Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!
My Grandma is the best because:
  • She is sweetest, most thoughtful woman in the world.
  • He laugh is contagious
  • Her hands are always cool and soft
  • She used to tickle my back for hours and hours on end
  • She always sends sweet notes in the mail and chooses the most perfect card
  • She loves decorating
  • She's fiesty
  • She was a stay at home mom with five busy little kids who managed to make it out with her sanity still intact :)
  • She has a sweet tooth and so do I!!!!!
  • She loves to read and so do I!!!!!
  • She always had fun toys ready to go for the grandkids when we were younger. I remember, especially, the box of dress up clothes.
  • She is the epitome of love. 
We love you Grandma! Happy Birthday!!!!!

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