Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

In review of 2010, I will conclude that it was a good year.
We all turned a little older- maybe a little wiser. I got a raise at work (woo!) and lost yet more of that baby weight.
Jeff worked his butt off and decided to make a career change.
Caderyn turned one, learned to run (not walk) and has started talking like a madman.

Here's my month by month review of 2010"
January: My parents were here for Christmas and New Years. We also celebrated the holidays with my in-laws.
February: Caderyn started walking and I took a girls trip to Boise. Oh fun!
March: My birthday and Caderyn's birthday were a blast!
April: Trip to Phoenix for Easter
May: I find out I get a raise and my summer workload starts in full-force- but Taylor came to work for me!
June: My parents arrive, Taylor is here and I am working working working!
July: One week vacation to the Painted Rock cabin was heaven and then back to work!
August: My parents had to leave- sad. Jeff and I celebrate 3 years of marriage. Wow.
September: Stunk like no other because we were sick all month and had flies and mice in our house. Jeff annouced he would be resigning as sports editor in January. My grandpa was in the hospital.
October: Better, but not great. We found out Caderyn has asthma. We spent Halloween with Jeff's parents and Caderyn was a giraffe. My grandpa got out of the hospital.
November: Busy month! Spent Thanksgiving with the Windmueller Family. Lots of football coverage for Jeff.
December: Jeff went to Georgia for the Carroll College Championship. I worked and then left to spend time with my parents. Christmas in Arizona and we're still here!!!!

2011 will be a very different year for us.
Jeff is embarking on a new journey and a new job and we don't really know what the future holds for us (this last part just makes me all grumpy and nervous).
I am continuing with my job and working on my teaching degree- one class at a time. That's the best I can do.
Who knows what 2011 holds for the Windmueller family- only time and your continued reading will tell!
As for a New Year's Resolution: I am going to lose this baby weight DANG IT. It's going to be gone- all of it. I'm setting a goal for April. I'm pretty sure I can have it off before then, but I just want to give myself a realistic goal.
I also want to save more money and spend more time with my Bub.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Random Gym Thoughts

I love working out. Since I was little I've been involved in team sports or doing some sort of exercise activity with my parents. I've danced, played soccer, golfed, swam played soccer and volleyball etc. etc. I love the rush of working out and how good it makes me feel and look. I attribute working out to help me knock off some of the 75 fabulous pounds I gained with baby and will continue to workout until they are all gone (and will still workout after that).

When I go to the gym I'm not there to look pretty and I'm not there to meet people. I'm there to get disgustingly sweaty- and oh boy do I sweat- and burn some fat. I don't "camp" on machines and I rarely hold a conversation for more than 6 minutes. Why six? I don't know. I've probably talked to some of my friends longer than that because I'm not rude and if I run into a buddy at the gym I always say hello and chat with them. I've always been this way. Even when I was single. I never went to the gym to meet guys and I never went to the gym in cute, sexy little outfits. I like my oversized t-shirt and shorts thank you very much.

