Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Insurance Companies and Hospital Bills. Fie!

Although I am very thankful to have full coverage of insurance with both Jeff and mine's jobs I am a little frustrated with my insurance company, New West. My job switched to New West in February of 2009, right before Caderyn was born. I was a little worried and made phone calls and talked to Human Resources to ensure that my labor and delivery would be covered. I was told it would be and that Caderyn would be covered for up to 30 days on my insurance plan.
My insurance plan honestly isn't that great when it comes to adding additional family members so we decided to put Caderyn on Jeff's plan which is very reasonable and family friendly.
Well then Caderyn got sick and we were stuck in the hospital for a week. Jeff called the day we checked in to the hospital to ensure that Caderyn was covered under his plan- we were told he was. So now we've started to get bills and we're slowly paying them off but the problem is that my insurance seems to have screwed everyone else up. They have my original labor and delivery listed as March 9-11 when I was actually in the hospital from March 12-14. They have Caderyn's birth listed as March 11. I've called them twice to make sure they understand this is incorrect. We've gotten about 10 different bills each cancelling the previous bill out and totalling a new amount. They just seem to keep screwing stuff up- BAH.
We finally got another bill today and when I called to confirm that this was correct the lady told me that they were still trying to deal with my insurance company and that it more than likely was an incorrect bill. She also told me that our bill would probably be higher than it was...great. So now Jeff and I feel like we're stuck in a bad credit situation. As we continue to pay and pay as much as we can afford each month, our bill just keeps going up and up.

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