Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mr. Personality

Where do I begin to talk about how much my little man has grown up? His personality pushes through more and more each day. He laughs out loud at himself, sings to himself and to his mommy and daddy and looks at everything! His first tooth is officially out and still giving him a rough time. He chews on everything and drools everywhere. He rolls over to get from Point A to Point B and he can army crawl. Our house is no longer as safe as I once thought! Baby-proofing, here we come!
He dances and flirts and observes. He babbles.
He's eating baby food and holds his own bottle when he drinks now. He sometimes sleeps on all fours with his butt in the air. He realizes that mommy leaves to go to work in the morning and gets very upset when she puts her coat on (this one just breaks my heart). He loves to make loud noises. He loves to be sung too. He loves watching Lucy play and walk around the house. He loves his tubbies and his tubby toys. He has a deep and wonderful belly laugh and he smiles almost all of the time.
When he sees something he wants, his face is set in a look of determination and he tries his hardest to get it. He loves reading books- and- trying to eat them!
He's my sweet and amazing little man!
I love him so much!

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