Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankfully Thankful

Today (and most days) I am thankful for my soulmate, my husband Jeff.

  • He is funny
  • He is SUCH a hard worker
  • He is accommodating to my crazy work schedule
  • He gives up his favorite pastime, sleep, to stay home and watch Caderyn all day until he has to go to work. 
  • He does a funny booty shaking dance
  • He is a snuggler- I LOVE!
  • He is my voice of reason- sometimes. Usually I'm always right :0)
  • He is a wonderful father and husband
  • Even though he works a horrible night shift, he works very hard to try and spend time with me. 
  • He usually just sits back and lets me call the shots. 
  • He lets me call him Jeffy Poo about seven times every day without getting annoyed. That's love!
  • I love him and couldn't imagine my life without him.

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