Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Funny little man

Okay so I was trying to be fantastically technologically saavy and upload this video and for some reason I CAN'T!!! I wanted this to appear on my blog rather than having to route people to it.
If anyone knows how to do this- help me!!!


Here's the link to the thing I was initially trying to upload. I wanted to use this to tell a story about my son.
So in this clip, Peter Griffin is coughing to cover up the fast that he's passing gas. Hilarious.
Well, my son has started to do this now.
He's recently figured out that his fake little cough that he loves to do will hide the fact that he's blowing loud and sometimes stinky air out of his butt. Its HILARIOUS!!

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Sara said...

Sarah... I am so glad you share these tidbits! Things like this truly make me laugh and brighten my day!