One thing I've been noticing lately at my gym in Montana and since I've been working out at my old gym again down here in Phoenix is how much the gym is like a peacock mating dance. The guys try to show off at how much weight they can lift and then strut around with their chests puffed out like their arms are going to fall off. The ladies mostly just sit and look at them, pretending to work out.
Today at the gym I about popped some ladies obscenely HUGE implants because she sat on a machine I wanted for over ten minutes and didn't do a damn thing. I even went over and politely (with gritted teeth) asked her when she thought she'd be done. She told me five minutes. Yeah. No. All she did was sit on the machine I want and poke her two mammoth balloons out as far as she could until I thought her back would break in half. She sat, legs splayed, bowling balls a rolling and talked to some guy for-eh-ver. I wanted to go over and ask her how her work out was going and if she was feeling a burn at all 'cause she was working so hard.
Then there are the guys. I was sitting on a bench waiting for my dad to get done in the locker room and I watched this guy with python arms strut over to a lat machine. He made eye contact with me as though he wanted to be sure I could see how much weight he could handle. Then he proceeded to put on wrist guards. He walked around the lat machine at least three times as though he were sizing up his competition. Sitting down on the machine he began his routine. I will admit he could left a heck of a lot more weight than me but I'm pretty sure the yells he did were a little unecessary. Plus, he only did seven reps and then puffed his chest out like a champion of worlds and sauntered off to another machine. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.
There are so many good stories to discuss about the people at my parents gym that I really am just going to pick out those two for today and let your imagination run free as to the other characters that inhabit LA Fitness.
There are  some characters at my home gym, though, not nearly as many. I really like my gym because they have great group fitness classes- hello Zumba!- and they have a private fitness center for women only. I love it. But there are wacko workout people everywhere.
For example, every so often I venture down into the area I call the "Meat Market" where all of the males meet to work on their sweet guns. And by guns I mean arms. Duh.
I don't venture down there a lot and when I do I try to time it so there are the least amount of people down there as possible. I don't think of myself as pretty- I'm a 5'11 redhead for heavens sake. I'm the closest thing to an Amazon Warrioress these guys will ever see. So maybe they are afraid of me and the 40 -60 pounds I lift compared to their 100-200 (woowee), but I have got the prickly feeling on my neck down there from being ogled. There is one body builder lady down there all of the time. She's short but built thanks to hours upon hours of lifting. Her leg muscles could crush my skull. She also thinks chalk helps her look like a B.A.
Sidenote: in an effort to cut back on my swearing I've started abbreviating my swear words. For example, B.A. Stands for Bad A**. End side note.
So this lady usually wears all black and then is covered from head to toe in chalk. Yuck. But I admire the fact that she works out as hard as she does, I've only been annoyed by her and her chatting once but that was the only time. I don't want to talk about her too much, I'm afraid she'll crush me. She really is ripped.
There are also some ladies in my Zumba class that slightly annoy me with their cutsy little outfits and H.A. (Again, abbreviation: Half A** attempts) at the workout. Two weeks ago in a Zumba class I almost had to leave to keep from laughing out loud. This lady came in super late. She is one of the few women in the class that I know have implants- they are big ones by Montana standards and she dresses those puppies to the nines. I'm always worried one will slip out so I just keep my eyes down and Zumba my heart out. This day was no different. She had on a tiny little halter top and tiny little spandex shorts and some cutsy little ribbon in her hair. Meanwhile I'm standing next to her in a t-shirt and shirts, casually scratching my unshaven legs and looking at the massive frizz-ball of hair surrounding my head. She didn't really attract all that much of my attention until we came to a dance move where she kind of improvised and basically flipped her hair in my face for like two minutes. No joke. She didn't have it pulled back and its long and poofy so it was all up in my personal face space. After the class the instructor came up to me and said she almost lost it when she saw my facial expressions and what was happening. We shared a good laugh.
But, for the most part, my gym at home rocks. Granted, the one down here in Phoenix is very, very entertaining. But, I do miss my gym at home. Very few implants, very few oglers, very few campers, very few creepers, very few look-a-like characters from Jersey Shore.

But it does make for some fun writing

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A very hairy christmas

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. You see, I was kidnapped by my parents and whisked away to sunny Phoenix for the holidays. It's glorious. I bet everyone in Montana is totally jealousssssss.
One thing about being a female and living in montana during the winters is that you really don't have to shave your legs all that often. Gross. I know. But the chilly winters allow me to have an extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning. plus no one ever sees your legs until march.
Now that I've been down here I realize I should probably shave my legs every day. Especially because as I was laying in the grass wearing shorts and soaking up some vitamin d Caderyn came up, rubbed his hands on my legs and said "it's a puppy?"
Well. I shaved them shortly after that.

Happy hair free holidays!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not Just A Box

But a magical wonderland where smiles like this are seen every second.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Freeze

Gorgeous tree on our street all frozen

Brr cha cha!

The freeze up close. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Descent Into Mombiehood

Have any of my readers seen that new TV show called The Walking Dead? Not hitting a target?
What about Night of the Living Dead?
Still nothing?
How about Shaun of the Dead?

Notice how all of these titles have a similar word? Well these shows also have another something similar. People/things or whatever you call them that look like THIS DUN DUN DUN

Scary huh. This episode of The Walking Dead gave me nightmares.

Sometimes the above pictures is how I have come to feel in the mornings. Now I'm going to set the record straight. I'm not the possessed-flesh eating creeper that Hollywood portrays these characters as.
I'm not a Zombie. Correction. I'm a Mombie. That's right. I've coined a new term.

Back in my younger days circa 2003-2008 I could go to sleep at 11:00 p.m. and get up at the butt-crack of dawn (5:00 a.m.) to go to the gym and work out and then go through all the motions of the day and do it all over again the next day. I didn't need coffee. I had tons of energy. I was Ah-may-zing!

Now there is never enough time to sleep. I go to bed at 9:00 p.m. and around 5:00 a.m. my son starts to stir. This is where the Mombie in me takes over. I lurch from my pillow, hair askew, saliva probably still damp on my chin from where I was drooling (sometimes I do that). It takes me a minute. Then Caderyn lets out another "squawk" and the Mombie walk begins. Left foot right foot one in front of the other. Sometimes the right foot might drag a little if its still on pins and needles from the heavy sleep I was in. A sort of "mombie walk" if you will. Is the visual good enough? Arms hang limp by my side, my posture slightly leaning forward. On my path to Caderyn's room my feet usually come into contact with a truck or a book or something sharp. I barely flinch. I feel no pain. Only the gray cloud of grogginess with one thought of my mind.
Good heavens. Coffee.
Before heading into Caderyn's room I must turn on my coffee pot and hear the sweet, sweet sound of the boiling liquid start to drip. It's glorious!
With that sound, my brain starts to awaken a little.
I move on into the Bubs room where he is usually his happy little self. I let him show off for me before I pick him up. He usually flirts with his momma a little or wants to show me how he knows that names of the animals that decorate his walls. I nod my head in approval and "Mmm-hmmm" because I haven't yet gained the ability to speak. Plus, I usually still have my night guard in. This prevents me from grinding my teeth at night and getting horrible migraines. It's amazing. Completely un-sexy according to Jeff, but ah-may-zing.
Once Caderyn is ready to get out of bed I'm awake and moving- kind of. I give soft little cheeks kisses, change a diaper, give more kisses and then send the Bub on his way. He usually heads right toward his trucks and I head to the couch where I rest my heavy head for just another minute or two, enjoying the coffee smells as they fill the house and the sweet little jabbers of my son.

