Monday, March 1, 2010

Going to Church Round 2

I should have posted this like a week ago, but as you can see from my previous post the little Buddy is walking so we've been chasing him everywhere!

So, true to our Lenten promise, Jeff, Caderyn and I went to church last week.
We found a small chapel on campus that has a 4:20 p.m. mass and we love the campus priest. His name is Fr. Marc and he's young and really in tune with what our generation is feeling and/or wants to hear. He always has wonderful stories to tell, too!
So we made it to this chapel and found its basically a tiny room that could hold maybe 50 people and during this particular mass there were only 15 people. It echoed a lot too...
Caderyn is a baby and he'd just woken up from his nap so he was all hopped up on all sorts of energy.
He cried and screamed because he didn't want to be held and when we'd put him down he would crawl all around and bang on stuff. It was the loudest mass in the universe thanks to my son.
To make it just a little more embarassing, the priest knows us and every so often when Caderyn would scream during his sermon, he would make a reference to the scream or try to use that as an emphasis to his story.
So finally Jeff walked out of the chapel with Caderyn who you could still hear complaining all the way down the hall. I sat through the first half of the mass and then we switched and I took Caderyn out into the hall.
We're going at it again today and this time I'm prepared. I'm going to take his bottle and lots and lots and lots of snacks to keep him occupied.
I don't necessarily see us having to leave every so often to go out into the hallway with little Buddy as a bad thing, I think the important thing is that we're going to mass and starting to get Caderyn used to the idea.

Wish us luck.

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