Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mr. 11-month-old

Our little guy is now 11-months-old. We can hardly believe it!
Caderyn is:
  • Eating more and more solid foods. He loves hamburger and pears. 
  • Starting to walk. This week he will let go of the furniture and take two or three steps before sitting down. 
  • Pointing at everything and understanding some of it. When I say, "Caderyn where's the light?" he looks up at our light and points to it. 
  • He is still into everything
  • Very goofy and very stubborn
  • Not a snuggler. Sad face. 
  • Loves throwing things. 
  • FAST!
  • A big fan of his mommy when she comes home for her lunch break and a big fan of his daddy when he comes home for his.