Saturday, November 14, 2009

An Early Christmas Gift

Last night was the Helena Art Walk. We have never gone and I'd seen the featured artist in the newspaper, loved her work and decided I wanted to go.
I especially wanted to go and price a piece by the artist called "All My Love" which was a piece showcasing a young woman opening up herself to love. For some reason I fell deeply in love with this.
So we bundled our little family up and went to the walk. As I arrived to the store that held this artists work I immediately targeted and piece and scooted over to look for a SOLD sign or at least a price. I was shocked at the price- it was afforable and didn't blow the bank. I'd been talking about this picture since Thursday to Jeff and telling him how I wanted to go see it and then he saw how excited I was about the price and how I wouldn't shut up about it. I tend to talk and talk and talk about something I'm really excited about- bad habit.
But my Jeffy Poo bought me the picture as an early Christmas gift. I was so surprised and excited when the lady took it off the display and handed it to me telling me he bought it. I don't think I stopped smiling all night.
Here's what the picture looks like:
I see it as a fairly modern piece- something a little bit away from my normal comfort zone of family pictures and nature. Everyone I guess might have a different interpretation of the piece. I see it as a young girl full of hopes and dreams, opening herself up to the possibility of new love with innocence and unabashed emotion. I should be an art critic :p