Once the coffee is ready and my son has done his morning "thinking" oh yeah, I went there. I'm busting into light speed and proving to the world that I can get ready, do laundry, feed my son, pick up toys and get him dressed in under 30 minutes. Jealous?

In conclusion, I'm no longer a morning person any more. I used to be. But then I had a child. Now I'm a forced morning person. Also known as a Mombie. I struggle to get going. I struggle to open my eyes. I struggle to walk and to talk.
But I'm not a Zombie. I'm just a Mombie making her way through the dark house in the morning toward a little boy who gets up entirely too early.
That's okay. I could smooch his cheeks all morning. I love those things. Not in the Zombie way.
Just the Mombie way.

In addition: After further observation of my Mombie state in the morning I would also like to add that my eyes struggle to function in the morning too. I can't get them both open at the same time So one after the other I open and close them, trying to awaken and focus but the end result is just another addition to my scary morning Mombie state. Maybe one day I'll take a picture and frighten you all. Dun dun dun!!!
P.S. This is copyrighted by me. This was created for my readers enjoyment by me, from my own mind. Enjoy it. Don't steal it. Plagarism is a c-r-i-m-e. I learned alllllll about it in Journalism school.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Special Christmas Gift

So ever since I can remember Christmas in my house, we've had this wonderful Christmas Countdown Calendar that someone made for my mom. It has hung on our wall each and every year. It is made of red and green felt with numbers placed over small red pockets numbering 1-24 for each of the days leading up to Christmas. Each pocket contains a special trinket- an angel, a candy cane, a christmas tree, or Santa. Each piece is different and so unique. I remember my brother and I fighting over who got to be the one to put Santa on the tree when Christmas Eve finally arrived. Through the years, this has become one of my most favorite Christmas decorations in our house. 
Now that I have my own home, I've been looking for a calendar just as special. It's been three years and I still haven't found anything that sparks the excitement I feel when I see our calendar. I think I've probably complained about this more than once to my mom. Well, bless her heart. This year she had someone make me a calendar almost identical to the one we have in our home. It's WONDERFUL!

There are some differences. I love the Christmas lights on the tree- the orignial one doesn't have this and the new ornaments have a different decoration design but it is the most perfect gift EVER. I was so shocked when we got it in the mail. I teared up a bit just thinking about how thoughtful my mom always is. This is truly a special gift that will evolve into a special gift for my entire family.
Happy Holidays everyone- mine are great so far. Especially when I get to put a new trinket up on this tree each and every day. It reminds me of the special magic that surrounds Christmas time and it also reminds me that in just a few days I will be sharing one of my favorite holidays with my wonderful parents.

Catching Up

I have been a little absent lately. We've been pretty gosh darn busy. It's not going to be slowing down anytime soon- next week is even crazier. So- for all of my avid readers- you know who you are. Here are some pictures and updates to keep you satisfied until I can regain some footing in my crazy life.

 Here is Caderyn. He is 20 months old. He loves snuggles and kisses and running and jumping. He now throws himself of the ground when he's upset. Very dramatic.
He likes double fisting already. Should we be worried?

Still a truck man. Notice the small Christmas village piece on the box, this is Caderyn's favorite. He won't let me touch it or move it. P.S. That box is our new mattress. YAY!

Busy bee

Such a cutie

 Ooooh! He loves looking at the lights on the Christmas Tree and going "Ooooh!" or "Whoa!"

The Dreaded "No"

That's right. This dreaded N-word had reached our household.
Sometime last week Caderyn started saying "No." To top off my shock of him saying this word, he also says "No" and shakes his finger at you when he says it.
Where the heck did that come from?
Jeff and I have tried to be positive reinforcers of the word "No." When he goes after something he shouldn't we usually say. "No touch" or "That's not okay." Only for the most dire and dangerous circumstances, do we ever use the N and the O.
So I have watched, disapppointed, as everything we generally ask or tell our kiddo is met with the small-voiced, yet defiant "No."

Me: "Caderyn lets get your snow boots on and go outside!"
Caderyn: "No"

Me: "Caderyn, don't bang your trucks on the glass table. That's not okay."
Caderyn: "No"

Welcome to toddler-hood!

Me: "Caderyn! You need to get off the top of the couch. That's dangerous!"
Caderyn: "No" (And then he jumps and my heart skips a few beats).

