Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aaaaah Vacation...

I have not been on as much as I normally am this past month due to the fact that we've had tons of company and I've been finishing off the rest of my maternity leave.
My parents arrived from Phoenix on June 28. They watched and snuggled with Caderyn that whole week before we left to celebrate our 4th of July up at my grandparents cabin near Darby, MT.
My little Bubbers had his first 4th of July. Here's a picture to prove it!
He loved hanging out with all his cousins and there was hardly a second that he wasn't being held. From one cabin, we went to another up at Flathead where we spent time with my dad's family. He spent some time in the water and got lots of lovies from his auntie, uncle and cousins.

We got back, I had about a week of work and then tons of friends and family joined us as we baptized Caderyn. It was such a special occasion for him and we are so thankful so may people came.
Now that I'm back at work full time, I'm planning on writing much, much, more often :)

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