Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 What a Year!

Let me first start by saying that I've fallen way behind over the holidays. I'm putting up a New Year picture before any of the Christmas ones. Oh well, c'est la vie.

2009 was a year of extreme and happy changes for our little family. Here's some review of each month.

January: We came back to -40 below after two weeks in Phoenix for Christmas. What a shock.
Jeff was promoted to Sports Editor at the newspaper. I hopped on a plane to Vegas just a week shy of my third trimester to have a girls weekend at the Miss America Pageant. My ankles were never the same again.

February:  I began my last trimester and continued to grow larger and larger and larger. Had two baby showers thrown by my mother-in-law and a friend at Carroll. Made it to the Hospice Ball in Missoula only to sit the entire time while someone rubbed my sore and swollen ankles. Jeff continued to work like a madman.

March: I turned 24 and voila, before we knew it Jeff and I were the parents of our sweet little boy. We were flung into parenthood and the days and nights blended together very quickly. My mom came to visit and help us out for a week and we also had a nice long string of visitors. Jeff's parents have only been able to go about three weeks at the longest without seeing Caderyn before they start having withdrawals :)

April: Still figuring out the whole baby thing. My parents came the week of Easter. Caderyn ended up in the hospital for a week with RSV (very scary).

May: I went to Phoenix to visit my parents. This was Caderyn's first plane ride. I also started back at work full time the second to last week of May.

June: Jeff turned 26 and found a new love in golfing. I worked my butt off and Taylor came to Helena for the summer- yay! My parents came to visit at the end of the month and were stationed in Helena for about two weeks.

July: I was OFF for two weeks straight- thus ending my maternity leave, but getting some amazing quality time with family and friends. Back to work full, full time.

August: Nothing big really happened in August.Oh! Our friends Denny and Janine had a little boy. Jeff started another football season.

September: Jeff was deep into football season and very stressed out. We went to California over Labor Day weekend and had a really nice time visiting family and friends.

October: Football. Work. Baby.

November: Football. Work. Baby. Caderyn's first Thanksgiving in Great Falls! Black Friday shopping.

December: Football ended. Lots of Christmas parties. Caderyn's first Christmas!!!!

And that's our year in review.

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