Me: Caderyn, come and give Mommy a kiss!"
Caderyn: "No" (And then my heart breaks a little.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Broken Promises of Parenting

(This is Chicka. Isn't she cute?)
This adorable little puppet , Chicka, and I have recently become acquainted. When Caderyn gets his inhaler treatment and then his nebulizer breathing treatment the only thing that keeps the big guy from wiggling out of my arms is some quality cartoon time. When Jeff and I were pregnant with Caderyn we did what I call "The Grand Parent Bluff." We sat around daydreaming about how we would be perfect parents. We would never raise our voices in frustration or fear (my kid was discovered on top of our kitchen table recently), our child would eat only organic meals and our child would never, ever watch television.
All of those "daydream promises" have been broken. It shattered my heart a little when I found out the beautiful bubble world I had created for my child would never be. I still think Jeff and I are good parents. Did I mention that Caderyn was recently discovered on top of our kitchen table? I had ducked into our laundry room to throw a load in the washer and when I came out he was standing on the table hovering dangerously close to the edge. My heart just about stopped and I did what I like to call the Kermit the Frog reaction. My mouth went wide open and made "Gahhhhhh" sounds and my arms flailed around frantically. I'm sure Caderyn thought it looked pretty funny.
"Caderyn, No!" I said. I startled him a little (not a lot though) and he looked at me and said, "No no no," with the wave of his little pointer finger. I have no idea where he learned the pointer finger wave from (his Grandma Swan). But this instance proved to me that most parents probably can't make it through the 18-years of their children's lives without raising their voices sometimes.
Before I had Caderyn I made a promise to myself that I would only feed my child organic food. Well, I breastfed for 7 months- that's pretty organic and then when Caderyn got into the baby food stage those were all organic too. I wanted to try making my own baby food, but when a girl works a very full-time job and is going back to school there are just some things you can't do.When Caderyn got into the people food stage we tried oh so hard to keep everything as healthy as possible, but a family's budget can only take so much and eating completely organic is pricey. The one thing I've adamantly kept up with is the organic milk. Caderyn has only had organic milk in this household. So I broke my organic promise. Sometimes it frustrates me that organic food isn't more affordable, but at the same time my son is just fine and he poops like a champion so I think we're fine in the tummy department.
And my final day dream has been television. I grew up playing outside with my friends- of course I also watched television. I think I turned out just fine, but before Caderyn was born I had that panicly feeling that my child would turn into one of the television zombie children we see today. Jeff and I talked and talked about how our child would never watch t.v. and would grow up outside appreciating the outdoors...Try telling that to yourself when there's a foot of snow on the ground and its -20 degrees.
Now that we're doing breathing treatments twice a day for prevention, I turn the television on to Sprouts and let Caderyn enjoy The Wiggles or Rory The Racing Car during the morning. We also get a special treat when this little Chicka comes on. I can't believe I'm even writing about this, but that puppet is freaking cute. She squeaks/chirps what she says and you can amazingly understand her. Caderyn loves her. Everytime she comes on when we're in breathing treatment mode he squeals, "Chicka!" and is enthralled with whatever she does. At night, during breathing treatment, we watch Nina's Fables and then watch Chicka read a bedtime story before her Barnyard friends tuck her in.
So although I've broken my t.v. promise to my son, I will admit its pretty dang cute watching him get so excited about seeing this chicken puppet come on. Plus, we don't watch t.v. all that much and we spend lots of time playing and snuggling and reading.
So, I have resolved that the perfect parenting world will never truly exist.You will sometimes have to raise your voice, your child might have McDonalds without you ever knowing and your television might have to become a time passer at least once or twice during the day (ours is mainly for the breathing treatments). My mind is assaulted by waves of guilt occasionally with this realization, but all I have to do is look at my sweet little boy and see how happy and healthy (aside from the breathing issues) he is growing up to be.
Did I mention I love this little boy?
He woke up this morning going, "Mommy? Daddy? Mommy? Daddy?" Over and over until we came in to get him and give him good morning kisses. He's watching Chicka wish her friends Happy Birthday right now with a big smile on his face and  I love it.
Here's a cute Chicka clip for those of you wondering what the heck I'm talking about

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The ChronicWHATcles of Narnia Have Nothing to Do With This Post

But it has been a "Lazy Sunday."

