entire day until sometim around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night. I had just picked my once again screaming son up after trying to put him down so I could do some laundry. In my tired state I didn't feel like walking around the house with him, so I tried boucing him on my leg. This seemed to work.
He finally was quiet and seemed pretty happy so I continued to bounce him on my leg. I could tell he was pushing again and this time when he pushed, something definitely came out. I was happy with that but continued to bounce him on my leg. No more than two minutes later I noticed that my leg was starting to feel wet so I looked down and discovered that the poop had oozed out of his diaper and all the way down my pants to my ankle. NO JOKE! A sort of calm madness ensued. This was achieved by me internally screaming at the top of my silent lungs and holding Caderyn out in front of me while running him into his bedroom and gently placing him on the changing table. I tore my pants off and immediately wiped myself down with about 20 baby wipes before turning my attention to his filthy pants. A bath followed for him and as soon as he went to bed I showered. I laughed about it the next day.

Well then today the little man is at it again.
He woke mommy up quite early with his tummy troubles. He and I snuggled in bed trying to work through his tummy aches. I rubbed his tummy and put his legs above his head and he smiled huge smiles and me and talked and passed a lot of gas. We were able to get a good poop out of him (by no means explosive) and so we tried to go about our day.
He had a doctor's appointment today where he got his two month shots (HEARTBREAKING!)
and has been fussy and wanting mommy all day.
I put him in his bouncy chair and ran to get my camera so I could take pictures of his bandaided little leggies. As I was taking pictures I noticed he got very still. I also noticed that there were brown marks on his onesie that weren't part of the design...and these brown marks were spreading.
Another calm panic ensued as I whisked him off to his room only to discover that the poop was up to his neck! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!
It was on his hands and in his hair and between his toes and soon enough it was all over me.
I cleaned him as best I could with baby wipes before putting him in yet another bath. Before I could put him in the water he pooped on my hands.

Never in my life have I been pooped on so much.

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