Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm not giving up anything for Lent.

If this title shocked you then good. That's what I wanted it to do. NOW, read further.
I spent the better part of a week figuring out what I wanted to give up for Lent. I thought about giving up sweets, but I've kind of already done that since I'm doing Weight Watchers. I thought about giving up drinking, but I don't really drink anymore (maybe like once every two months). I thought about giving up TV but I don't really watch it that much anymore because I'm cleaning or doing homework or chasing after the little guy. I thought about giving up swear words, but I've been working on that since the babe was born.
I just couldn't figure out what to give up.
In a previous post, I talked about how Jeff and I were struggling to get to Church on Sundays. It wasn't that we were losing our faith, we just had difficulty finding times that matched our schedules.

So Jeff and I had a fairly long talk a couple days ago about how this was just ridiculous and we needed to go to church. I did some research around my work, where they just so happen to have Mass every day and we found some Monday afternoon times that would work really well with both of our schedules.
SO the point of this blog is that instead of giving up something for Lent, Jeff, Caderyn and I are going to make a commitment every Monday rain or shine to go to church together and kick this bug we've been fighting.


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Sarah said...

That's an awesome one! I was thinking of doing the same thing, but making myself go more... Because I've been a bad Catholic! I'm happy you guys were able to figure something out!

Kelly Smith said...

love it, love you!

Kelly Smith said...

funny story:

at ash wednesday mass nothing seemed to be planned... there was no music and when time came for the ashes the priest said " I am going to need some help up here" and just waited for people to volunteer to come and help him distribute the ashes. The best part was when he gave his talk, this is what he said, " I do not think you need to give up something for lent, you just need to do something different. If you are giving something up so that people take note of you and think you are faithful, then you are not doing anything at all. I don't know if that helps but...." and then he just walked away from the podium. You gotta love mass in Australia!