Well, its official. My Jeffy is a member of the National Guard.
He leaves for Basic Training on January 19 and won't be back until March 30.
I'm still very nervous about going through those ten weeks without him. I'm also bummed he'll miss mine and Caderyn's birthdays. I'm a huge B-day fan. My birthday is MY special day (same with Caderyn). When Jeff told me how long he was going to be gone a little voice inside me squeaked, "But who will help me celebrate my birthday?" Insert sad, frowny face here.
Ok. Done being selfish.
I am so proud of Jeff. I'm proud of his determination and courage to take this next step in our lives.
Bear with me January 19-March 30. I might go slightly crazy from being a single parent, stress, or loneliness.
I might also just become a recluse with Caderyn and never leave the house. I do I so like indenting my body groove into the couch on a Friday night. It's funny to think that three or four years ago the concept of staying in on a Friday night was unfathomable. It was all about going out and socializing and drinking and dancing. I still like to socialize and dance (whee!). Drinking's okay...I rarely do it anymore. But now if I had to choose between going out or staying in I'd probably choose to stay in. I can also use Caderyn as leverage in this argument because that little man wakes up at 6:00 a.m. rain or shine. So would I rather bury myself into the couch and fall asleep by 10:00 p.m. so that I can get a blissful 8 or 9 hours of sleep OR would I rather get all gussied up and go out until the wee hours of the morning. Barely sleep and then zombie-stumble through the day. Not fun for me. Not fun for Caderyn. Wow. I went off on a very random tangent here.
Must be from lack of sleep.
Caderyn's still struggling to breathe. We emergency called the medical supply company at 6:00 a.m this morning to get Caderyn's nebulizer and inhaler ASAP. Hopefully these will help because that poor little boy is struggling to catch his breath and can't stop coughing. Oye. I worry about that guy. He's unfazed, running all over the house and climbing all over the furniture. He loves showing off and pushing his trucks as fast as he can across the dining room. He's such a trooper.

Mr. Meticulous

Last week...or maybe the week before I posted about how Caderyn LOVES lining his trucks up and makes sure they are perfect.
I finally got around to uploading the pictures of proof. I promise you, all of these trucks have been lined up by my son and no one else.  Pretty good for a 20-month-old, eh?
He's constantly moving. This was the best picture I could get of him actually lining them up. As you can see, he didn't stop.

Pretty trucks all in a row

There's the big guy


More trucks

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pillow Landing

Someone sure is goofy.

7 pounds to go

As some of you know I have been on the Weight Watchers Band Wagon since May of 2009.
It took me quite a while to find out what works best for my weight loss plan. I'd say it took me until August of this year to really have it click. Since August I have steadily lost over 19.6 pounds. It took me a year and a half to lose 20 pounds before the lightbulb flashed above my head.
Since August I have lost every week that I've weighed in and I only missed one weigh in (I was in Phoenix). The past two weeks have been more frustrating, having only lost .2 and then .8. I mean, hey, its still a loss, but when you're losing 1-3 pounds a week on average those numbers with point (.) get to be your worst enemy.
I weighed in today. I usually weigh in Fridays around 11:45, but my Friday was so busy I decided I would have to go Saturday morning. Friday was a little tough. I wanted pizza all day (yes I still get cravings), but I powered through and had a pizza english muffin (3 points) for dinner. This morning I woke up to an even whiter winter wonderland than the night before. It took all my motivation to get Caderyn and myself all bundled up and into the car. I would much rather have stayed at home snuggled under blankets, watching cartoons and drinking coffee (me, not Caderyn). The roads were super yucky, but we made it across town to the weigh in location. Got inside, changed into my super light weigh in clothes (I'm superstitious) and stepped on the scale. HUZZAH! I'm back on track. I lost 1.2 pounds this week. 39.6 total. Can you believe I've lost almost 40 pounds and have only 7 pounds left to go to my goal? Can you believe I let myself gain that much weight when I was pregnant. Woof! Never again. I'm pumped. My goal is be at pre baby weight  by Christmas. I'm so close!
I'm trying to decide what I want to do once I reach that goal- besides drink a deliciously unhealthy milkshake.
I might splurge- if Jeff lets me- and buy a pretty new outfit. Or maybe I'll let Jeffy take me out to a swanky dinner. Who knows!

Wish me luck.

P.S. Does anyone else notice that I tend to use parentheses a lot (I like them).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can you feel it?

Thanksgiving is ONE week away. And, with Thanksgiving comes one of my most favorite sports BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. This video has been motivating me all week. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

My son is just the best.
Some days are a struggle to establish the rules (he likes to think he's in control) or to get anything accomplished, but, for the most part, my kid is pretty stellar.

Here are some Top Ten Reasons Why My Son is the Best

1. He can shake his money maker. He loves to dance to music and I love to watch him dance to music.
2. He can make animal sounds sound sooooo cute. Like "Mooo" or "Baaaa"
3. He LOVES to read. On average we read at least 5-10 books a day and he follows along. He laughs at clowns or funny sayings and he points out what he recognizes. Right now he's really into Dr. Seuss. I think it's because he likes the way my voice sounds when it rhymes.
4. He LOVES trucks and cars and airplanes and boats....etc. etc. Did I mention that I had a little boy?
5. He is usually just so happy to see his mommy or daddy or anyone he knows.
6. Like his mommy was when she was little, this little guy has a special blankie he can't sleep without. He drags the soft, silky corners of it across his face when he's tired or upset as a comfort. I LOVE IT.
7.He makes footie pajamas look SO stylish.
8. He gives kisses to everyone.
9. He's a goofball. Thank Heavens!
10. That boy can pass wind just as loud as his father. I think that's a pretty huge deal coming from a little boy.

