Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Does God Understand That Things Come Up?

In a previous blog, I talked about how our Lenten promise as a family is to go to Church every week. We've found a mass on Mondays that works with our schedules and went last week.

I got home from work yesterday and was prepping everything to go to church.
Snacks: check
Soft books and toys that don't make noise: check
Bottle: check
Pacifier: check

When all of the sudden Jeff gets a phone call and before I know it, he's getting ready to head to Great Falls and taking the baby with him.
"But, what about church?" I asked him.
He explained he had to go and that he had a ton of work to do. So I nodded my head and began to help pack thinking I might be able to sneak off to church on my own after they'd left.
By the time I got them all loaded and everything ready to go church was long over.
I can honestly say I was really disappointed with how things turned out and said multiple prayers last night. How could I have fixed this? Jeff couldn't say no to work, his job's on the line. I could have just told him "No," and not helped him pack and gone to church on my own. But if Jeff is left to pack for Caderyn all by himself- what a disaster! I could have told Jeff just to go to Great Falls without Caderyn and then taken him to church with me but then I would have missed work and class today because at the moment Jeff is our childcare provider and I can't really take a walking, put everything-in-his-mouth, very active little boy to work with me.
Does God understand that things come up? Does He understand that we wanted very much to be a part of church yesterday but that other forces kept us out. Does He understand that I sat down and prayed for about a half hour I felt so bad about not going?
Does He understand that I'm so stressed out about it I've almost eaten an entire box of Girl Scout cookies?
Starting new this week.
I'm heading to Great Falls to see my family and friends for my birthday and am definitely going to go to church with my Grandparents on Sunday. I love the Church they go to. I wish we had one like it here in Helena! I'm excited to go to this church and to see all of my family and friends.

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Kelly Smith said...

God understands and he love you more than words can express! Tyler and I made a lenten promise to pray together as a family out loud every night. Simple, right... we have forgotten on several occasions. You just have to try again the next day!