Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Housewives of Montana

So in my pregnancy and then again after I had Caderyn, I got hooked on Bravo's Real Housewife show. I wasn't the person that would sit down and watch it religiously, but if it was on and I just happened to be settled in front of the TV, I watched it.
Its a horrible show, showcasing the lives of women who have a real warped sense of reality and I can't stand half the women but for some reason I have to watch. Which frustrates me.
Most of these women have had their wealth handed to them by marriage and exploit the heck out of it. They don't do anything except prove the materialism of America and in most of these women's cases uphold America's standards as one of the highest divorce-rate countries.
Doesn't anyone believe in saving money, not spending it.
Doesn't anyone believe in love and not money.
Doesn't anyone believe in working for a marriage?

Therefore, I'm going to promote myself to become a part of the next Housewife installment, Real Housewives of Montana. Oh yes.
Montana born women working for a living, working toward a strong and dedicated marriage and working toward not spending money and enjoying nature at its finest.

Not all housewives have to be rich or have plastic surgery or be successful. Doesn't being rich in love count for anything? What about determination and the willingness to keep after the grind day after day?
The cameras should follow me and of course a few other women around as we do our day to day routines while enjoying the splendor of Montana.
Half a million trip to Rome? Please! Try a $100 trip to Yellowstone.
Millions of dollars in jewelry? My wedding ring is all I need, plus I can go and find my own rubies and sapphires in the mountains!
Sit at home and paint my nails all day? Psh. Follow me around during my day job and then follow me home to my night job as a full-time mommy. No nanny and its just me because Jeff's at work. I can guarantee my kid won't be screwed up.
Porsche? Hummer? BMW?
Try a Subaru on for size- this car can do anything!
$700 on shoes that hurt your feet?
Try $150 on snow boots that will last for five years and probably save me from falling down.
Money, money money, falling out of the sky?
Oh dear lord I wish! See how real people deal with their stupid insurance companies and the mounting piles of bills.
I think it would be a hit! Don't' you?
Here's me, your average working woman/housewife:

And here's the unrealistic stupid housewives:

Despite the glitz and the glamor and the fakery, which one do you think would be more fun?


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Danny said...

have fun on your reality show. i'm going on the Real World and will spend the next 15 years of my life doing spin-off shows and bar tours.

Ashley Rhian McKee said...

I was going to say Amen! too but it was taken! Bravo, sister!