Today and everyday I am thankful for my beautiful son, Caderyn.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankfully Merry and Bright with Some Pumpkin Pie on the Side

I'm torn about decorations.
I love them SO much. I am a decoration hoarder. I have crates and crates of decorations. Each holiday has at least one crate or, if its a bigger holiday, like Christmas maybe 5-10 crates. Not joking.
I do go through my decorations every year as I put them up and try to re-organize what I really use and what should just go in the garage sale pile. For example, this year, I put a pumpkin stand in the garage sale pile. Go me (of course I bought pumpkin lights and a Frankenstein yard decoration so that really defeated the purpose of getting rid of that stand).
I don't have many Thanksgiving decorations, but what I do have I love. I have this cute little window turkey with floppy legs and some pumpkins that carried over from Halloween.
I must ask this- how soon is too soon to put Christmas decorations up? I love my Turkey day decorations, but I have so many Christmas decorations that I'm starting to sweat a little just thinking of all the fun work it will be to put everything up.
I've brought a few things up from our demonic looking basement (because that's what it looks like and I won't go down there alone unless Jeff's home) but it looks weird to have a Santa decoration next to a turkey. The colors clash horribly and I feel like I'm robbing my Thanksgiving decorations of their special day. Good lord, did I just say that? Yep, I did.
For now, I've resolve to wait until next Tuesday (don't ask me why I chose Tuesday) to start putting up my Christmas decorations. I still feel like that's too early, but oh well.

Today I am thankful for pretty decorations that help make the holidays feel special. I always had so much fun helping my mom and grandparents decorate when I was growing up that I get all giddy inside thinking of how much fun I want decorating to be for my children.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trying to Catch Our Breath

Ever since Caderyn contracted RSV at 5 weeks old, his little lungs just can't keep up with the big germs that hit his body.
Since June, Caderyn has been to the doctor 10 times, each for breathing difficulty and double ear infections. He usually gets put on a nebulizer and given antibiotics (Did I mention I'm thankful for doctors).
Caderyn's had a cough since Monday and I've been watching him like a hawk. He's been in a fabulous mood all week and has been eating like a horse so we waited until today to take him in. He's honestly seemed great aside from an icky cough and runny nose. Last night I noticed the skin around his ribs pulling just a little bit more than usual when he breathed so I put my ear up to his chest- sure enough, I heard wheezing.
Dang it.
He went to sleep without a problem, but coughed a little more than usual through the night. He slept in and when he woke up he was still coughing, so, listening to my "mother's instincts" I made the call to the doctors office.
They tested his oxygen levels- as always. And, as always, they were low. Oxygen levels should be running at 100 percent. Caderyn's were at 94. When he had RSV they were at 88 percent. So they were low. The doctor listened to his chest and heard the wheezing. She looked through his past visit records and told me she thought that Caderyn had been in enough recently to determine that he had asthma. She also was able to see that Caderyn had a double ear infection and a throat infection.
So now, we have to go back on Friday and go through an informational session about asthma and they're going to run some more tests. This means we'll have to give Caderyn a nebulizer treatment at least once a day during the winter to prevent further breathing problems. I'm so frustrated and feel like perhaps this is my fault? Is it because I didn't breast feed long enough? I had to quit, I got the flu and was knocked out for a week when Caderyn was 7 months old. My milk just dried up. Is it because he's at daycare? No, hundreds of kids go to daycare in this town and they all share the same germs. Jeff couldn't manage working nights and then taking care of Caderyn during the day as well, so it was a necessary move we had to make. I wash Caderyn's hands as soon as we leave daycare, I bundle him up when we go outside, he is bathed at least once a day. Our house is drafty because its old, but we keep the heat on and always make sure Caderyn is bundled.
I hate that my child might be asthmatic and dread the idea of this impacting his being active.
Caderyn just woke up from his nap now and is hacking, so I'd best run and grab him. Keep our little guy in your thoughts and also Jeff's cousin. Her little boy is also struggling.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

Some of might know that I've been doing Weight Watchers for almost two years now. Since that time I have lost 38 pounds and counting with only 8 pounds to go to be at my "GOAL" weight. Woo!

I lost again today and was so excited that I celebrated by buying myself a VERY large Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks (Not an ad I just freaking love this coffee). Last year at this time, I was getting myself at least two of those mochas a week. Now, I'm getting one every other week if I'm lucky.

Today though I thought I'd celebrate by getting a big one. I love it. It tastes amazing. As does all coffee (with a little hint of flavored creamer). I'm so thankful for coffee. It has basically kept me alive these past 20 months. Thank you caffeine from keeping the impending zombie apocalypse in my body due to lack of sleep from emerging. I heart you. I'm sure if Caderyn could say more than "Hat" "Ball" "Lucy" "Mommy" "Daddy" "Moo" or "Baa" he would thank you too for keeping his mommy perky.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankfully Thankful for being Imaginative

About a week and a half ago I decided that I needed to spend more time with Caderyn. 
Usually I rush away from work at 4:00 p.m., rush to daycare to pick him up, rush home; rush him inside; start rushing to make dinner etc. etc. That's a whole lotta rushing! I've decided that dinner can usually wait and so can cleaning. My time now is dedicated to playing with Caderyn when we first get home. We snuggle, we read books, we play with his trucks, we color....kind of... not... because he just likes throwing the crayons. 

