Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Nursery Rhyme a Day...

So adding on to my fixation of the week...the dissection of common nursery rhymes.
Rhyme #1: Ring Around the Roses
Ring a-round the roses
A pocket full of posies
Ashes to Ashes
We all fall down
While this rhyme might have seemed all fun and happy when you we little and dancing around in a circle before falling to the ground giggling. Now, I find this rhyme to be quite dismal. Here's what I've been able to find on it: This rhyme dates back to the time period of the Black Plague. Symptoms of the plague included a rosy, red rash in the shape of a ring. Pockets and anything that could hold something we filled with flowers and herbs believed to have healing powers and based on the belief that the disease was caused by bad smells. Ashes to Ashes refers to the cremation of all the dead bodies from the plague and "We all fall down" refers to the large number of people that died, killing a huge number of people. They dropped like flies. Don't believe me? Look here

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