Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hullabaloo in Helena

So there has been quite a lot going on in Helena lately. Last night a 17-year-old boy shot and killed a 16-year old boy and severely wounded two others- one 15 and the other 16.
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So this whole thing started over a girl who was dating two guys at the same time and from the sound of it started to try and mix things up to get these two guys to fight over her. Sounds like an attention deprived brat to me- yes that's a little harsh.
So one of the kids goes to a party where this shooter is at and tells the shooter about this guy that wants to fight him over the girl and how this guy is apparently a real jerk to the girl. So the shooter starts texting this other guy, impersonating the kid and telling him he'll fight him and to meet him at a park.
So the shooter meets the guy and two of his friends at a park and shoots one of the guys friends point blank in the head. This is the kid that died immediately- he was only 16. Then the shooter shoots the 15-year-old. This is the kid that's currently in critical condition in Seattle. Then he shoots the older kid, the 16-year-old who's dating the girl. The shooter shoots him 6 times in the knee cap, like twice in the shoulder and then in the butt. Then the shooter takes off on a bike because people saw him and the cops are there within like five minutes.
My brother and I were at home playing Yahtzee when this happened and Jeff immediately calls and tells me to lock up because this kid's in our area. He was apparently last seen on his bike riding in to our neighborhood toward the woods. The cops are all over.
After we lock down the house I make a quick phone call to Carroll to begin the process of locking down the campus. This took about two hours because I got a phone call from one of my camp directors telling me she thought she saw a kid who fit the description riding by the dorm. Cops were called.
So I finally get to bed and morning comes and I'm literally stepping out the door to go to work and I get a text from my assistant Nik, "Cops are here."
Oh crap. So I head off to work and am bombarded by about five police officers when I get to the building. A student on campus was walking to the Campus Center and she saw a boy who fit the description and she thought he had a gun. Panic ensued and we spent a good portion of the morning in complete lockdown until we found out that the kid got caught around 10am.
Very interesting and intense time for Helena where this type of stuff doesn't happen a whole heck of a lot.
I feel bad for everyone involved.
I think perhaps the shooter was trying to protect this girl who he thought was being abused. Maybe he liked her and thought that by taking care of this bully of a boyfriend (I think that's probably what he is) he could be seen as the hero and win the girl.
This also terrifies me because then I have to, if ever Caderyn begins to act out, would/will we handle it. I love him and want nothing more for this little baby to grow up to be a smart and well rounded boy. But that's what everyone assumed this kid, the shooter, was. A straight-A student who was nice and well-rounded. What went wrong???
This kid has ruined many lives, including his own. He'll spend a minimum of 30 years in prison. He'll never, ever experience anything in his lifetime because he'll spend it all behind bars.
What went wrong???

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