Side note: Yesterday all he wanted to do was sit on my lap with his blanket and watch me throw Lucy's toys for her. It was so sweet and I finally realized that he does need me. 

So last week, we came home and started playing trucks. For those of you that haven't been around my son before should know that my boy loves all things that have to do with trucks, boats or airplanes. LOVES THEM. Caderyn can spot an airplane in the sky before any of us because he looks for the speed tracks from jets or he must always constantly be listening because he points immediately and, sure enough, there's a plane. 
So there we were playing trucks. I grabbed a stuffed panda toy for him and told him, "Caderyn, this is the doctor."
We proceeded to play rescue with his big fire truck  We would put a truck somewhere on a chair or the couch or a window ledge and I would pretend to make a "hurt truck" voice. I'd say, "Oh no Caderyn, that truck has a hurt tire/motor/windshield wiper etc. lets go rescue it. We'd put Doctor Panda in the back of the fire truck and make siren noises until we had driven the fire truck over to the hurt truck. You following?
Then, Doctor Panda would get out and "fix" the hurt truck and the fire truck would take the hurt truck to the "hospital" aka Caderyn's toy bins. 
Got it? Caderyn sure did. It's the only thing he plays now besides lining his trucks up perfectly- picture coming later tonight.
I was making dinner yesterday and listening to Caderyn jabber. All I heard was him going "Ooooh noooo." It only took the second "Oh no" for me to look and there was my little boy, playing rescue by himself. He would take a smaller truck and put it on the windowsill and then put Doctor Panda in his fire truck and go "Ooooh Nooo" and vroom over to the truck. Doctor Panda would come out, Caderyn would pretend to fix the truck and then that said "hurt" truck would be loaded into the fire truck and vroomed back to the "hospital" aka Caderyn's toy bins. 

It warmed my heart and might have made me just a tiny bit emotional to know that my son enjoyed the special times he got to play with me. It also made me really excited to think he was starting to create and imagine all on his own.
I'm thankful for imaginations- especially mine- because I'm pretty sure I passed it on to my son.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

Today I am thankful for heat. Without the nice electric furnace in our house right now I would be one chilly woman! I love how it kicks in and sends delicious warmth through our house. I love curling up under a blanket on the couch to read or watch a movie and feeling the heat of the stove envelope me. I fall asleep too easily when that baby is on!

Thankfully Thankful: Tuesday

Yes, I have again fallen behind in my thankful posts. Good heavens have we been busy lately!
Yesterday I was thankful for my  babysitter, Jaime.
Jaime comes three times a week (and sometimes extra) to give me my workout time. She is so good with Caderyn and he just adores her and I adore the fact that I feel comfortable leaving her with him.
I am thankful that she gives me the chance to have an hour to myself.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

This one is a repost from last year, but man, am I thankful for such great parents.
They are just the best a girl, son-in-law and grandson could ask for.

What's On My Netflix?

Season 3 of Dexter. And I love it oh, so much.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

I am thankful for doctors.
Without doctors in our world, my son might not have survived childbirth or the RSV infection he got when he was 5 weeks old.
First and foremost, I am thankful that they are able to answer the questions I can't and have answers to something I have no idea about. The ease my worries and care for my son.
The tell me when his ears have an infection, provide creams for his sore bottom and listen to his little lungs when their wheezing turns my hair gray.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

For Saturday.
Today I am thankful to the person who invented/created socks. Yes, socks. My feet are ALWAYS cold- especially now that its Fall. If it weren't for socks, Jeff probably wouldn't let me share the bed with him because of the icicles I would be hiding under the sheets. He shrieks (like a girl) when I crawl back into bed after snuggling Caderyn and try to snuggle him and am not wearing socks. My initial instinct is to get my feet between his legs (if he's on his side) because they warm up faster that way. However, if he's on his back I usually throw one leg over his and bury that foot under a leg. If I'm not wearing socks, Jeff gets an chilly wake-up call.

Thankfully Thankful

I'm a day late on this post so its going to be another TWO post day.
Yesterday I had a test in my Foundations of Education class. I had been studying all week, but still didn't feel very comfortable with my knowledge of the subject matter so I took the morning off work.

I am thankful I work at an institution that allows me flexibility with my time. I can work from home, volunteer (which counts as work time) or build up comp time so I rarely have to take vacation time.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sterling Cattle Corn Maze and Halloween Part 2

He was getting tired and wouldn't let Mommy out of his sight. This is what he would do if I moved even two feet away.

Bouncing in the Hay Jump. Wooo! Look at my white legs. Sexy.
Bouncing with Mommy
"Cow" rides with Mommy. Our cows name was Tessie and she was a spitfire.

He LOVED the tractor

So happy to sit on one

Farmer Caderyn

Looking at people running through the maze

The giant corn maze that took 45 minutes to get through. I have an excellent sense of direction thank you very much :)

Mr. Giraffe ready to go trick-or-treating


Our first stop at Great-Grandma and Grandpa's. Look at how that kiddo carries his bag.
Playing with Great-Grandma and Grandpa

Screams in the night. A Halloween Story? No. But You Would Think That.

Caderyn has usually been such a good boy about going to sleep at night. I've honestly thought that bedtime was his most favorite part of the day. Apparently, as of Monday, I thought wrong.
Usually he has his cup of milk, we read two books, brush his teeth and put him to bed and he almost immediately goes to sleep.
Since Monday he SCREAMS. We check everything- is he wet? Is he too hot or cold? Is he still thirsty? Is there something in his room that might be scaring him?
Usually all of my answers to these are NO. So I cuddle him for a minute, tell him I love him and that I'm right outside and put him back to bed. S-C-R-E-A-M-S!
Last night was the third night of this chaos, so I decided I would let him cry it out. Forty-five minutes later I was at my wits end and I don't think Caderyn had taken a breath. We had changed him into cooler jammies, given him a drink of water, restarted his night time music and even brought in a nightlight. But nothing would stop this boy from crying.
So I did what I've done the past two nights. I brought him out into the living room and snuggled on the couch with him. He immediately stops crying and curls up and closes his eyes. WHAT THE HECK? Have I had the blinders pulled over my eyes so quickly?
So before I transitioned him back to his bed I did some brainstorming and grabbed an extra pillow from our room and let him sleep in his bed with a pillow. He almost immediately went back to sleep when I put him in his crib.
I don't know yet if this is what was bothering him but man i sure hope so because I don't know if I can take another night of screaming. Plus, I have a HUGE test tomorrow.
"Look at my mom everyone! I have her wrapped around this pointer finger of mine!"

Update as of 11:00 p.m.: Caderyn went to bed without a fuss. He cuddled up on his pillow and made a little "huh" sound- kind of like "huh, this big fluffy thing is kind of awesome." Jeff and I are PUMPED.

Thankfully Thankful

This one might sound silly, but today I am thankful for mascara.
As a redhead, I have very light eyelashes and sometimes look a little scary without any color on my lashes.
So today, I am thankful for mascara which completes my makeup look almost every day.
If I were to be left on a desert island and had the choice of taking two things, one would be mascara. The other would be sunscreen.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankfully Thankful

I am continually and eternally grateful to have been blessed with such a wonderful family.

My own small yet growing family is the light of my life. Jeff, Caderyn and Lucy challenge me every day to be a better person and love unconditionally. With them in my life I work harder, care more and find that certain things in life I cared about before just don't matter as much as these three.

My parents are my saving grace. I love them more than words can say. I talk to them at least three times a day. The listen to me gripe, they listen to my woes, they listen to my happiness. They are supportive in the most positive of ways and they also don't hold back when they feel I'm making a poor choice They have helped to mold the person I am today and for that I am so thankful to have been raised by such wonderful parents who shared their ideals and love with my brother and I.

I am also thankful for my brother. He and I are very alike and yet very different in so many ways. He makes me laugh, he frustrates me and he makes me appreciate things I may not have appreciated as much before (Hello Goodwill!).  He and I will always share a close bond as brother and sister and we have great memories together thanks to our great parents.

I am thankful for my in-laws who have become my family through Jeff.
I am thankful for my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles and all of my cousins and second cousins. You know who you are :) And you know that you all ROCK!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Epic Return of Thankfully Thankful

Last November, I posted every day until Thanksgiving about something I was thankful for. In the spirit of tradition, I'm going to continue this again.

Since I missed yesterday (sorry, I was busy) I'm going to post two things today

I am thankful for:
1. Willpower: Since August I have cut my sugar intake seriously and the results of this have been amazing. I am currently nine pounds away from being the exact weight I was when I got preggers. I am thankful I have the ability to say no to a sweet treat.

2. Glasses: I am a true blue contact wearer, but on days like today when I am pooped, my glasses are my best friends. They give my tired eyes a much needed break.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sterling Cattle Corn Maze Part One

Our Halloween was so busy this year! So busy, that Caderyn stayed home from daycare today and slept from 9:30 a.m. unti l:00 p.m. Holy Smokes! Can we say tired stink pot?

Yesterday we went to Great Falls to share the holiday with Mema and Papa Windmueller.
We went out to the Sterling Cattle Corn Maze. It was so much fun! I highly recommend people go next year. They had a giant slide, kid mazes, tractor rides, hay jumps and, of course, the maze. We had a blast!
Let me take you on a walk down memory lane...

Playing with his trucks at Mema and Papa's before we headed out to Vaughn 

With Daddy
Getting ready to go down the slide with Mema
That was a big slide!
 Double whee!
Daddy and Papa went whee!
Getting ready for our first tractor ride
What fun
More pictures to come tomorrow!
Mommy's tired.